What Color Walls Go With Green Carpet? (10 Fresh Color Ideas)

Explore the 10 best wall colors that will match perfectly with the vibrant green carpet flooring.

When it comes to flooring, neutrals are the most reasonable choice. However, there might be some cases when homeowners decide to use a more vibrant color for their flooring, and green is one of the most popular ones among many other colorful choices.

The green carpet not only becomes the safest choice, but it can also bring fresh energy in a natural vibe.

Although green is considerably more versatile compared with other non-neutral shades, it still be quite challenging to mix and match your green carpet with any other elements throughout the room.

Typically, floor and wall are two of the largest elements inside any room, thus, making sure they blend perfectly is a must if you want to have a balanced and eye-catching space.

Some of the best wall paint colors for green carpets include plain white, warm white, light mint, dusty coral, and icy blue. These colors perfectly complement the lush and natural tones of the green carpet, producing a balanced and visually appealing palette. They evoke a sense of serenity, making them an ideal choice for those who wish to bring the tranquility of nature into their interior spaces.

Read on to explore all the amazing wall color ideas for green carpet flooring.

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10 Best Wall Color for Green Carpet

Plain White

Plain white walls with green carpet

Using the green carpet to cover the entire floor space can bring a lot of risks, so the safest way to not add more unnecessary risks is by using a plain white wall.

As a super neutral, white walls not only can blend nicely with the green carpet, but it can also serve as a versatile background for any furniture or decoration items.

Warm White

Warm white wall with green carpet

Green is a unique shade as it can be warm or cool, depending on the tones that you are choosing.

If you are using a green carpet that goes into a more cool tone such as emerald green or dark green, then we highly suggest you to choose a warmer color for the walls to create balanced spaces.

Again, the easiest and risk-free choice is to go with any warm white paint such as ivory white or linen white.

Light Mint

Light mint walls with green carpet floors

Most of the time, a monochromatic or monotone color scheme tends to be the best choice when it goes to walls and floors, but things can be quite different for green carpet, as combining it with green walls doesn’t look good.

However, if you still want to apply those approaches, there is one wall color that can still look really well, light mint. As you can see in the image above, the light mint wall still looks flawless with the carpet without overly adding too strong green elements.

Dusty Coral

Dusty coral wall with green carpets

If you prefer a complementary approach, this is our favorite choice. The dusty coral wall can look really well to bring an opposite contrast with the green floors, and at the same time spread a warm and inviting ambient in a perfect amount so it doesn’t overtake the floors as the main strong elements of the room.


Gray wall with green carpet flooring

Oftentimes, gray walls can make any space feel too cold, but things can be really different when used alongside the green carpet.

Those combinations can make any room feel alive in simple and elegant ways. Most shades of gray can work well, but we prefer to choose any lighter ones to keep the space feel bright.

Grayish Blue

Grayish blue wall with green carpet

Blue and green is a perfect natural landscape that can bring amazing scenery, but things can be quite different in this particular case. The blue wall doesn’t really match with the green carpet, as those two vibrant colors will compete rather than complement each other.

But if you still want to bring the serenity of the blue, consider any neutral side of blue, such as this wonderful grayish-blue.

This color still brings a touch of blue-ish vibe, but its gray undertone makes it feel much more neutral compared with any other typical blue, thus making it can blend really well with any vibrant hue such as the green carpet.

Icy Blue

Icy blue wall with green carpet floors

Another blue alternative that works great when used as wall color for room with green carpet flooring is this icy blue. This shade only brings a bit of blue tone to a white base, thus making it look very neutral, but still had a touch of blue ambiance that can spark beautifully throughout the room.

Another reason why we love this color is that it can make the entire room feel bright and light, and can be very beneficial to be used in any small room or any room that lacks of lighting sources.

Light Yellow

Light yellow wall with green carpeting

Yellow and green are next to each other in the color wheel, thus, combining them together in form of yellow wall and green carpet can create an analogous and harmonious look.

However, we don’t really recommend you to use any vibrant shade of yellow as it can overtake the entire room, instead, you can try a more subtle choice such as a pale yellow or light yellow.


Tan wall with green carpet

Given the fact that brown and green can both be found in nature, they can be a wonderful pair to create an earthy and fresh ambiance for any room. However, the brown wall isn’t really for everyone, so, we prefer a lighter tone such as tan.

Tan wall still had a perfect amount of brown hue but looks much lighter and subtle than any typical brown shades, so this particular shade can work really well when used alongside any vibrant flooring such as our green wall-to-wall carpet.

Light Orange

Light orange wall with green carpet floors

Pairing the orange wall with the green carpet can bring a wonderfully natural feel of autumn seasons where the bloom meets the fresh green grass.

Sure, this combo isn’t for any shy home decorator, but if you are the one that dares to take some risks, the results will be really worth it.

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