6 Stylish Wall Color Ideas for Bathroom with Black and White Tile Flooring

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 13th, 2024

Black and white tile is a classic tile material that never goes out of style. When used inside a bathroom, this kind of tile can instantly exude an elegant sophistication, transforming your bathroom into a stylish and aesthetic space.

However, integrating black and white tile flooring with other bathroom elements, especially the walls, can be challenging. A single mistake in selecting the wall paint color can lead to a disaster, potentially creating a weird and awkward bathroom appearance.

So, if you already using black and white tile for your bathroom flooring, we highly suggest you go with white, black and white, or gray for your bathroom wall colors. Those options can keep a perfect harmony with the black and white flooring, ensuring a seamless aesthetic while preventing a boring and monotonous visual appearance.

Below you can see a more comprehensive explanation, along with some illustrated images.

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1. Black Paint and White Tile

Bathroom with black and white floor and black and white walls

This is one of our favorite choices. Using the same color scheme between the bathroom walls and the black and white tile floors can create a seamless look and make the entire bathroom feel perfectly integrated.

Another reason why we love these combinations is the bottom part of the wall where we used a white subway-style tile that looks gorgeous and elegant, while the upper part was painted in black to give some depth and bold effects. Generally, most people would be afraid of using this combination as they worry that this combination will make their bathroom look dark and gloomy.

However, as you can see in the image above, the white tile element can help to bring a lot of reflective effects which I very important to balance the darker side of the wall above. Furthermore, if your bathroom had sufficient enough of natural or artificial lighting, this kind of wall would work fine.

2. White Marble and White Paint

Black and white bathroom tile with white walls

White is an obvious and the easiest solution especially if you don’t want to take any risks. However, most of the time, a plain white wall can be too mainstream or even create a boring and uninteresting look. To avoid that, you can bring it to the next level by dividing your wall into two different parts using similar white shades but in different kinds of materials.

On the bottom part of the wall, white marble can be a great choice. This kind of marble usually has some stain that makes it look natural and artistic. Furthermore, this kind of marble has a high level of reflectivity that makes it look very glossy and can be very beneficial to make the entire bathroom feel a bit more spacious. For the upper part, you can use any plain white paint, and most of the time, it’s quite enough.

3. White Tile and Gray

Black and white checker floor with white and gray walls

Another option if you want to create an elegant bathroom with a more subtle look is to use a combination of white and gray. You can use the gray element on the bottom and white on the upper side, or vice versa.

Mixing white and gray also can be an interesting choice as both shades can work together seamlessly, but at the same time still have enough contrast to bring some depth and richness to the bathroom.

4. Black Marble and White Paint

Elegant bathroom with black marble walls

At first, these combinations seem similar to the previous on the list, but in a different arrangement. This time, we use a black marble element on the bottom side, while the white goes on the upper side.

Not only this will make the wall and the floor match perfectly as both use the same black and white elements, but this combination can also look very interesting as the black marble material can bring elegance and luxurious looks that can make your bathroom visually look like a 5-star hotel’s bathroom.

5. All Gray Wall Paint

Black and white tile with gray walls

If you prefer to just repaint your bathroom walls in one color then gray can be a great option as it can still blend pretty well with a black and white floor tile. Gray also can bring a comfy and cozy vibe, while at the same time doesn’t look too strong so it doesn’t steal the show from the black and white flooring.

Almost any gray shade can work well for this particular job. If you want a more calming and cozy ambient, you can go with a light tone, or if you want a more bold and deep look, then you can go with a darker one.

6. All White Wall Paint

Black and white tile with white walls

Actually, white is an obvious answer to this problem, as this color can easily match any kind of flooring. But for some people, a plain white wall seems boring and monotonous, but that isn’t quite true.

White can still work wonders, especially if you want a more sleek and crips bathroom. Furthermore, as a black and white patterned floor tile can be quite striking, combining it with a more simple and minimalist element such as a plain white wall can be a great way to neutralize and keep the space well-balanced.

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