17 Cabinet Colors That Pair Well with Black Granite Countertops

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 19th, 2024

Black granite countertops can easily stand out as a bold and dominant feature, lifting up the elegance of the entire kitchen design, while also providing a luxurious and dramatic twist. However, even though this countertop is considered neutral, choosing the right cabinet colors that can complement it can be a tricky task. The wrong choice can ruin the boldness of the black granite countertops or create an unbalanced visual inside your kitchen.

To solve this issue, our team did an experiment, trying a lot of different cabinet colors alongside the black granite countertops. Here are the results :

Pure white, aegean teal, light gray, white dove, and cream can be considered as the best cabinet colors to go with black granite countertops for various compelling reasons. Some of those options can create a striking contrast against the dark granite, and boost its sleek and modern look. Some choices can also add a hint of colors, and refine the looks of your kitchen in a richer and more lively atmosphere.

Read on to explore all the awesome color options.

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17 Best Cabinets Colors for Black Countertops

Pure White – Simple and Stylish

Pure white cabinets pair with black granite countertops

When talking about black elements, surely white is the best option to accompany them. The timeless black and white combinations will never go wrong, and this pair can be used in practically almost any kitchen decorating style: from classic, traditional to modern one.

The pure white bring clean and sleek appearances to your kitchen, while also pushing up the black granite kitchen countertops to stand out even more, making it looks so much better.

Oak – Fresh and Natural

Oak cabinets with black granite countertops

Oak is a unique wood that not only provides some natural warmth as any typical wood, but it also comes with a hint of modern looks, making this a few wood options that will go well inside any modern-themed interior. And that’s one of the main reasons why the oak wood cabinets can blend perfectly with black granite.

With strong neutrality, the oak cabinets become a solid base to boost the elegance of the black, and at the same time bring plenty of earthy, natural vibe to your kitchen.

Aegean Teal – Mediterranean Cool

Kitchen with aegean teal cabinets and black granite

Why settle with an ordinary gray kitchen cabinet when you can get gray undertones with an Aegean blue.

The blend of blue-green and gray may seem a little gloomy at first but, it lights up with natural light and can look warm with strategic lighting at night.

Furthermore, it looks great with your black quartz countertops.

Sour Apple – A Light Wasabi Hue

Kitchen with sour apple cabinets and black granite counters

A safe color to splash all over, the sour apple is a combination of green, blue, and yellow. The light shade allows you to sneak a cupboard above your freezer or just about anywhere without overwhelming the space.

The beautiful contrast and while looking good with your jet-black countertops. Any green shade signifies safety, growth, and harmony, just the perfect color for the heart of the home.

If you want to go bolder on your green theme, you can get a brighter hue such as mint green, or you can make a more grounded space with an emerald hue.

Emerald Green – Velvety Touch

Emerald green cabinets with black granite countertop

If you prefer darker green shades, then we highly recommend you to try emerald green.

Unlike most green, this stunning shade offers some boldness and elegance, especially when used together with other bold elements like black granite.

Light Gray – Pure Elegance

Light gray cabinets with black granite counters

Without any doubt, black countertop have provided enough boldness and elegance that will spread intensely to the entire kitchen.

However, there must be some cases where you want to boost this elegance in order to create a sleek, modern contemporary style kitchen. And for this particular case, light gray cabinets may be the best choice for you.

The lightness of this kind of cabinet also helps make your entire kitchen feel brighter, without losing its elegant touch.

White Dove – Classic and Clean

White dove cabinets with black granite countertop

Of course, our list won’t be complete without the classic white-colored cabinets that blend perfectly with black countertops.

If you love shaker cabinets or any other high-detail cupboard design, the bright white with a hint of yellow is a wise choice to avoid having an overbearing surrounding.

There’s a gorgeous contrast between the neutral colors while the white natural veining ties with your white cabinets. This option are probably the safest option to pick if you’re not brave enough to take on other colors.

Birch Wood – Organic Shades

Birch wood cabinets with black kitchen countertops

If you’re wondering which wood grain and color match perfectly with black, the birchwood should be on the top of your list.

The light beige gives your kitchen area a traditional setting but is toned down to give it a more contemporary look.

The warm and textured look of the organic shade will definitely add dimension to your sleek countertops.

Mellow Yellow – Sunday Everyday

Yellow cabinets

Splash a happier color like mellow yellow on your cabinets, and you’re sure to have a space that boosts positive energy all year long.

You can add hexagon tiling for your backsplash to further enhance the look of this gorgeous combination.

The black and yellow scheme works both for small and large kitchen.

Gray – Modern Monochromatic

Gray cabinets paired with black granite countertops

The monochromatic theme is the new trend of interior design that gained a lot of popularity. You can easily apply this awesome style to your kitchen by combining black granite with gray.

The beauty of this combination is that you will still have enough contrast between the cabinets and the countertops, avoiding your kitchen from looking boring and monotonous, while still going together in a seamless appearance.

Dark Cherry – Red and Black

Dark cherry cabinets with black kitchen countertops

For you who need a dark cabinets that can stand out loudly and match the intensity of the black countertop, then we highly recommend you to try this stunning kind of wood. Dark cherry wood is a bold upgrade from the typical cherry, as it had a stronger color and grain.

Thus, it can be very easy for the dark cherry cabinets to stand out and becomes another beautiful focal point of your kitchen.

Brown – Timeless Combo

Kitchen with brown cabinets and black granite countertops

Another timeless option that will never go wrong. This mix of neutral hues will easily dominate the entire space and make your kitchen becomes a new interesting focal point for your home.

Literally, any brown shades can go well with black, so you can easily adjust which brown shades that perfectly fit your design style and preferences.

Cream – Warm and Fun

Black granite countertops with cream cabinets

This is a great alternative to pure white. Unlike pure white, the cream cabinets add plenty of warmth that works beautifully to balance out and tone down the strong black, making the entire kitchen feel more charming and casual.

And at the same time, the cream cabinets make your entire kitchen feel light and bright, so it can be a perfect option for any small kitchen.

Walnut and Maple Combo – Wood Shades

Walnut and maple cabinets

Texture and color layering is an effective way to create impactful spaces, and your black quartz countertop will love the dark chocolate tone of maple on your base cabinets.

Then, add a lighter wood color to your hanging cupboards. Why pair walnut and maple? It’s because they have a similar straight graining and the earthy tones look great together.

The maple cabinets is practical below the counter as it doesn’t show dirt easily, and the lighter walnut above cabinets doesn’t look overbearing with the black color.

Mahogany – Bold Character

Mahogany cabinets with black counters

In terms of functionality and durability, mahogany is one of the best wood for cabinets. However, that’s not the only reason why we love to use this stunning wood for the cabinets.

Its striking, natural colors pop beautifully to make the mahogany cabinets look rich and outstanding. This option can be a perfect choice for you who want to create any classical, glam-style kitchen.

Black – Total Elegance

Black kitchen cabinets

This option is surely not for everyone and can be quite risky. However, with the perfect setup, the black cabinets and black granite countertops will create a stunning result that outweighs all the risks.

The total boldness and elegance of this combo create a truly amazing black kitchen that will become a wow factor in your home. But before trying this option, please make sure that your kitchen had plenty of natural lighting.

Purple – Sunset Surprise

Purple cabinets and black kitchen countertops

If you think purple and black may seem straight from a sci-fi movie, think again. Purple in nature actually exists, and if you’re lucky to see one, it’s usually in a sunset along the shores.

Notice the lovely purple sky and black silhouette of trees and mountains with underlying shades of gold and blue.

Capture the mesmeric colors in your kitchen area, and your black quartz countertop is the center of it all.

Cabinet Color with Black Countertops Tester Tool

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Your kitchen cabinets make up almost 40% of the visual perception in your kitchen, while countertops can take around 15% to 20%, and the rest are your walls and flooring.

That is why color is an important consideration when choosing your materials. If you have a strong color such as black, you’ll need to pair it up with lighter and warmer tones, and nothing pairs well with the granite stone better than organic colors and textures.

While sticking to the basics or principles is the best way to go when planning your kitchen design, don’t forget to inject your personal touch into your project. Don’t forget color is a great way to showcase your personality.

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