What Color Backsplash Goes with Black Countertops?

10 Amazing backsplash ideas for kitchen with black countertops Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 5th, 2022

Black countertops are a clean, sleek option that will modernize any style of kitchen. While a black countertop creates an excellent base, it also needs finishing details. Namely, a backsplash.

Now the choice is yours: do you go monochrome? Contrasting? Complementary? With so many options that pair perfectly with black countertops, your choice can be driven by your personal style and aesthetic.

Read on to see why you might want to choose a certain color backsplash over another, and find the perfect fit for your kitchen.

10 Best Backsplash Colors for Kitchen with Black Countertops

White Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with black countertops and white backsplash
White backsplash with black countertops

A white backsplash is a perfect choice in a modern kitchen with a duotone color scheme. On opposite ends of the color spectrum, black and white are perfectly complementary and a balance of light and dark.

A white backsplash is always a timeless choice, particularly white subway tiles, that will brighten up the cool tones of a black countertop.

Layer natural elements or colored accent pieces to a kitchen with black and white elements to give it some depth.

Black and White Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with black and white backsplash
Black and white backsplash with black countertops

A black and white backsplash ties in the black countertop while the white adds a touch of brightness to the area. The contrasting colors can be used to create striking patterns, or in repeating patterns.

As both black and white are neutrals, the backsplash and black countertop can be paired with wood tone, neutral, or colored kitchen cabinets.

Gray Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with black countertops and gray backsplash
Gray backsplash with black countertops

A gray backsplash with a black countertop can be an excellent choice in a tonal kitchen. Adding different shades of gray or black together creates depth while maintaining the cohesiveness of the same color family.

As grays can have warm or cool undertones, a gray backsplash can either help warm up a black countertop or maintain the cool tone a black countertop usually produces.

Gray and White Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with gray and white backsplash
Gray and white backsplash with black countertops

A gray and black backsplash is a good alternative to a more contrasting black and white backsplash.

Gray and white together will still contrast nicely off of a black countertop, but will add an additional layer with the introduction of gray into the palette.

A gray and white backsplash could be applied in a distinct pattern, or as a random pattern like a mosaic.

Cream Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with black countertops and cream backsplash
Cream backsplash with black countertops

A cream backsplash is an excellent choice for a black countertop when the kitchen needs some additional warmth. White can be stark, but the cream has a warm undertone that will take some of the coolness away from the black countertop.

Cream pairs nicely with natural wood tones and natural materials such as sisal, jute, and rattan for a neutral lover’s dream kitchen.

Beige Travertine Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with black countertops and beige travertine backsplash
Beige travertine backsplash with black countertops

Beige travertine is an excellent choice for a backsplash when looking to add some texture and warmth to a space, both which might be necessary with cool, smooth black countertops.

The perfect neutral, beige travertine’s texture will play off the sleek lines of a black countertop. The natural stone would be a perfect fit for a black honed soapstone countertop in a white oak kitchen.

Light Blue Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with black countertops and light blue backsplash
Light blue backsplash with black countertops

Black countertops were made to go with a light blue backsplash. Why? Black and blue are a classic pair, and can fit in any style, from coastal to traditional and beyond.

Light blue is bright against a black countertop without being too bold. It has enough contrast to be distinct, but still pairs with a black countertop for a deliberate and stylish choice.

Black Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with black countertops and black backsplash
Black herringbone backsplash with black countertops

A black backsplash with a black countertop is the epitome of cool, sleek, and modern. The tone-on-tone look screams sophistication, and gives off high-end vibes. Best used in a minimalist kitchen with slab-front doors, a black backsplash can be applied in either honed or polished stone.

Varying backsplash shapes, which can range from hexagons to rectangle subway tiles, will add to the overall style of a kitchen. A black backsplash made from the same stone as the black countertop would create a clean look.

White and Gold Backsplash

Kitchen ideas with white and gold backsplash
White and gold backsplash with black countertops

If a plain white backsplash feels too mainstream, then you can spice things up by adding some glam touch using a white and gold accent backsplash. These kinds of backsplash will still create the sleek and crisp looks as the typical plain white, but comes with a beautiful glam twist.

The white and gold backsplash with black countertops combination will be a perfect pair for any classic or contemporary style kitchen.

Black Marble Backsplash

Black kitchen ideas
Black marble backsplash with black quartz countertops

For you who are using plain black quartz countertops and want to have a backsplash that shares a similar black tone, but comes with a bit more different appeal, then you can try using black marble backsplash. These kinds of backsplash had a rich stunning looks thank’s to their marble vein, while at the same time keeping the entire kitchen goes in harmony.

However, this kind of backsplash may be a bit expensive, but don’t worry, there are still some affordable options that you can use to achieve similar looks. For example, you can use a black marble tile that imitates the richness and elegance of a real black marble.


A black countertop is an excellent choice for many different styles of kitchen. Finding a backsplash to pair with it isn’t difficult, but choosing one from the many great options might be.

Homeowners who love a neutral, natural style should stay within the cream family, while those with a modern kitchen should look more at the gray and black options.

Regardless of the color you choose to pair with your black countertop, make sure to also be mindful of the shape, texture, and finish of the backsplash as well. Have fun with your choice, and let your black countertop act as a jumping-off point for your kitchen’s style.

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