Our Favorite Wall Colors for Room with Blue Furnishings

Boost the visual appearance of your blue furnishings by using these awesome wall color choices.

Blue furniture can be a safe and stylish bet for the interior. These furnishings offer endless possibilities for personalizing your space, while at the same time combining a hint of vibrancy with an airy, tranquil atmosphere.

To make those furniture look even better, they need to be harmonized with the right wall paint colors. The right color not only complements the blue furniture, but will also enhance its appeal, allowing it to shine and take center stage in the room.

Drawing from our experiences working on interior design projects involving blue furniture, we can conclude that :

White, light blue, mint, gray, and Venetian yellow are some of the best wall colors for blue furniture. The white, light blue, and gray can create a seamless harmony, giving elegant contrast against the blue furniture. On the other side, mint and Venetian yellow can be used to enrich your entire space, adding a fresh set of hues to create a fun vibe, without overtaking the tranquility and peacefulness of the furniture.

Keep reading to see all the awesome wall color options.

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7 Best Wall Colors for Blue Furniture


Pure white walls

Why overcomplicate things when a simple and easy choice can solve all of your problems?

Yes, plain white walls can work great inside any room that is full of blue furnishings, not only to create a beautiful contrast, but this wall color can also help enhance and make all of the furniture stand out and bring its best visual appearance.

White walls can work perfectly with any shade of blue, whether it’s light blue or dark blue, you can use white as the ideal choice for your walls.

White Snow

White snow walls

Blue is a cool-toned shade, and that’s why some rooms that use this shade as the primary palette may lack the warmth and welcoming ambient. You can solve this easily by using any warm shades for your walls, and for this specific purpose, white snow is our most favorable choice.

The white snow color can spread very similar effects compared to a plain white, but in a warmer tone that can balance and lift up the entire room’s appearance.

We love to use this wall color for any room that needs to be inviting and welcoming, such as a living room.

Gray Screen

Gray screen walls

If your main goal of using blue furnishings is to create elegant spaces, then gray is surely the best wall color to enhance and accomplish that goal.

As a neutral, it’s easy for gray to blend with any color, so there won’t be any problem combining it with blue. While any shades of gray can work nicely, we recommend you try this gray screen.

This particular gray had a balanced medium tone that looks great with blue, and at the same time spreads a bold and elegant vibe to take any room to the next level.

Iceberg (Light Blue)

Iceberg walls

Monochromatic is a currently trending decor style, and you can achieve that style by combining blue walls and furnishings. However, using a similar hue between the furniture and the walls is surely not a good idea as it can potentially create a weird, monotonous look.

Thus, you should use any combinations that still produce a bit of contrast. If you are using medium to dark-toned blue for your furniture, then we highly recommend you try this iceberg.

This very light shade can create a clean, bright, and sleek look like any typical light shade, but at the same time still have a strong presence of blue tone to keep the harmonious and flawless looks.


Indigo walls

Alternatively, you can try this indigo that works really well inside any living room with blue furniture. This particular shade had a strong amount of gray undertone to make it look neutral and bring some contrast, while still keep the consistency of blue flows.


Mint walls

If you are looking for any green shades to compliment your blue-furnished room, then we highly recommend this one: mint. This particular shade had a bit of blue hue in it, and that’s why the mint-painted walls complement the furniture perfectly.

At the same time, it still had plenty of fresh and natural ambiance like any typical green, which will be very beneficial to refresh the room’s visual appearance aesthetically.

Venetian Yellow

Venetian yellow walls

Yellow is one of the best opposite colors for blue, and that’s why these combinations can work well to create an interesting space. However, when it comes to the walls, most yellow is surely not a great option, especially for any bright or vibrant yellow.

But don’t worry, you can still create awesome looks using any softer or lighter yellow, and one of our favorites is this Light Venetian yellow. This particular shade had a calmer and softer appearance compared to most yellow, and that’s why it can still look nice when used as the wall paint color.

And when it is combined with blue elements, the results will be much better, thanks to the beautiful contrasting effects between both colors.

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