7 Best Countertop Colors For Maple Cabinets (For An Aesthetic Excellence)

Explore these awesome countertop ideas for kitchen with maple cabinets. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 22nd, 2023

Maple, a robust hardwood, is a stellar pick for the busiest kitchens, offering versatility that spans from youthful and modern to sophisticated and traditional styles.

Once you’ve chosen maple cabinets, the next question appears: What countertop color complements them best? Your choice can dramatically influence not only your cabinets’ appearance but also your entire kitchen’s overall ambiance.

Drawing from our extensive portfolio of kitchen design projects featuring maple cabinets, we’ve found that white quartz, black marble, and brown granite emerge as the ideal countertop colors to harmonize with maple cabinetry. These choices introduce a striking contrast, allowing the countertops to shine while accentuating the inherent allure of the charming maple wood.

Keep reading to find all the awesome countertop ideas for maple cabinets.

1. White Quartz

Kitchen with white quartz countertops and maple cabinets
White quartz countertops

White quartz places an uber-clean cap onto maple cabinets, which is always highly appealing in a space where food prep takes place. The crisp white finish will retain its pristine appearance without too much hard work too, thanks to its stain-resistant non-porous makeup.

Since white quartz countertops have a reflective quality, they can also visually brighten kitchens that lack natural light or have shady corners.

2. Beige Granite

Kitchen with beige granite countertops and maple cabinets
Beige granite countertops

Beige granite countertops meld gently with the natural tone of maple cabinets. This visually soft combination works well in open-plan living spaces where it’s desirable for the kitchen to fall into the background.

It’s also well suited to spaces with a rustic or traditional charm, where wood chopping boards and utensils will add to the warm tonal mix.

To prevent this creamy combo from becoming too stuffy, freshen with a clean white backsplash and light-reflective cabinet hardware.

3. Black Marble

Kitchen with black marble countertops and maple cabinets
Black marble countertops

Black marble countertops place striking contrast into maple cabinets. This dark stone won’t suffer food staining as easily as its lighter counterparts.

However, minerals in hard water make white marks where water has splashed and dried. Occasionally, hard water minerals can even cause etching on the surface of the marble.

You can bring it back to its former glory with polishes but be prepared for ongoing maintenance.

4. Brown Granite

Kitchen with brown granite countertops and maple cabinets
Brown granite countertops

Brown granite countertops place a rich, chocolatey coating onto lighter-toned maple kitchen cabinets. This sophisticated combination works well in traditional surroundings with elegant kitchen fittings and accompaniments.

It’s also a great choice for retro-inspired spaces with colorful mid-century modern kitchen accessories and bold wall art. Clean white backsplashes or quirky tiled statement walls work equally well in tandem with this union.

5. White Granite

Kitchen with white granite countertops and maple cabinets
White granite countertops

White granite countertops give a maple kitchen design a refined finish. Durable and beautiful, white granite adds an air of elegance to the space.

It is also a versatile option that can be paired with just about any accent color, so you can have fun changing out your kitchen accessories with the season or just as the mood takes you.

6. Dark Brown Marble

Kitchen with dark brown marble countertops and maple cabinets
Dark brown marble countertops

Dark brown marble countertops add a bold slice of luxury to a light maple kitchen design.

This neutral yet highly tonal combination has a sharp modern edge, which serves well alongside en vogue open kitchen shelving filled with mason jars and dry pantry staples.

Freshen the space between with a white tiled backsplash and an enlivening burst of natural greenery.

7. Yellow

Kitchen with yellow countertops and maple cabinets
Yellow countertops

Yellow countertops contribute instant warmth to a maple kitchen design. The rich injection of color creates a unique aesthetic with unexpected flair.

Yellow countertops go well with natural wood kitchen accessories and the lush greenery of indoor plants. Pepper with solid black accent pieces to anchor the color palette. A white backsplash will give the eye a place to rest.


With the light versatility of maple wood, you have a lot of freedom in choosing your kitchen countertop color and material. You can also achieve these looks on a budget with convincing dupes for natural stone. Although, they’re not nearly as durable in the long run.

Remember to be realistic about the amount of maintenance and stain removal you are willing to undertake. Choose a countertop material that suits your lifestyle rather than one that will rule you.

With this piece of the puzzle in place, you can finalize the look with complementary canisters, stylish small appliances, and cheerful kitchen art.

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