What Color Curtains Go with Taupe Walls?

Charming curtain ideas for room with taupe walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 18th, 2022

After painting your walls taupe, your next step of action is to look for colors for other pieces in the room, including your curtains. Undoubtedly, taupe is a natural, soft color for walls to create a modern, serene environment, but the color chosen for your curtain says a lot about how best your curtains work with your walls to bring out the best of your design.

Hence, you nurse the fear of going wrong with your choice of curtain color. This is normal as this single decision can make a huge difference in your design assignment. However, with pro tips, making the right choice of curtain color for taupe walls shouldn’t be a challenge.

All you need to know to choose the best curtain color for your taupe walls is to identify which color best matches your existing décor, what vibe you aim to create in the room, and how bright you want your room. Providing answers to these questions will guide you through making an excellent choice of color for your curtains.

Considering these factors and others, here are our best pick of color curtains to match taupe walls:

7 Best Curtain Colors for Living Room with Taupe Walls


Beige curtains with taupe walls
Beige curtains with taupe walls

One of the best curtain colors to consider for taupe walls is beige. Beige is a warm color useful in achieving a contemporary style in décor.

However, the ideal shade of beige to choose depends on your shade of taupe and the intended touch. For example, rich beige works best with light taupe shades, while light beige curtains will make a great pick to add a softer touch to the space.

Beige is associated with different feelings, such as warmth and coolness.

Dark Brown

Dark brown curtains with taupe walls
Dark brown curtains with taupe walls

Brown is a neutral color that goes well with several other colors, including taupe. Though brown generally works with taupe, dark brown is exceptionally ideal for creating a striking contrast with taupe. Hence, you are making the right choice by matching dark brown curtains with taupe walls.

You also want to consider dark brown for the vibes brown generally creates. Brown will help you evoke the feeling of safety, security, resilience, and dependability in your space.

Pale Yellow

Pale yellow curtains with taupe walls
Pale yellow curtains with taupe walls

Since taupe is a warm color, you might not be satisfied with the level of brightness in the room. Hence, you want to be more cautious with choosing a curtain color to heighten the existing level of brightness in the room.

This is where pale yellow comes in. Though yellow shades are generally a good choice to brighten up the space, pale yellow curtains work best with taupe walls.

Since yellow is generally associated with happiness, optimism, and cheerfulness, pale yellow is one ideal choice of curtain color if you cherish these vibes.

Olive Green

Olive green curtains with taupe walls
Olive green curtains with taupe walls

If you a fanatic about green shades, your color is still welcome when choosing a curtain color for your taupe walls. Paired with taupe walls, green curtains help create an earthy environment.

However, olive green is particularly an excellent choice if you want to create a welcoming and comfortable space.

Also, olive green is linked to positive vibes, such as harmony, compassion for humanity, self-love, and diplomacy.

Light Blue

Light blue curtains with taupe walls
Light blue curtains with taupe walls

Blue is one of the most useful colors in décor, and the shade of blue to use usually depends on the target style.

Though blue curtains generally work well with taupe walls, light blue is a great pick of blue shades for different reasons. While light blue helps achieve a tonal contrast, it also adds to the brightness level in the room.

Also, go with light blue if you cherish the vibe of reliability and trustworthiness.


White curtains with taupe walls
White curtains with taupe walls

If you are lost in choosing a color to match a neutral color, you will never make a mistake opting for another neutral color. Since taupe is a neutral color, white curtains are an ideal pick to match your taupe walls.

One major reason to consider white curtains for your taupe walls is that white lets more natural light into the space than other colors.

Also, if you aim to achieve some sense of peacefulness, purity, and cleanliness, white curtains will make a great pair with your taupe walls.

Soft Pink

Soft pink curtains with taupe walls
Soft pink curtains with taupe walls

Pink is yet another curtain color that goes well with taupe walls since taupe mixes well with soft pastels like pink. While pink works with taupe to achieve different styles based on shades, soft pink works best with taupe when the plan is to highlight the taupe background.

Plus, the feminine color helps create an atmosphere of nurturance, softness, and kindness.


Choosing the right curtain color for taupe walls might not be straightforward. Though you have different options, you are confused about which of your options will best complement your taupe walls.

However, with the right tips, such as knowing which color will best complement your existing design and what vibe to evoke in the room, making the right choice shouldn’t be a hassle. Making your choice based on these factors, you are not making a mistake with whatever option you go with from this list.

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