15 Best Cabinet Colors for Beige Countertops (Charming and Elegant Options)

Find out the 15 best cabinet colors for kitchen with beige countertops. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 19th, 2023

Beige countertops can be a warm and charming addition to any culinary space, adding bright, neutral hues that can enhance the kitchen’s mood and ambiance.

However, the beige countertops need a perfect partner: the cabinets. With the right cabinetry, the beige countertops can easily stand out, and become key elements that define the overall look and feel of the kitchen.

And for beige countertops, we highly recommend you to go with pure white, light olive, emerald green, light greige, mint, or pale blue cabinets. These cabinet colors can be a great canvas, allowing the beige countertop to shine and unleash all of its understated charms. They can also add a touch of contemporary elegance to the kitchen, and achieve a harmonious balance alongside beige countertops to exude a cozy yet refined ambiance.

Keep reading as we dive deeper into all of those options, and guide you to turning your kitchen into a welcoming and stylish culinary haven.

1. Pure White 

Kitchen ideas with pure white cabinets and beige countertops
Pure white cabinets with beige countertops

Pure white is clean and timeless, the ideal hue for your kitchen. The appearance of space may be created in any room, including your kitchen, using white paint.

The contrast between white cabinets and beige counters in your kitchen can be subtle, yet it can be breathtaking. The relationship between white and beige will make your kitchen feel more welcoming.

2. Light Olive (Honeydew by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen ideas with light olive cabinets and beige countertops
Light olive cabinets

You may keep your kitchen’s color scheme balanced by painting your cabinets a light olive color. The warm, light olive brings refinement to your kitchen. 

The bright olive contrasts beautifully with the beige at all times. Complement with a white subway tile on the backsplash; stainless steel appliances. It will add a clean, fresh feel to the whole kitchen.

3. Emerald Green (Buffett Green by Benjamin Moore)

Kitchen with emerald green cabinets and beige marble countertops
Emerald green cabinets

Another green shade that can complement beige beautifully is emerald. In fact, the emerald green will add some modern twist to your kitchen, while still keeping the fresh and natural vibe to the overall looks.

4. Light Greige (Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen ideas with light greige cabinets and beige countertops
Light greige cabinets

Home decor trends are shifting from grey to light greige in 2023. And that’s why the beige countertops will look great with a combination of light greige.

Any room, even your kitchen with light greige, has a more spacious, open vibe. Warm metallic gold accents round out this stylish and tranquil appearance and make your kitchen a place to be.

5. Pale Blue (Iced Slate by Benjamin Moore)

Kitchen ideas with pale blue cabinets and beige countertops
Pale blue cabinets with beige countertops

For a kitchen, pale blue cabinetry is an exciting choice. You should expect a dramatic change in the look and feel of your kitchen. Blue is a cold hue, whereas beige is a warm color, meaning the two colors will work together.

Cabinets painted a pale blue with a white countertop, potted plants, and a wood-covered range hood complete the look.

6. Mint (Hazel by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen with mint kitchen cabinets and beige countertops
Mint kitchen cabinets

Another subtle choice, but this time it comes with a hint of a fresh twist. Mint elements will make the entire kitchen feel fresh and cozy, so you can feel relaxed every time you go to the kitchen.

The soft tones of the mint also make it blend nicely with beige, going together to create an aesthetically pleasing look.

7. Light Gray (Sidewalk Gray by Benjamin Moore)

Kitchen ideas with light gray cabinets and beige countertops
Light gray cabinets with beige countertops

Light grey is an excellent neutral tone that goes well with the beige since it is a blend of black and white. Combining these warm neutrals, beige and tan, will give your kitchen a sense of harmony.

Grey has recently risen to the top of the color palette for interior design projects. In addition, it is pretty flexible, allowing creativity with any other shade.

8. Caramel Brown (Sturdy Brown by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen with caramel brown cabinets and beige countertops
Caramel brown cabinets

This is a unique brown shade that not only brings a bold and earthy tone but also adds a hint of glam gold tones to make your entire kitchen feel luxurious.

This color combination works even better for any kitchen that uses gold appliances.

9. Terracotta (Baked Terra Cotta by Benjamin Moore)

Kitchen with terracotta cabinets and beige countertops
Terracotta cabinets

Terracotta can add a pop of color to your kitchen without being overly vibrant. This bright, earthy shade also will lift up the mood of your kitchen, making your cooking time feel more fun and joyful.

We highly recommend this option if you need to brighten and lighten up your kitchen area.

10. Charcoal (Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen ideas with charcoal cabinets and beige countertops
Charcoal cabinets

Your beige kitchen can allow dark shades like charcoal if you like something more ominous. At first glance, consider something that appears dark. It’s vital to keep in mind that while some individuals like a lighter color scheme in their kitchen, charcoal is also a common choice.

To counteract the shadows in the kitchen, a beige granite countertop and charcoal cabinetry create a dramatic contrast. All you need is to add some species to the interior bit of color to the otherwise monochromatic space.

11. Royal Blue (Deep Royal by Benjamin Moore)

Kitchen ideas with royal blue cabinets and beige countertops
Royal blue cabinets with beige countertops

A magnificent shade of blue, especially royal blue, has a calming effect. The pairing always has a great experience; royal blue cabinet and beige is a great match.

A beige element provides a sense of steadiness in this vivid color scheme. Royal blue tones add a cozy glow to this energetic color scheme. A refined look is achieved by combining these two hues with gold hardware.

12. Dark Brown (Armory by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen ideas with brown cabinets and beige countertops
Brown cabinets with beige countertops

With brown, you may achieve the look of a more natural kitchen without introducing a wood-like texture. Warmth, lightness, and earthiness abound when cream and brown are combined.

A kitchen with brown cabinetry may allow a silver backsplash and a glass border. There is no distraction from the kitchen’s overall design by using a simple backsplash. 

13. Burgundy (Bewitched by Benjamin Moore)

Kitchen with burgundy cabinets and beige countertops
Burgundy kitchen

Burgundy is an awesome dark red shade that can easily make any kitchen space feel glam and luxurious. The strong looks of the burgundy will also help make the kitchen countertops feel a lot brighter.

Combine the burgundy cabinets with gold/brass handles or knobs for an even better result.

14. Light Yellow (Daybreak by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen with light yellow cabinets and beige countertops
Light yellow and beige kitchen

Yellow and beige had very similar characters, and that’s why they can go really well together. However, we don’t really recommend any strong vibrant yellow as it can easily overtake all elements in your kitchen.

Instead, you can try using any lighter yellow such as pale yellow or light yellow to paint your cabinets.

15. Black (Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams)

Kitchen with black cabinets and beige countertops
Beige and black kitchen

This is a combination that will never go wrong. The black will easily neutralize all of the elements inside your kitchen to make it look softer and calmer.

Finally, the black paint spreads a modern and elegant feel, and that’s why this color palette is a perfect choice for a contemporary kitchen design.

When decorating your kitchen, there are no set guidelines to follow. The color of your kitchen cabinets is up to you, your style, and how you define a color combination, just like any other design decision. However, consider a lighter color for your cabinets if you have dark countertops or the opposite.

You can pair many additional colors with beige to create a welcoming atmosphere depending on the mood you want to create in your kitchen. We sincerely hope this gallery has given you some ideas for your kitchen design.

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