Best Wall Color for Concrete Basement Floor (With Image Examples)

What color wall goes with concrete flooring? Find the answers here in this article. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : September 18th, 2022

Using concrete flooring for a basement is not just a seasonal trend. In fact, this kind of flooring can bring a lot of benefits, such as easy to maintain, long-lasting (up to 50+ years), and pet friendly.

However, from the visual perspective, a concrete floor can be very difficult to combine with surrounding elements, of course, unless you are creating an industrial-style or retro-style basement. And one of the most important elements that should be matched flawlessly with any flooring is the wall.

Most concrete flooring finishes will bring a neutral look that is supposed to make them easy to blend with any wall colors, but actually, it doesn’t. Combine this kind of flooring with vibrant colors is a big, big no. While pairing them with a similar hue can bring a good result, but sometimes can make the entire basement looks boring and monotonous.

Moreover, pairing the concrete floors with the right wall color can help reduce any cold and unwelcoming ambient produced by this flooring. Although we know that basement doesn’t really need these kinds of vibe compared with any other rooms, we are pretty sure that you don’t want to have a dark, bland, and uninviting basement, right?

Knowing that choosing the right wall color is essential for any basement with concrete flooring, we want to share our favorite color choices based on our knowledge and experiences, and here they are :

Best Wall Color for Basement with Concrete Flooring

Plain White Walls

Basement with white walls and concrete flooring
White walls with concrete flooring

Deciding to use concrete finishes for your basement flooring already brings a lot of risks, so why added another potential risk if you can use safe options like white? White walls can go with anything, literally. So whatever kind of concrete you are using, it can easily blend with the plain white walls.

Furthermore, unless you are polishing your concrete floors with a glossy finish, concrete flooring doesn’t reflect any light that can make your basement feel dark, and obviously, white walls can be very helpful for this particular situation to make your space appear brighter.

Ivory Walls

Basement with ivory walls and concrete floors
Ivory walls with concrete floors

Ivory can be a great alternative to off-white, especially if you want to add a bit of warmth while still keep the entire basement looks light and bright.

In addition, as most concrete will bring a cold look, warm shades like ivory can help balance up the space.

Light Gray Walls

Basement with light gray walls and concrete flooring
Light gray walls with concrete flooring

For more harmonious and flawless looks, gray surely be the best choice. However, using medium to dark tone gray can potentially make the basement feel dull and uninspiring.

Thus, we suggest you to choose any lighter shade of gray, and the lighter the shade, the better.

The light gray walls can also add a bit of modern touch that can mix beautifully with the retro looks of any cement flooring, resulting in a gorgeous, stylish ambient.

Slate Walls

Basement with slate walls and concrete floor
Slate blue walls with concrete floors

So you want to keep the entire basement in harmony, but with a bit of fresh and vibrant vibe? Then slate blue can be a perfect choice to accommodate your needs.

This unique shade had a strong gray undertone that makes it looks flawless with any concrete flooring, while at the same time had a bit of blue hues that can spread some fresh and airy feels in elegant ways.

Grayish Brown Walls

Basement with grayish brown walls and concrete flooring
Grayish brown walls with concrete basement flooring

Brown walls are popular for the warmth and elegance that it brings. However, most brown shade, especially in the medium to dark range doesn’t work quite well with concrete floors as those kinds of shade can feel too dark and too strong.

And things can be even worse if you are using them in any room that lacks light sources such as most basements.

But if you still want to use this classic shade, then you can consider this particular shade of brown: grayish brown.

This brown shade can still have a similar character to any typical brown shade but had some gray undertones that make it becomes more neutral and easy to blend with the concrete floors.

Light Brown Walls

Basement with light brown walls and concrete floor
Light brown walls with concrete floors

Another shade of brown that can work nicely as wall paint for room with gray concrete floors is light brown. This shade is very light and bright compared to any other browns, so you can safely use it even for any basement that doesn’t have a lot of lighting.

If you want to create a retro look basement, surely you must consider this beautiful shade. Furthermore, light brown walls can liven up any basement by bringing a warm, inviting, and homey ambiance.

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