12 Best Coffee Table for Blue Couch (Reviewed by Our Expert)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2023

Visually, a blue couch looks beautiful, gorgeous, and very attractive. Thus, it’s a perfect choice if you need a stunning centerpiece for a living room. Moreover, its elegant design can elevate the whole room to be more fancy and stylish.

However, this kind of couch is one of the trickier when it comes to decorating around it. Not only this kind of vibrant couch is difficult to combine with other colors – especially a non-neutral one, putting the wrong item around it can make your expensive blue couch look awkward and can’t perform well.

Thus, it’s very important to choose every item and element around the blue couch, whether it’s the wall paint color behind, the rug beneath, the decorative throw pillow, or the coffee table in front of it.

And for this particular article, we will focus on the coffee table.

Although it looks easier compared with other elements, in reality, it isn’t. Moreover, a coffee table is quite pricey so if you choose the wrong one and turns out that it doesn’t match your blue couch, then you have wasted a significant amount of money.

To help you avoid those kinds of disasters, we want to help you by testing a lot of different coffee tables that are currently on the market to find out the best one to use alongside a gorgeous blue sofa. And here they are :

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Modern Glossy White Coffee Table by Mecor

White coffee table

Usually, a blue couch already looks elegant, but if you want to add a more elegant touch to your seating area, then a white coffee table can be a perfect choice.

To get the maximum result, we tend to use a coffee table with a white glossy finish, such as this contemporary modern stylish white coffee table by Mecor. Using high-quality MDF finishes, the table brings a lot of reflective effects that make it look shiny.

Another interesting feature of this table is that it comes with built-in LED lighting that can bring a gorgeous visual appearance to illuminate your seating area.

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Contemporary White Wood Shelf Coffee Table Set by Roundhill Furniture

White wooden coffee table

As we already said before, white is the perfect choice for a coffee table to be used alongside the blue couch. However, in some settings, plain white can make the living area look quite boring, especially if you have already used a lot of other white furniture and decoration items.

For this particular situation, we love to use a white coffee table with wood finishes. The slight wood grain and texture can bring some fresh and natural effects while the white finishes make the table blend nicely with the couch.

And for this kind of table, our favorite choice is this contemporary style wooden white finish coffee table by Roundhill Furniture. At first, this table seems quite simple, but if you take a closer look, its wood grain looks unique, artistic, and makes it different from another typical white table.

With a stylish design inspired by sawhorses and the simplicity of the craftsman-era tables, this coffee table will blend perfectly with any blue couch, especially inside a contemporary or rustic living room style.

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X-Design Black Accent Coffee Table by ChooChoo

Black table

Another neutral alternative that can work well with a blue couch is black. This combination can blend pretty well to create a bold and elegant space, especially if you are using a dark-toned blue.

After trying a lot of different black coffee tables, our choice goes to this X-design black table by Choochoo. The design is quite simple, but the oxford style X-design legs make this table look artistic and stylish with a bold modern vibe, and at the same time add more structural strength to make the entire frame stable and durable even if it needs to hold any heavy items.

Furthermore, this beautiful table can blend perfectly into any different interior style, from a traditional to a modern one.

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Modern White Coffee Table with Metal Frame by Monarch Specialties

White and chrome table

Some blue couches come with a glamorous vibe, thus, to keep a similar vibe throughout the seating area, you can use a white and chrome coffee table.

This kind of table is quite popular, as the white element will keep the simplicity of the design, while the chrome effects can add some glamorous metal touch to make it look modern.

For this kind of table, we think that this modern white table with chrome metal frame by Monarch Specialties is the best choice for any blue couch.

The overall design of this table is quite simple, and most of the time, this kind of simplicity is the best choice to avoid the table overtaking the couch as the centerpiece of the living space.

The stylish glossy white top looks gorgeous alongside the couch, while the metal cross base legs not only add some modern touch but help the table sturdy.

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Carlton White and Light Oak Coffee Table by Safavieh

White and wood coffee table

Blue, white, and wood. Those 3 elements can work together to create unique, fascinating, and wonderful looks for your living space. While the blue element is already there with the couch, you can use a white coffee table and add other items with the wood elements. Or, you can use both elements together in one piece of table.

Such as this gorgeous white and light oak coffee table by Safavieh that looks beautiful with a perfect combination of crisp and simple white and fresh natural light oakwood.

Although it doesn’t bring a lot of storage space as this table doesn’t have any additional lower shelf such as any typical coffee table, this table still can be a great choice especially if you want to elevate and refresh your entire living room by adding this stylish and sophisticated coffee table.

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Modern Chrome Finish with Glass Top Coffee Table by King’s Brand

Glass cofee table

A glass-top coffee table can be a perfect choice to create an open and airy look that can be very beneficial for any small-sized living room. Moreover, a sleek glass-top coffee table can bring a stylish elegant look that will blend beautifully with most blue coffee tables.

From a wide range of selections of glass-top coffee tables, we choose this glass and chrome table by King’s Brand as the best choice to be used alongside a blue couch.

Combining modern sleek design with simplicity, this beautiful coffee table can be a great addition especially if you want to go with a more modern, contemporary interior style.

Come with a compact size, this amazing table can fit into any living space. Another reason that we love this table is that it’s offered at a very reasonable price, so it’s perfect for you who want to have an elegant living area but have a limited budget.

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White Faux Marble Round Coffee Table by Nathan James

White and black round table

In some settings, bringing a rounded or curved shape can be a great way to make your interior feel more dynamic and rich. Furthermore, using a round coffee table can make your seating area feel more intimate and cozier.

This kind of table can also be a perfect choice if you have limited space in your living room as it can fit perfectly even in a narrow or tight space.

For a living room with an elegant blue couch, our first choice for a round coffee table is this Nathan James faux marble modern table with a black metal frame.

Its faux marble top finish looks amazing and can blend perfectly with the blue couch, while the black metal frame not only becomes a sturdy base but also can add a simple yet elegant touch with its clean cross-design style to the table design.

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White Faux Marble with Gold Base Table by Hooseng

White and gold coffee table

If you want to bring a more glamorous and luxurious feel to your living room, then there is nothing better than a white marble and gold coffee table. The shiny and glossy white marble element can look nice with the couch, while the gold element can bring a touch of luxuriousness.

Based on our experience trying different gold and white coffee table in our projects, this white marble and gold base rectangular table by Hooseng is one of the best that we highly recommend being used alongside a blue couch.

The design of this table is quite simple, but since it used a beautiful high-quality finish for its marble top and gold base, the look of this table is quite amazing.

Furthermore, you can get this table at a relatively affordable price compared with another similar table. So, this table should be on your wishlist if you want to bring beautiful aesthetic looks to your home.

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Ashley Blue and Gold Coffee Table by Convenience Concepts

Blue and gold table

Most of the time, we tend to avoid using a blue coffee table with a blue couch. However, in some cases, it still can work quite well especially if you want to create a harmonious living space.

For this particular case, we prefer this blue and gold table by Convenience Concepts. Its faux blue leather top can look very similar to any blue couch finish, thus it can make them feel perfectly seamless, while the gold brass accent can bring a vibrant glamorous touch.

As storage, its two drawers can become a great addition to help you store any everyday items and keep your living space looking clean, neat, and well-organized.

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Modern 2-Tier Dark Brown Oak/White Coffee Table by Homfa

Dark brown and white coffee table

Combining dark brown with blue is a great way to create a relaxing but bold space. Moreover, the cool tone of the blue can be balanced by the warmth of the brown to create a perfectly harmonious ambiance. And that’s why a dark brown table can be a perfect pair for a blue sofa.

However, we tend to avoid using a full dark brown wood coffee table as it can create a rustic feel that won’t go well with any blue furniture. Thus, we love to use a dark brown table with some combinations of more modern elements, such as this modern oak/white coffee table by Homfa.

Its unique sleek design makes this table not only a lovely coffee table for any living room with a blue sofa but also make this item very practical with plenty of storage space.

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Gold, Oak and Glass Mid-Century Rectangle Coffee Table by Nathan James

Modern mid-century table

A blue sofa is relatively versatile when it comes to interior design style, as it can work really well in any different interior theme. However, there are some styles where this kind of couch tends to work better, and one of them is the modern mid-century decor.

This style is quite popular to create an elegant touch with a more natural feel, thus, elements such as metal and wood become mandatory.

If you planning to use this approach for your living room, then we highly recommend this rectangle glass top and rustic oak shelf with brass gold legs table by Nathan James. This table meets all of the requirements for perfect modern mid-century furniture and also can blend pretty well with our blue sofa.

Its glass top is perfect for displaying any of your everyday items or decorative objects, while the wooden shelf can be used to organize any large items such as books or magazines.

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SoHo Faux White Marble Coffee Table by Convenience Concepts

White contemporary coffee table

This faux marble and glass coffee table by convenience concepts is the best choice if you want a table that can bring a strong and instant influence to your spaces but in simple and sleek ways.

Its simplicity makes this table versatile and can be used in almost any decor style, however, we think that this one works best in a contemporary-style living room especially if you are using the couch as the main seating space for those rooms.

The combination of tempered glass with a generous glossy faux marble top makes this table easily attract everyone’s attention and will become a sparkling addition to your room.

Another unique feature of this table is its lower shelf which can become a great place to organize your book collections.

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