What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Bedroom Furniture?

Complete the look of your gray bedroom using these awesome carpet color ideas. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 12th, 2022

Gray is one of the most favorite colors when it comes to furniture. Not only these kinds of furnishings can easily fit into any decor style – from classical to ultra-modern ones, but they also can go together nicely with any other color.

Thus, it’s very common to see any room filled with gray furnishings, from the gray sofa, gray bed, gray cabinets, and any other gray items.

If you are using the same approach for your bedroom, here in this article we will share with you some of our favorite carpet colors that will be a perfect fit for those kinds of bedrooms. Hope you can get some ideas and inspirations that will help boost the visual appearance of your gray bedroom. Let’s get started.

Best Carpet Colors for Bedroom with Gray Furnishings

Light Gray

Gray monochromatic bedroom ideas
Light gray carpet

If your goal is to create a modern-contemporary style bedroom, then we highly recommend you go with a light gray carpet.

This simple yet elegant carpet flooring will enhance the bedroom appearance with flawless looks, and keep the gray-tone flows throughout the entire space.

For the best results, choose any gray carpet that is lighter than your gray furnishings, so that you can still get some beautiful contrast that makes all of the furnishings stand out elegantly.


Gray bedroom with sage carpet
Sage carpet

Sage carpet may not be as popular as any other choice, but we found out that for any bedroom filled with gray furnishings, this unique shade can become a gorgeous and interesting option.

As you can see in the image example above, the sage carpet still looks flawless with all of the gray furnishings while at the same time spreading a natural vibe to refresh the looks of the bedroom.

Moreover, using sage carpet can also be a great option for any room that lacks natural elements.


Gray bedroom with white carpet floors
White carpet

This is maybe the most common carpet color choice for any gray bedroom, especially for any homeowners who don’t really want to take a risk that can potentially ruin their gorgeous bedroom.

Additionally, this option can work well to create a modern style bedroom, thank’s to the clean and crisp looks produced by the white carpeting.

Moreover, white carpet surely will bring a lot of benefits for any room that lacks neutral lighting.

However, this may not be the most practical choice as this kind of carpet is easier to get dirt, thus it needs to be regularly cleaned and maintain to keep its sleek look.

Dark Brown

Gray bedroom with dark brown carpet flooring
Dark brown carpet

For you who need a bolder option, then the dark brown carpet may be the perfect choice for you. And obviously, this also can be a great carpet for you who need a more practical and easy-maintenance option.

Furthermore, this kind of carpet has been known for its characteristic of creating a welcoming feels to any room, thus it can be really helpful to make any boring room feel more alive and interesting.


Gray bedroom with navy carpet
Navy carpet

Alternatively, you can go with navy carpet. This gorgeous carpet will enhance the elegance of the entire room while adding some visual depth and intensity to make the bedroom looks more interesting.

To get the best outcome, you can add some navy accessories throughout the room to keep the blue-hue flows and avoid the carpet looking awkward.


Gray bedroom with beige floor-to-floor carpet
Beige carpet

Most gray shades had a strong cool tone, and that’s why in some cases you need to bring some warmth to neutralize and balance it up, and there are no better options for this particular situation than beige.

Beige carpet has soft and soothing visual looks that spread warm ambiance throughout the room and make any gray elements feel lighter and brighter, while still keeping them becomes the main objects for your bedroom.


Gray bedroom with yellow carpet flooring
Yellow carpet

This combination is quite popular right now, and if you are ready to take some risk by trying it, the result will be very worth it.

The vibrant and eclectic looks that come from the yellow carpet not only can make any elegant gray bedroom feel more fun and joyful, but it can also avoid the room feeling too monotonous and boring.

Although any shades of yellow can work well, we highly recommend you to choose the light yellow or pale yellow carpet as these kinds of carpet is much softer than any typical yellow, and that’s very essential to help it blend easily around gray elements.

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