What Color Goes with Light Blue Wall? (12 Best Combinations)

What color compliment light blue wall? Here are 12 stunning options that you can use. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 18th, 2024

Come with a soothing and calming vibe, light blue can be a great option for bedrooms, bathrooms, and living rooms where relaxation is paramount. This muted hue will easily create a serene and tranquil atmosphere, transforming any space into a peaceful haven.

Despite its numerous advantages, light blue does have some downsides, with one of the most common ones being the difficulties to find the right complementary color for it. In fact, these complementary hues play a crucial role in making the light blue wall feel more lively and interesting.

Fortunately, we’ve faced this exact situation a lot of times, so we can draw insightful conclusions from our experiences.

Peach, cream, canary yellow, lime green, and terracotta are some of the best colors for light blue walls. They can introduce a completely new hue, contrasting the light blue and giving a richer look, while at the same time avoiding disrupting the soothing and relaxing atmosphere that had been created by the light blue backdrop. Thus, you can get both a calming ambiance and a rich, lively aesthetic at the same time.

Continue reading to explore all the interesting accent colors for light blue wall below.

What Colors Go with Light Blue Walls?


Light blue wall with peach accents
Light blue and peach

This is one of our favorite options. Even though they had a completely different hue, peach, and light blue shades a lot of similar characteristics, and that’s why they look flawless together.

Furthermore, with a bit of vibrant appearance, decorate the wall with peach can bring a bit of spicy to enrich the wall, but at the same time work together to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere.


Light blue wall with cream accents
Light blue and cream

Since they had a very similar character, both colors can works together beautifully to creates a soft, subtle and natural appearances.

The softness of the cream decor obviously won’t overpower the wall, thus will keep it becomes one of the main feature of your home. While at the same time, the cream accessories still adding enough richness to make the wall becomes more alive.


Light blue wall with white accent
Light blue and white accent

Here is another great flawless option that will keep the light blue spread its calmness while at the same time bringing some layered looks to make the entire wall looks much more interesting.

The sleek and crisp appearance of the bright white elements such as white accessories of white trim work will also modernize the looks of the wall, thus, this is a perfect color combination for you who want to create a modern or contemporary style decor.

Midnight Blue

Light blue wall with midnight blue accent
Midnight blue accent

For you who want to keep the blue becomes the main dominant palette for your interior while at the same time avoiding the boring, monotonous looks, then you can try combining the light blue wall with other darker shades of blue, such as navy blue, indigo, or midnight blue.

These shades can provide plenty of contrast against the wall, resulting in monochromatic and flawless layered looks with different depths of blue. And since those dark blue shades had an intense amount of blue, they will stand out elegantly to bring the your wall to the next level.

Canary Yellow

Light blue wall with canary yellow accent
Light blue and yellow

Blue and yellow is a classic color combination that had been proven to works well together. The yellow elements will create a beautiful opposite contrast against the blue that not only makes those elements stand out but at the same time helps enhance the looks of the blue wall.

To get the best result, the yellow shades should have a similar tone to the blue, and for this case, any light yellow shades such as pale yellow or canary yellow tend to be the best options.

Lime Green

Light blue wall with lime green accent
Light blue and green

No combination can provide a calming and refreshing ambiance as much as blue and green. As you can see in the image above, the lime green artworks and accessories work nicely to bring a fresh vibe to the soothing wall, making the entire wall looks aesthetically pleasing.

Moreover, this natural combination will further make your home a perfect peaceful spaces that will easily relax your mind, body, and soul.

Dark Green

Light blue wall with dark green accents
Dark green accents

Another great green shades that can be a beautiful complementary color to light blue is dark green. Even tough both shades had a complitely different intensity, they still works well together.

The dark green accents not only provide freshness as any typical green, but also bring some velvet, glam touch to further enhance the appearance of your walls.


Light blue wall with terracotta accents
Terracotta accents

This unique color had been proven to blend nicely with light blue. As you can see in the picture above, the terracotta wall art looks very interesting against the wall, making them stand out and becomes one interesting feature of this living space.

Moreover, even tough terracotta is quite bold, its not as striking as any similar options like orange or vibrant yellow, so you don’t need to worry as it won’t ruin the calming ambiance that you’ve already created.

Cherry Red

Light blue wall with cherry red accent
Light blue and red

For you who need an instant way to spice up the looks of your wall, then you can try incorporating some cherry red decoration items into it. These cherry red accessories can bring an instant impact to make any boring wall looks more vibrant and cheerful.

However, to avoid the red taking over all the calming vibe of the wall, only use them as an accent and avoid overusing them.


Light blue wall with blush accent
Blush pink accent

This is another great accent color for a light blue wall to create a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing look. The blush or light pink accessories will easily blend against the wall as both had a similar soft and subtle visual appearance.

Thus, the blush accessories not only work to enrich the wall but also boost the calmness and relaxing vibe to the entire space.


Light blue wall with black accents
Light blue and black

While black and dark blue shades had been a popular combination since years ago, it’s lighter conterpart actually can still provides a very similar outcomes.

The black elements boost plenty of elegance to the light blue, making the entire wall looks much more mature and stylish. This combo will works even better inside any modern-themed interior.

Light Gray

Light blue wall with light gray accents
Light blue and light gray

But if you thinks that black is overly intense, then you can try using light gray. This cohesive combo can blend seamlessly while still gives enough contrast to makes the wall looks so much better.

And since light gray comes with some elegance, it can also helps modernize the wall while still keep its soft and soothing ambiance.

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