14 Stylish Cabinet Colors for Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 19th, 2024

Modern farmhouse is a new trend in the interior design world. It combines rustic, charming retro materials with a modern twist, resulting in a sophisticated and aesthetic visual appearance.

However, one of the biggest challenges with this kitchen design style is choosing the right color palette. Sure, you had to keep the majority of the elements neutral as the typical farmhouse style, but at the same time, you need to add some modern accents that not only enrich the space but also upgrade the looks of the entire space to be more up-to-date.

As one of the largest elements inside the kitchen, the right cabinet color can be a great foundation that will help you achieve a perfect farmhouse aesthetic.

Our interior designers strongly recommend you go with white, grayish-blue, pale green, or charcoal for your modern farmhouse kitchen cabinet color. Those colors still provide some neutrality that is needed to stay in line with the farmhouse aesthetic, while at the same time infusing a modern contemporary spirit to your kitchen.

Try out your chosen cabinet paint color in a modern farmhouse kitchen by using our visualization tool at the bottom of this page, or click here to access it instantly.

You can read the full guide, explanation, and some image examples below.

1. White Cabinets

White may be a simple color, but it can give a lot of different interpretations, depending on where and how you use this pure color.

In a modern farmhouse-style kitchen, the white cabinets can work really well to be the modern twist that is needed to elevate and enhance the looks of the kitchen. To further boost the looks of the modern farmhouse cabinets, combine it with glam gold or brass handles/knobs.

2. Cream Cabinets

Alternatively, you can go with cream or off-white. This color offers a bit more warmth than a typical pure white, adding more charm and a comfy vibe to the entire kitchen.

Actually, this option may be better than pure white if you are using white countertops or a white kitchen island, as the cream cabinets will create a slightly different tone with the counters to avoid the monotonous looks, while still coming together in harmony.

Last but not least, this color also will work really well for any small kitchen.

3. Grayish Blue Cabinets

This unique shade is quite popular for modern farmhouse cabinetry. The awesome combinations of deep blue with gray undertone produce a simple, elegant yet modern look that make it a perfect addition to any kitchen

For a kitchen, you can use this particular shade to paint your cabinet to bring the biggest impact. Combine it with sleek white countertops and/or white backsplash to make the grayish-blue cabinet stand out even more elegantly.

4. Light Coastal Blue Cabinets

If you are decorating your beach house using modern farmhouse style, then surely this color can be the perfect choice to paint your kitchen cabinets.

The light coastal blue not only will blend flawlessly with most neutral farmhouse elements such as wood or rustic metal but also can help soften and make those elements doesn’t look too outdated, without getting rid of their natural appearance.

5. Pale Green Cabinets

Pale green is another beautiful soft tone that works charms in modern farmhouse environments. This calming tone offers dozens of freshness and natural feelings, without being overly loud and stark like most green.

Finish up this palette with plenty of wooden elements for a more intense farmhouse feel.

6. Dark Gray Cabinets

This is a great option if you need a modern farmhouse cabinet color that can strongly bring a bold and elegant look to modernize your kitchen. We love to use this dark gray to paint the cabinet for any kitchen that lacks of natural feeling because there are too many wooden or natural elements inside it.

For this color, you need to combine it with light countertop colors to get the best result.

7. Light Gray Cabinets

You can also go with light gray. As an ultra-neutral, light gray will easily blend in with almost any color. So, you can mix it up with strong or vibrant countertops or backsplash and still get a reasonable visual output.

The light gray can also lighten up your entire kitchen without making it look boring.

8. Warm Gray Cabinets

Farmhouse design is well-known for its warm and welcoming ambiance. To keep this vibe flowing between all of the elements of your kitchen, you can use warm gray cabinets such as the one that we used in the picture above.

Unlike most shades of gray that tend to be more cool-toned, these unique shades provide plenty of warmth that will spread beautifully to the entire kitchen, while at the same time still having a touch of elegance as any typical gray shade.

9. Dark Chocolate Brown Cabinets

When it comes to farmhouse decor, brown is surely one of the best colors that can fit nicely with those styles. However, using too many brown elements will make your decor tend to be a more traditional farmhouse rather than a modern one.

So how this can be solved if you prefer brown shades for your modern farmhouse kitchen cabinets? Obviously, you need to choose any brown shades that naturally have a modern touch, such as this dark chocolate brown.

These deep, bold shades of brown combine the natural looks with welcoming ambient as any brown shades and wrap them all in stylish modern kitchen looks. To further make it looks up-to-date, incorporate some metallic elements into the farmhouse cabinet, such as the metallic handles/knobs.

10. Taupe Cabinets

If you prefer a softer brown, then you can this beautiful shade. Taupe is a soft light brown tone that comes with plenty of warmth and a charming vibe that will easily lift up any kitchen.

This color works even better if you are using a lot of different wooden elements inside your kitchen, as they will share a very similar tone, resulting in a flawless appearance.

11. Dark Blue Cabinets

Let’s get back to blue, but this time, we go with this bold, royal touch using dark blue. Using dark blue cabinets can also be a great way to upgrade any classic farmhouse kitchen to become a modern farmhouse one.

But since this color is quite intense, we highly recommend you combine it with plenty of light or bright elements.

12. Black Cabinets

If you want to bring your kitchen to the next level, you may try this color for your farmhouse kitchen. The black cabinets not only provide the modern looks that we need, but they can also create a unique, non-mainstream visual appearance that can easily distinguish your kitchen from any typical modern farmhouse kitchen.

Moreover, the black cabinets can also bring a bit of glam touch to further enhance the entire kitchen in trendy, stylish ways.

13. Charcoal Brown Cabinets

Another gorgeous bold shade that combines dark gray with a hint of brown undertones. Thus, even though this color may look strong and intense, it’s still neutral. So it can blend really well inside a modern farmhouse kitchen design.

But please make sure that your kitchen has plenty of natural lighting before deciding to use this color.

14. Light Oak Cabinets

For you who prefer a wooden cabinet, then light oak is a much better choice than dark wood when it comes to modern farmhouses. It still offers a lot of earthy natural looks as any typical wood but comes in a much more modern visual appearance.

There are several different kinds of oak that is perfect for this job, such as Sonoma oak, French oak, or White oak.

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