What Color Rug with Teal Couch?

Find out 8 best rug color that will blend perfectly with teal couch. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 14th, 2020
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Teal couch not only work as a place to sit down and take some time to relax. But it’s also a great decorative furniture that can be a great accent item to make any room looks rich, vibrant and colorful.

However, behind all the advantages that teal couch bring, there is one issue that always occur – decorating around teal couch can be quite tricky.

Yes, choosing the right decor items to be placed around the teal couch sometimes can be a very difficult job – especially when it comes to colors.

And the same goes with rug. That’s why we got a lot of question from homeowners on what color rug go with teal couch.

Matching a teal couch with the perfect rug color can be very complicated. Picking the wrong ones and your entire space will looks awful. Thus, you have to be very careful and see a lot of references before buying any rug to be placed below or in front of your teal couch.

To help make your job easier, we want to help you by create a list of some best rug color that go well with a teal couch. Moreover, we add an image example of every rug color that we are suggesting to help you visualize the effects of different rug color with teal couch to find out the best ones that perfectly suit your needs.

Best Rug Color for Teal Couch

1. Navy Blue Rug

What color rug with teal couch : Navy blue
Naval blue rug with teal couch

Teal couch with navy or royal blue can produce an interesting looks, as both colors had a similar tranquility of blue tone. Thus, this combination will looks flawless and blend perfectly while at the same time create a bold space.

Furthermore, pairing teal couch with any rug with dark blue hue will create a fresh and relaxed feels that is important for any space that you want to spend a lot of your time there, such as a living room.

2. Brown Rug

Brown rug with teal couch
Brown rug with teal sofa

As a calming and serene color that associated with nature and water, combining teal with other earthy color such as brown can be a great options to create a fresh and natural looks for your space.

With it’s rich tone, the brown rug will bring a beautiful contrast to the energetic teal. This classic combination also will produce a gorgeous and stylish looks that will lift up the appearance of your entire space.

3. Yellow Rug

Yellow rug with teal couch
Yellow and white rug

Any medium to dark shade of yellow can compliment teal beautifully and help brighten up the space to make it even more vibrant and cheerful. This pair also works great if your room lacks of natural lighting.

Even in a simple living room decor, this combination will stand out and make the entire space feel much more attractive and interesting.

4. Cream Rug

Cream rug with teal couch
Cream rug with teal

Cream is widely known for it’s neutral and versatility that can be used with almost any other colors. And when it’s used with teal, this color can help balanced the brightness of it thus create a perfectly eye-catching and unique soothing looks.

Moreover, the warmth of the cream will neutralize the cool teal to create a wonderful ambient that surely will grab everyone’s attention.

5. Coral Rug

Coral rug with teal couch
Coral and teal

Coral is an opposite color of teal in the color wheel, thus, combining those two together will create an unique, well balanced contrast that will help make each other stand out. This pair will works great if you want to create a space that feels young, energetic and playful.

6. Pink Rug

Pink rug with teal couch
Pink rug with teal couch

Pink is having a similar touch and personality with teal, and that’s the main reason why those two colors can work wonderful together. While most people maybe think that pink rug only work best for a nursery decor, but the truth is that it can still work wonder for any other decor style.

This beautiful combination will create a room that feels soft, calm and relaxing while at the same time make the entire space looks pretty and beautiful.

7. White Rug

White rug with teal sofa
White area rug with teal sofa

This is the most straightforward and risk free choice. as a full neutral colors, white rug can be used with almost any couch colors, including teal. Using white also can be a great choice if you doesn’t want the rug too dominant and still keep the teal couch as the main centerpiece for the entire space.

8. Pale Yellow Rug

Pale yellow rug with teal sofa
Classic pale yellow rug

Previously, we already recommended any medium to dark shade of yellow. If you think this kind of rug is a bit too overwhelming, than any lighter shade of yellow still can work beautifully with teal couch, such as pale yellow.

With a touch of gray tone, this kind of yellow had some neutral looks that make it easier to blend with any other rich colors such as teal.

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