8 Best Pink Paint for Bedroom

Sweeten up your bedroom using these pretty pink shades Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 18th, 2022

The pink bedroom had been evolved in recent years, so it’s not only about a sweety nursery or girl’s rooms, but can also work well for any master suite.

In fact, pink can work in a very similar way to any soft, subtle shades such as baby blue, sage, or mint. These colors can bring a relaxing ambiance, and when used inside a bedroom, can help create a peaceful atmosphere that will help reduce the stress from daily activities.

So, don’t be afraid to incorporate these pretty shades into your color palette.

However, most people don’t realize that pink had many different spectrums, same with the other colors. And each pink shade will give slightly different outcomes to the overall looks of the bedroom, especially when it is used in a large element, such as the wall.

So, in this post, we want to share with you based on our experiences, some of our favorite pink shades that we think are the best choices to be used to paint any pink-themed bedroom.

8 Best Pink Paint for Bedroom Wall

Typical Pink

Bedroom with pink walls
Pink bedroom

Let’s start with the typical pink. In our opinion, this is the most well-balanced option among all shades of pink. It offers plenty of sweetness, a few vibrant looks, while still being soft and subtle.

And if you are planning to incorporate a lot of pink decoration items and accessories throughout the bedroom, then most probably this is the right choice to keep those items looking perfectly flawless.

Amour Pink

Bedroom with amour pink wall
Bedroom with amour pink wall

For you who prefer a very soft, light pale pink, then you can go with this amour pink. Furthermore, it’s one of the most neutral shades of pink, thus it can easily blend with any other color and is versatile enough to be used in any different decor style.

This shade can also be a great choice if you want to paint the entire bedroom wall pink – not just as an accent wall.

Hot Pink

Bedroom with hot pink wall
Bedroom with hot pink wall

This is the opposite option to the previous one. If you need a pink shade that provides a lot of intensity, then this hot pink can be a great choice for you.

The hot pink wall will spark a lot of beauty and sweetness of the pink, and at the same time create a vivid, vibrant look to the entire bedroom. The best way to use this color is by using it as the accent wall.

Merry Pink

Bedroom ideas with merry pink wall
Bedroom ideas with merry pink wall

If you want to avoid any nursery looks that often occur when using pink, but still want to have those beautiful pink-ish looks, then you should try this merry pink.

This gorgeous shade mixes pink with some purple undertone, creating more mature looks while still spreading the pretty and sweetness as any typical pink.

Lemonade Pink

Bedroom with lemonade pink accent wall
Bedroom with lemonade pink accent wall

Lemonade pink is one of the bold pink shades that can bring a much more mature look compared to most pinks.

This intense pink surely will look best as an accent wall, as it can stand out beautifully and spread the sweetness of the pink to the entire bedroom.

Youthful Coral

Youthful coral bedroom wall
Youthful coral bedroom wall

This is another great pink variant that goes a bit further for the pink baseline but still had the pink-ish visual appearance.

The youthful coral blends pink with some orange undertone, making it much more vibrant and cheerful compared to any other pink, but without losing its soft and sweet character.

Priscilla Pink

Bedroom ideas using Priscilla pink wall
Bedroom ideas using Priscilla pink wall

Priscilla pink is another great alternative for you who are looking for any pinkish-purple paint that comes in a light and very soft appearance.

And since it’s had a neutral look, you can easily use this pink paint for the entire bedroom wall without making the bedroom becomes a bit awkward or even childish.

Salmon Pink

Salmon pink wall ideas for bedroom
Salmon pink wall ideas for bedroom

Unlike most pink shades, this salmon pink paint can provide plenty of freshness to the bedroom ambiance. Thus, if you want to create a pink-themed bedroom that not only looks pretty but also crisp and refreshing, then this can be a great choice for you.

Additionally, painting your bedroom wall with salmon pink will help modernize the looks of your bedroom and keep it far away from the nursery looks.

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