What Color Nightstand Goes with Gray Headboard? (Stylish And Aesthetic Choices)

Learn how to choose the perfect nightstand colors to be placed beside your gray headboard. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 29th, 2023

Nightstands or bedside tables are essential for both functionality and visual appeal in your bedroom. And that’s why choosing the right one is crucial for creating an interesting space.

To find the ideal nightstand colors, you can use some bedroom elements as an anchor, such as the walls, flooring, bedding, or even the headboard.

If you are using your gray headboard as the main reference point for your nightstand, we highly recommend you to go with gray and gold, gray wood, gray and black, black, or white nightstands. Those choices maintain a flawless connection to the gray headboard, keeping a stylish and elegant aesthetic while still providing some contrast, depth, and a hint of drama to avoid a monotonous feel.

Keep reading to get more detailed explanations.

7 Best Nightstands for Gray Headboard

Gray and Gold Nightstand

Glamorous gray and gold end table
Gray and gold nightstand

Use a matching color between the nightstand and the bed beside it may be a bit boring, but using the same color surely is the best way to create a perfectly harmonious look. To solve this problem, you can use any gray nightstand that had a bright or vibrant accent, and one of our favorites is gold.

This Elegant CosmoLiving Westerleigh Table is a great example. As you can see on the image above, the graphite gray nightstand perfectly matches the gray headboard, while its glam gold/brass accent brings more flavor and delicate looks.

Gray Wooden Nightstand

Vintage gray weathered wood nightstand table
Gray wood nightstand

Other alternatives to avoid the boring, monotonous looks with the gray nightstands is by choosing the ones that using different materials with the headboard.

Since many headboards are using fabric, leather, or plastic materials, then a gray wooden nightstand can be a perfect choice. Using this kind of table can still bring a flawless look but in a different style and texture.

Gray and Glass Nightstand

Modern contemporary gray wood and glass bedside table
Gray and glass nightstand

When choosing gray as the main color palette for your bedroom, chances are, you want to create an elegant and stylish decor style. If you need the nightstand to enhance and emphasize this style, then a gray and glass nightstand can be a perfect choice for you.

Take a look at the glass nightstand that we used in the example above, this nightstand doesn’t have many gray elements, but it’s quite enough to make some color connection with the bed beside it. On the other side, the glass will create sleek, stylish, and elegant looks. It also makes the unique looks that make the table-top and the shelves look like they are floating.

Gray and Black Nightstand

Industrial style black and gray end table
Gray and black nightstand

For an industrial-style bedroom, we highly recommend the black and gray nightstand like this.

The gray concrete-looks top keeps the table blend well with the gray headboard and creates unique and interesting looks when combined with the metal black frame.

Black Nightstand

Modern black nightstand
Black nightstand

In some cases, you may need a nightstand that can stand out more than the bed. Unfortunately, using a bright or vibrant nightstand beside a gray bed is not a great idea.

But don’t worry, you still can achieve those goals by using a bold nightstand, and surely the best choice for these kinds of nightstands is black.

This gorgeous black nightstand by Flash Furniture is a great example. As you can see, the nightstand stands out elegantly beside the gray bed and surely will make your bedroom look much more attractive and interesting.

White Nightstand

Classic white nightstand table
White nightstand

If you want to bring some beautiful contrast between the bed and nightstand, then the white nightstand can do this job for you.

The white nightstand will look sleek, crisp, and beautiful beside any gray headboard, and since it’s soft and neutral, the nightstand won’t take over your spaces and keep the headboard as the centerpiece for your spaces.

The white nightstand can also be a very versatile choice, as you can use them for any kind of interior style you want, from vintage or classic to modern contemporary.

Black and White Nightstand

Scandinavian style black and white nightstand table
Black and white nightstand

Another interesting choice that we recommend is the black and white nightstand. Using these kinds of nightstands for bedroom with gray headboard will create a unique and fun vibe.

And since both colors used for this nightstand are neutral, the nightstand won’t be competing visually with the bed.