10 Rose Gold Nightstands to Bring Glamour to Your Bedroom in 2024

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 20th, 2024

Rose gold style has been getting more and more popular in recent years, including in the home and interior design world. Furniture and decoration items that use rose gold finish are widely available in any store or marketplace. Many people are looking for these kinds of items because they can help make a room look luxurious and glamorous. This color also looks more glam, fresher, and beautiful than its sister, gold.

Another advantage of these style furniture items is that this color is easy to combine with other furniture and can also blend well with various types of interior decoration styles, from minimalist, contemporary, modern, and any other interior design styles.

Unfortunately, many of the rose gold furniture available in the market that we have tried and tested were not as good as advertised. One of the problems that we often encounter is poor finishing which makes it look cheap. Another problem is the quality where some items use low-quality materials that make them not durable and will easily be damaged.

For that reason, we will try to help you in this article by summarizing the 10 best rose gold nightstand tables that we have tried and tested in our interior design projects.

If you are looking for a beautiful and high-quality rose gold style nightstand/bedside table to enhance your bedroom’s looks, then this article can help you find the best ones that will suit your needs.

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Gray and rose gold round table from Kate and Laurel | image by roomdsign.com

Gray and Rose Gold Round Accent Table

The first nightstand on our list is this beautiful and elegant round nightstand table. The combination of decorative wood top with a high gloss shine finish and metal round cage base makes this table the perfect choice for those of you who need an elegant table that can bring your bedroom looks to the next level.

With its compact size, 16 inches diameter, and 20 inches high, this table can be used even if you don’t have much space left next to your bed.

For those of you who want a beautiful nightstand that looks simple and minimalist, but still brings a luxury impression to your bedroom, then this one should be the perfect choice for you.

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Contemporary style round table by Furniture of America | image by roomdsign.com

Contemporary Style Round Table With Black Glass Top

Black and rose gold is the perfect combination to create stylish and elegant items, such as this one. With a contemporary style that combines a glass round top and metal-shaped curves with a unique metallic finish, this table should be in your shopping cart as soon as possible.

With 17.5 inches wide and 20.5 inches height, this table has a fairly good storage capacity thanks to the additional lower bottom shelf that you can use to store some everyday items.

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White and copper finish round nightstand table by Acme Furniture | image by roomdsign.com

White and Copper Round Nightstand Table with 3 Legs

This nightstand actually has a chrome finish that looks a bit more pink, but according to our tests, this table can still blend perfectly with any bedroom interior style. The combination of chrome and white finish makes this table look beautiful and perfect to use in any women or girls bedroom.

One of the unique things about this table is its 3 base metal legs that look artistic. Using a minimalist modern style design concept, this table has 3 other color choices besides the one we use, there are black/champagne, white/gold, and white/chrome.

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Nightstand Table with smooth mirror finish by MTFY | image by roomdsign.com

3 Drawers Nightstand Table with Smooth Mirror Finish

This unique nightstand table uses high-quality glass as finishing material which brings an elegant and glamorous glow to any bedroom. Not only able to be used as a nightstand table but this table can also be used as an end table or sofa side table as well.

Having a relatively small size, which is 11.8 inches wide, this is one of the best narrow nightstand tables in this list that is perfect for those of you who don’t have much space left in your bedroom. However, despite its relatively small size, this table has quite a lot of storage capacity, thanks to its 3 drawers.

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White frosted glass accent table by Acme Furniture | image by roomdsign.com

White Frosted Glass Accent Table

With a unique retro-style base wrapped in luxurious finishes, those are a perfect combination to create a round table that looks unique yet classy and can enhance the look of your bedroom. This table will blend perfectly into any bedroom decor style.

With a width of 22 inches diameter, you can store any table lamp, photo frames, and any other essential nighttime. The glossy white frosted color combination on the top and charming metal finishes make this table look very luxurious and beautiful.

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Round metal nightstand by Kate and Laurel | image by roomdsign.com

Rose Gold Round Metal Nightstand Table with Mirror Tray

This glam-style nightstand table is made using metal with a rose gold color finish and a mirrored tray surface combination that looks pretty and beautiful.

Made of solid and durable yet lightweight material this table is practical and easy to move as needed. With its easy-to-open tray for various purposes, this table makes it even more interesting to have.

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Modern glam bedside table by GDFStudio | image by roomdsign.com

Modern Glam Square Nightstand Table

With a dazzling metallic accent and illuminating looks, this modern glam nightstand table also has a unique geometric structure base that brings a sleek touch to any bedroom decor. Its tempered black glass top had a gorgeous reflective look that blended perfectly with a rose gold metal finish.

With 17.75 inch width and 21.75-inch height, this table doesn’t take up too much space in your bedroom, and you’ll love how your little spaces can transform with the addition of this nightstand table.

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Stylish nighstand table by Convenience Concepts | image by roomdsign.com

Stylish Rose Gold and Silver Nightstand Table

This stylish nightstand table had a glamorous and elegant look thanks to the combination of its rose gold and silver finish. It’s classy yet contemporary design style will bring life into any bedroom.

With 18-inch width and 24-inch height, this nightstand table is a perfect size to be placed in any bedroom size.

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Geometric shape table by Danya B | Image by roomdsign.com

Square Rose Gold and Black Geometric Shape Table

For you who want a glamorous yet artistic nightstand table, then this square nightstand table may be the perfect choice for you. Its beautiful legs are uniquely arranged using a geometric angular shape making this table look classy and stylish.

Also its combination of black glass top and rose gold metal provides attractive and modern looks that make this table blend perfectly when used in any bedroom decor style.

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Decorative nesting round table by Adeco | image by roomdsign.com

Decorative Nesting Round Table set of 2

The last nightstand on this list is this beautiful decorative nesting round accent nightstand table that consists of 2 tables. Its glass top blends perfectly with a metallic finish that brings elegance into any room.

Another advantage of this table is its 2 piece round nesting table can provide additional space as you can use them on their own or combine them.