What Color Floors Go with Cherry Cabinets?

Charming flooring ideas for kitchen with cherry cabinets Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 27th, 2022

Cherry cabinets are an exciting splash of color to your wood kitchen interior. Whether, you are planning on installing backsplashes, countertops, or rows of cherry cabinets, the right color for these kitchen elements cannot be decided upon wisely if the type and color of flooring are not considered. The deep cherry color can add sophistication to your interior when paired with the right floor color.

But what are some important things to consider before choosing a flooring color for a kitchen with cherry cabinets? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Choose your desired color scheme– Once you pick a color scheme, it will give you the right direction to select what flooring materials and colors are a good match with your cherry cabinets.  
  • Complement or Contrast– Since your cherry cabinets are rich in color, you need to make sure your flooring color complements them well. Lighter flooring colors can visually work well with your deep cherry cabinets while dark colors of a shade or two lighter can complement your cabinets perfectly.
  • Consider your countertops– In kitchen design, every element should complement each other for an overall comprehensive design. The material and color of your countertops are equally essential. Dark colors for the countertop as well as flooring might make the kitchen appear too busy with cherry cabinets, so lighter colors can bring out a well-thought-out look.

In this blog post, we share with you our top suggestions of the 7 best flooring colors for a kitchen with Cherry cabinets that will make your kitchen remodelling easier.

7 Best Flooring Colors for Kitchen with Cherry Cabinets

Dark Wood Floors

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and dark wood floors
Cherry cabinets with dark wood floors

You might think that dark wood floors might get too boring for your kitchen, but they can actually do wonders for your space.

The rich red and brown undertones of the cherry cabinets bring out the warm hues of the dark wood flooring color. If you prefer a dark, traditional floor look, brown wood tones are just what you need.

The mix of streaks, knots, and grain in the wooden flooring creates a unique, classic look for your wood-on-wood setting.

Gray Floors

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and gray floors
Cherry cabinets with gray floors

Gray floors and cherry cabinets are a classic color combination. The neutral gray helps you modernize your kitchen giving you the flexibility to achieve various types of interior design styles such as rustic, industrial, farmhouse, cottage, or lake house styles.

Its warm color provides just enough contrast to make the cherry cabinets stand out. The gray floors give the kitchen a soft, clean appearance on the whole.  

White Floors

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and white tile floors
Cherry cabinets with white floors

White flooring has the power to reflect all the colors and brighten up the kitchen.

The high temperature of the white color pairs perfectly with the bright cherry cabinets making the cabinets the focal point of the kitchen. This combination is great for small kitchens so they can appear open and airy.

However, white floors can be hard to maintain since they can show damage and dirt quite easily.

Beige Floors

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and beige floors
Cherry cabinets with beige floors

Beige floors are the best flooring option if you want to add a touch of softness to your kitchen space and this is particularly true if you have cherry cabinets.

The beige flooring helps compliment the streaks of brown in the wood and softens the brightness of the cherry cabinets.

This paler version of brown is the best neutral to avoid a loud, overwhelming kitchen appearance.

Light Brown Floors

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and light brown floors
Cherry cabinets with light brown floors

Light brown flooring can create a beautiful, inviting space when paired with cherry cabinets. Since cherry cabinets have streaks of dark colors, lighter, brighter floors can give your home a fresh look easily.

The light brown flooring highlights the grains of the dark cabinetry creating a look that is warm and timeless.

Today’s cabinetry trends have shifted to muted and soft grey and brown tones and this is the picture-perfect example.  

Terracotta Floors

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and terracotta floors
Cherry cabinets with terracotta floors

Terracotta floors create a bold look in the kitchen when bonded with cherry cabinetry. It effortlessly reinforces nature themes without making the space too dark.

Terracotta floors have a rustic appearance that lends a traditional and classical look to the kitchen interior.

When paired with cherry cabinets the combination of these natural materials gives the kitchen a warm, earthy feel.

Dark Brown Floors

Kitchen with cherry cabinets and dark brown floors
Cherry cabinets with dark brown floors

If you have a large kitchen where you can be very experimental about your interior decisions, go dark brown. Dark brown floors are a favourite of those who admire dark, cozy kitchens.

Dark brown floors create a traditional kitchen style and when paired with cherry cabinets, the dark stained floors create a cohesive kitchen design.

A light countertop color and decorative elements such as ceramic utensils will make this dark combination pop.

Cherry cabinets have a striking reddish-brown color and impressive durability which make them a lively cabinetry choice. Their color versatility gives them the edge to coordinate with a multitude of flooring colors.

Lighter colors such as light brown or beige flooring with cherry cabinets are strong contrast options for a stunning kitchen look while darker colors such as dark brown give birth to a luxurious kitchen.

When paired with the right floor colors, cherry cabinets are the ‘cherry on the top’ for your kitchen interior.

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