17 Best Accent Colors to Liven Up Gray Walls

Take a look at our accent colors recommendation to make your gray walls looks amazing.

For those who prefer a simple and natural interior design, gray is often a staple in their color palette. This neutral shade effortlessly creates a classic, elegant ambiance.

When incorporating gray into a room, the wall is a popular choice. However, in some instances, a plain gray wall may risk appearing unattractive or lacking in character. To counter this, we recommend pairing a gray wall with a rich and vibrant accent color, creating a visually appealing contrast.

Based on our experiment, dark blue, sage, lime green, orange, or terracotta stand out as the best accent colors for gray walls. Those colors had the ability to infuse a new life into the gray backdrop, and improve the entire space with a more rich and vibrant ambiance. Moreover, they offer a striking contrast, giving some depth and character to your gray-painted walls.

Continue reading, as we list all of the awesome choices below :

1. Dark Blue

Dark blue accent with gray walls

To bring an instant impact on the unattractive walls, any bold and rich tone such as dark blue can be the best option. Having similar cold tones, this shade can make your room feel cozier and add a more elegant touch to the walls.

This accent color also can be a perfect choice if you want to keep your warm gray walls looking simple and not too vibrant.

However, to get the best results using dark blue, we recommend you use a lot of this element to make it stronger. You can use a group of dark blue wall art such as what we did in the image above or use just one but in a giant size.

2. Sage

Sage decor

This neutral combo will easily create an aesthetically pleasing look. The soft and subtle tone of sage blends harmoniously with gray, but still provides enough hues to make it stand out without creating too much noise.

Moreover, the sage green accessories can help refresh the walls, giving you a relaxing and refreshing look.

3. Lime Green

Lime green decor

We really love this unique shade, especially when using it as an accent for a neutral background such as gray. This shade has a bright and vibrant tone but still looks quite soft and subtle which makes it can blend easily into any different decor style.

Using lime green can also be a great way to make your space much more fresh and alive.

But unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to find any lime green decor items or accessories compared with any other colors. So you need to spend more time exploring your local home decor store or browse through some different online marketplace to find the one that will suit your needs, but surely it would be very worth it!

4. Beige

Beige wall art

Using layered neutral shade can be a great way to create a simple and flawless space. For this particular approach, beige can be the best option. Although gray and beige can blend well, both still have a different tone that can really help to create a well-balanced ambient.

This combination can work really well for almost all rooms, but we love to use this gray and beige combo in any room where the owners need a peaceful vibe, such as a bedroom.

5. Dark Green

Dark green artworks

Another green shade that can work nicely with the gray wall is dark green. This shade will bring boldness to your room while still bringing some freshness such as any other typical green.

Moreover, the dark gray wall can highlight the dark green element perfectly and make it stand out more.

6. Orange

Orange artwork

If you need a bright and strong shade that can bring an instant effect to make the entire room feel more vibrant and colorful, then orange can be the best choice for you.

As a strong shade, using even just small orange artwork or orange decoration items can bring a lot of impact.

Furthermore, putting an orange element with a gray color can make it feel stronger and more vibrant which can be a great way to catch everyone’s attention as soon as they are entering your home.

7. Terracotta

Terracotta artworks

But if you think that orange is too much, then you can try its softer alternative: terracotta.

This color had a unique character, where it still had some vibrancy as any orange shades, but came with a more calm, earthy look. Thus, using terracotta wall decor will enrich your wall while still keeping everything clean and simple.

8. Black

Black wall art

A timeless combo that never goes wrong. Not only the walls will look much lighter when combined with black elements, but they can also boost the elegance of it.

This monochromatic combo is surely a must-try color combination especially if you are creating a modern, contemporary style interior design.

9. Light Yellow

Light yellow accent

A glimmer of sunshine in the gray sky can be an amazing visual scenery that can bring some hope and dreams. You can replicate this in your home by using any yellow accents on the gray walls.

We love to use this combination in any room where you need to lift up your motivation every single day, such as in the bedroom to keep you feeling energized after waking up every morning or in a home office to keep you inspired when doing your work.

10. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow

Another gorgeous shade of yellow that can be a great color to accentuate the gray wall.

This shade had a stronger and bold character compared to any other colors, thus it’s a perfect choice if you want to create an elegant and luxurious space, but still looks fun and shiny.

The combinations of mustard yellow and gray can also bring unique visual effects that make the walls look very aesthetic and Instagrammable.

11. Electric Blue

Electric blue decor

When most blue shades have a deep and calm tone, this particular shade is quite different. Thus, electric blue can be an ideal choice for any homeowners who want to have a splash of blue in their space but with a more fun and cheerful vibe.

Actually, electric blue is one of the hardest shades of blue to incorporate into any interior design palette. Even combining it with a neutral shade doesn’t always perform well. So, if you are currently using gray for your walls, then this can be the perfect time to use this unique and interesting shade.

12. Purple


Again, using gray can be a golden opportunity for you to explore any unique shade that is usually difficult to combine with other colors, and one of the unique shades that you can try is purple.

Almost all purple shade can work quite well with gray, where the simplicity of the gray can help emphasize the purple element and make it looks very beautiful.

However, we don’t recommend you to overly use this shade, but just keep it as an accent. Some pieces of the purple wall art are more than enough.

If you need more, you can add some small purple objects such as a purple decorative pillow or an artificial plant with beautiful purple flowers.

13. Lavender


Another purple shade that can be a beautiful pair to gray is lavender. This soft, subtle shade gives a hint of color to the wall, making any boring wall look more alive.

Even one or two pieces of lavender accessories are usually more than enough to give your home a fresh flavor without adding too much hues.

14. Light Brown

Light brown artworks

Calm and warm, that’s the vibes that you can achieve by adding some light brown items to the grey walls.

And since the light brown is still neutral, it can go well in harmony with any shades of gray, from light gray walls to dark gray ones.

15. Pink

Blush pink accessories

Most pink shades can work wonders with gray, but if we had to choose, we’d go for blush pink. Combining this muted pink shade with a neutral wall can bring a unique feeling where the sweetness of the pink meets the bold and elegant style of the walls.

Blush pink can also become a great option if you want to add some touch of pink to your room without making the entire space look too girly or feminine.

16. Dark Red

Dark red wall art

Dark red can be an interesting shade when paired with gray. Its striking, bold looks will easily pop and stand out against the neutral walls, making it a new focal point in your space.

Furthermore, by adding dark red, you can lift up the energy of your home, and that’s why this can be a perfect choice for any ambitious and passionate person.

17. White

White decor

Not only white is a risk-free option, but actually, it can also make the gray-painted walls feel a bit brighter and lighter. And that’s why it can be a great choice if you have a charcoal gray wall.

The crisp and clean looks of the white accessories will also upgrade the looks of any walls, making it feel much more modern.

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