15 Modern Wood Door Design Ideas (Redefine Your Home in Style)

15 Stunning wooden doors with modern design Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 6th, 2023

In most cases, wood and modern don’t belong together in one sentence. This is due to the fact that most wood tends to have a more classical, vintage, or traditional look. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve trendy modern looks using any wooden materials.

With the right design, you can elevate the looks of any wood elements to become more modern and up-to-date. This will ensure those elements fit nicely inside any decorating style that aims in that direction, while at the same time still providing the earthy, natural beauty of any typical wooden object.

In this post, our team of designers creates 15 awesome wooden door designs that will perfectly blend inside any home with modern decor. You can use these designs as an inspiration to unleash your creativity and imagination to create your own. Without further ado, let’s get started :

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Artistic Geometric Wooden Door with White Accents

Geometric wood door with white accent

This door combines the artistic geometric pattern with sleek diagonal-shaped white accents. The geometric lines bring a unique yet elegant look, while the white accents further boost the modern vibe.

Although we honestly think that white is the best option, you can also replace it with other colors such as light gray, black, or even any cheerful color choices like yellow or green shades.

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Modern Horizontal Stripes Wood Door

Simple wood door with horizontal stripes

Even with just a few simple horizontal lines, you can drastically change the appearance of any wooden door. What makes this design interesting is that you don’t even need to create new ones, instead, you can use your old plain wooden door and add those lines using vinyl or stickers.

To get the best modern looks, you can use a mirror or any glossy elements for the stripes like the ones that we used in the image above.

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Modern Wood Door with Geometric-shaped Panel

Geometric wooden panel door

This is another great design that incorporates an artistic geometric pattern. We love to use this kind of door to bring some asymmetric pattern to any uninteresting space.

And since there is no limit to geometric patterns, you can use your creativity and imagination to use any pattern that will work best for your design preferences.

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Unique Wood and Black Panel Door with Horizontal Lines

Elegant wood and black door

If you are looking for a unique door to become one of the focal points of your home, then you can try to replicate or use this design. At first, this may look quite simple and very similar to any typical horizontal stripe wooden door.

However, the two different black panels are truly a game-changer, as they not only intensify the entire look but also provide an elegant and modern twist to make it look very interesting.

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Simple Wood Door with Vertical Mirror Accents

Modern wood and mirror door

The mirror is a great element that can instantly modernize the looks of any wooden element. Even just some small mirror accents can have a big impact, like the one that we used in this design.

The small vertical mirror accents work perfectly to lift the vibe of this door. Additionally, the mirror elements can also become really helpful and beneficial when it’s used in small spaces to help make the entire room feel a bit more spacious.

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Wood Door with Curved Mirror Accents

Wood door with curved mirror

Alternatively, if you want a bit more stylish look, you can try to incorporate the mirror accents in this curved shape. This not only will boost the modern looks, but also create a dynamic and trendy vibe to make the door much more attractive.

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Stylish Wooden Door with Geometric White Panel

Stylish door with white geometric accent

This will be a great choice for you who want to keep simplicity as the main theme of your home but still have some interesting features that will amaze everyone.

Actually, this door is pretty simple as it’s just plain wood with a small white panel around the handles, but since the white panel is designed in a beautiful geometric triangle shape, it can change the visual appearance of the door.

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Modern Chevron Pattern Wood Panel Door

Chevron style wooden door

Chevron is a trending geometric pattern that gets a lot of traction in the current modern contemporary decor style.

While most of the time, interior designers and homeowners tend to add this pattern using wall molding or furniture items, you can also use the door to introduce it to your space.

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Small Horizontal Stripe Wooden Door with Black Panel

Black and wood door with horizontal lines

The main base of this design is just a simple door with some horizontal stripes, but we take it further by adding some bold black horizontal accents around the knob/handle.

This tweak works well not only to enhance the looks of this door design but also to add some breathtaking dramatic visual appearance.

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Modern Wood Door with Horizontal Lines and White Accents

Modern white and wood door

Here is another great alternative for you who want a door that incorporates the simplicity of horizontal stripes or lines with some modern accents.

But rather than using the accented panel in the same horizontal position, we added some twists by arranging it vertically.

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Artistic Random Square Wood Door

Artistic square panel wood door

To be honest, making this wood will be a challenging job even for any professional carpenter. But don’t worry, the results will be very worth it.

As you can see, it not only provides the modern vibe that you need to blend with your interior theme, but it can also deliver plenty of artistic touches that will spread beautifully to your space.

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Simple Wood Door with Glam Gold Accents

Glam wood and gold door

For you who not only need a modern look but also want to have a wooden door that has a bit of glam touch, then you can try to create any wood with gold accents like the one that we created above.

And since gold has very striking and intense looks, you don’t need to add too much of it. Instead, even just a small gold frame can really make a big impact to turn any simple door becomes a much more glam and luxurious one.

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Modern Wooden Door with Few Vertical Lines

Simple wooden door with vertical lines

This door design is very popular, thus there is a high probability that you have already seen ones with a similar concept. This popularity surely doesn’t come without a reason, and from our perspective, the one thing that makes this door design get a lot of traction is its perfect balance between simplicity and a modern touch.

This door doesn’t have a lot of fancy features or complicated shapes like any typical modern ones, but still looks pretty interesting and can easily fit into almost any decoration style.

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Simple Door with Two Vertical Slim Lines

Wood door with white vertical lines

This is another great choice for you who need a door that wouldn’t stand out too much, but still brings enough amount of elegance to fit your modern contemporary decor style.

Additionally, its two simple vertical lines create illusions that make it look taller than it actually is, thus this design can also be an ideal choice for any room with a short ceiling to help make the room look taller visually.

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Elegant Wood and White Door Ideas

Simple elegant wood and white door

This door had a perfect balance between the wood element and the white elements, thus giving it a strong modern accent but still providing plenty of natural looks.

We love to use this door in any white-themed modern room as it will blend perfectly with any other white elements and furniture inside the room.