15 Creative Bedroom Door Ideas | Cool Bedroom Door Decorations with Images

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Have you ever walked around your bedroom and felt like your door is just too plain? Don’t worry, it is common to feel that way, even if you have amazing interior decoration. But you can decorate your bedroom door by exercising some level of creativity.

As one of the elements that are often forgotten when doing interior bedroom decor, you can enhance the look of your bedroom door with ease and affordable using some tricks that we will share here so you can decorate it and elevate your bedroom visual aesthetic to the next level.

Here in this post, we will share 15 creative ideas to decorate your bedroom door. Most of the tips here can be done by yourself quite easily and affordably. Let’s get started:

15 Creative Bedroom Door Ideas For Your Inspiration

1. Create Cool Door in 5 minutes using Stickers or Decals

Cool Door Decorations using Stickers | Stickers by Blinggo

Nowadays, you can find a lot of stickers/decals available on the market that you can use to decorate not only the walls but also can be used to decorate your door to make it more alive.

There is a wide range of selection of stickers or decals with different patterns, colors, textures, and also images, and text. In addition, stickers/decals can be used to help you cover some parts that have been damaged so they won’t be visible anymore.

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When choosing stickers or decals from a wide variety of selections, the first thing you should consider is to choose a sticker that suits the theme or concept of your bedroom interior design or decoration. You can choose a sticker that matches your decoration color scheme to make it look flawless with your entire bedroom.

The next thing to consider is to make sure the sticker will stick perfectly to your door materials.

After choosing and buying those stickers, the next thing to do is to install them right away. The installation method is very easy and can be done by yourself without any expert help. In a couple of minutes, you will have a different look!

Tip: Before installing the sticker, clean your door to make the sticker installed perfectly and won’t detach quickly.

Here are some great sticker choices :

Family Letter Quote Removable Stickers by Blinggo

This sticker is made using high-quality die-cut vinyl to ensure its durability. This sticker can also be a great reminder of how important is a family for you.

Faith and Prayer Sticker by Newclew

This beautiful premium vinyl sticker can give your room a refreshing look while at the same time, it can make you more calm and peaceful every time you read it.

2. Unique and Elegant Look using Decorative Nails

Decorate Bedroom Door Using Decorative Nails | Decorative Nails by Swpeet

For those of you who have a luxurious bedroom decoration concept, you can try this idea. Yes, just using decorative nails, you can transform the look of the bedroom door look more elegant, very easily and cheaply.

In case you don’t know, decorative nails a nails made especially for decorating purposes. It has a unique head to make it look artistic when used. The decorative nail comes with different heads, such as rounded or rectangular ones. It also had different selections of finishes, like chrome or aluminum.

You can make certain motifs/patterns by using nails, thus creating a separate panel effect. If you are happy with random geometric effects, you can also create geometric patterns using decorative nails.

Tip: Before using this trick, you must first know the material of your door. Make sure the material used is safe and can be planted with decorative nails without damaging the door. Next, make a pattern using adhesive tape until you get the right pattern, then you can install the decorative nails following the pattern that was created.

3. Hide your Door using Curtains

Decorate Using Curtains

Do you know that you can use curtains to decorate your doors? You probably feel it is meant for adorning the windows alone. Well, that is not true.  You can actually use fabric panels whether they are solid or made of glass.

By using curtains, you can make your door look more attractive. Especially if you can find the right type of curtains with the same concept as your bedroom interior, so it looks more integrated with the decoration of your bedroom.

You can also use curtains to hide your door, in case you don’t like its current look and find it better to hide it using curtains.

4. Use All Season Wreath

Example using wreath in bedroom door | Wreath by Tiny Land

Normally, a wreath is only used for certain seasons such as Summer or Christmas. However, there are currently many wreaths available on the market that can be used to decorate your bedroom throughout the year.

You can choose the type of wreath that suits your style and personality, or a wreath that matches the interior decoration style of your bedroom. This trick is one of the easiest tricks here that can be done by anyone because you only need to put a hanger or nails and hang the wreath there.

Tip: Make sure the wreath is firmly attached, because a door is an object that moves frequently, so make sure your wreath is not easily detached.

In case you are interested in these decor ideas, here are some beautiful wreaths that you can consider:

20″ Faux Decorative Wreath with Knotted Bow by Tiny Land

This wreath is the one that we used for the image example above. Its lifelike faux plant is one reason why we like this item. The combinations of wicker frames, fern leaves, branches, and berries produce an amazingly natural look.

24 Inch Real Cotton Wreath Farmhouse Vintage Decor Wreath

This natural-looking wreath is a perfect choice for anyone who is using a farmhouse or vintage-style decor for your bedroom. Its simple yet beautiful design surely will add the perfect touch to your home.

5. Make Your Bedroom Look Larger Using Mirror

Hexagon Mirror Stickers | Hexagonal Mirror Stickers by Marco Luella

This is another creative way that you should try. You can make an array of small mirrors to make your bedroom space look larger. This is also a creative way to shift the flow of energy around your room and create a sense of calm.

This idea will be very beneficial if you have a small-sized bedroom to make it look more spacious. By using a mirror, you will get 2 benefits. The first one is to make your door look more appealing, and the second one is to make the room feel more larger and spacious.

One important thing to consider when choosing a mirror is to choose the one with the correct weight that your door can handle. If you put a mirror that is too heavy, then it can damage the door of your room, especially if it is made of a material that is not too steady.

Another solution is that you can use mirror motif stickers that are currently widely available on the market, but of course, the results of the reflection of the mirror are not as good as the real/original mirror.

In addition, if you use an original mirror, make sure the mirror is installed properly to avoid the mirror falling and breaking.

Tips: Ordinary mirror in rectangular shape looks very boring, you can avoid it by using various shape of mirrors other than rectangular ones to give more artistic effects. For example, you can choose a hexagonal mirror like the example above.

Here are some great lightweight mirror or mirror sticker options :

Hexagon Acrylic Wall Sheet Mirror

This mirror sheet is made using premium PVC materials with a smooth surface to ensure high reflection and glossiness. Its hexagon style will bring an artistic geometric touch to your interior.

Full-Length Tall Frameless Mirror Wall Tiles by Beauty4U

This 3 mm real glass mirror is lightweight and safe to use. Its advanced polishing technology makes the beveled edges smooth and safe. Come with powerful double-sided tape, so you can easily install this mirror by yourself.

6. Show Off Your Artistic Soul using the Chalkboard

Decorate Bedroom Door using Chalkboard Stickers

For those who have an artistic soul, then this is worth trying. Yes, you can use a chalkboard to decorate your door. Here on this chalkboard, you can draw some art or write motivational words so you can see that every day. Also, you can use it to write your to-do list or your life’s target so that will be easier and more visible rather than if you write it in a diary book or on your smartphone.

Today, many choices of chalk board wall stickers/decals are available on the market that can be installed easily on your door.

This idea is perfect for a bedroom with a retro or industrial decor style.

7. Change Your Design Radically using Custom Stickers

Piano Style Door using Custom Stickers

If in the previous idea, we used a ready-made sticker, this time you can try using custom stickers that you can order to make your door more attractive. If you make a custom sticker, don’t be half-hearted! Make something that is indeed unique and describes your personality.

For example, we can make a full custom sticker to turn the door into a keyboard for those of you who like music or indeed work as a pianist.

Tip: First, make sure you measure the length and width of the door before ordering a custom sticker so that the results are precise with your door size. Next tip, if you use a custom sticker that fully covers the door, it’s better to first remove the handle when installing the sticker so that it can be installed perfectly.

If you are having some difficulties finding the place to create custom stickers, here are some unique ready to use full-door stickers that you can easily buy online :

Danger Keep Out Wall Mural Stickers by Fymural

This retro wood sticker has a danger keep out warning signs that make it look very unique and surely will amaze everyone who sees it.

Modern Art Drawbridge 3D Sticker by Alwayspon

These bridge stickers not only look unique but also can bring some natural vibe and ambient into your room.

8. Add 3D Panel Effect using Custom Molding

Wood Molding

If you have a boring plain/flat door, then you can use this idea to make it much more attractive. By using custom molding, you will get a 3D effect that will make it look more luxurious.

If you enjoy doing woodworking by yourself at home, then you can make this molding easily using any available wood you have. But if you are not familiar with woodworking work, don’t worry, you can order this molding from a professional carpenter who will make it for you at a very cheap price because molding like this is very easy to make and does not require a lot of wood material.

But keep in mind, that not all types of doors can be decorated using wood molding like this. For non-wood materials such as plastic or aluminum, this trick cannot be used. Besides it is difficult to attach the wood molding results, the result will also look terrible because it has a different texture and material.

9. Use Your Door as a Canvas!

If you are an artist/painter, why not paint and draw yourself? This way, there is no limit to exploring your creativity to paint something that matches your bedroom design or decoration.

Tip: Make sure to choose the paint material that matches your room door, so your art won’t fade easily. In addition, it is a good idea to sketch the first using a pencil before making the final drawing.

Another Tip: don’t do this if you are renting your house because your homeowners will be mad at you!

10. Repaint Your Door to Bring it to the Next Level

Repaint Door using Geometric Pattern

Repainting may sound boring, isn’t it? You can bring it to the next level by repainting it using multiple colors making some interesting motifs such as geometric ones and making it seamless with the wall beside the door.

Using this approach, you can create a unique door design. All you need to do is to make a motif that you want to apply by using adhesive tape. After that, you can repaint it and follow the motif that you already made. If you do not feel confident repainting it by yourself, you can hire some experts to help you paint the door using the motifs you have made.

Tip: To get far more interesting results, you can make geometric motifs that seem flawless to the walls like in the example image below:

11. Create Unique Spiderman Door Design

Unique Spiderman Door Design

Are you a big fan of superhero movies, especially Spiderman? Why not make your door with a spider web motif, that is relatively easy to make!

All you need is a fairly thick-sized rope/yarn, and a nail. First of all, make a spider motif on your door using some adhesive tape. After that, attach small nails at each point where the net meets. Pull and attach the rope to follow the existing motif and tie/tilt it firmly on the nail, and you have unique decorations patterned in a spider’s web!

Tips: Avoid getting people into your room, because your identity as a Spiderman will be discovered!

12. Using a Simple Metal List to Make A Modern Look

Metal list used to create modern door

The next idea you can use to make your bedroom door more attractive is to use a metal list that is widely available on the market. This type of decoration is perfect for those of you who use modern/contemporary or classic interior design styles. Various types of lists can be used, for example, a small list made of chrome, or you can also use a rather wide list that uses aluminum, or you can use a combination of both materials to get better results.

Tip: Before buying a list, it helps you create a design concept in advance so you can order the list in the right amount. You can use a variety of ways to conceptualize, either by using paper and pencil or directly doing the concept on the door using the help of adhesive tape. After getting the appropriate concept, you can measure how many lists are needed.

13. Create an Elegant Door using Wallpaper

Create elegant door design using wallpaper

If you want to completely change the motives on the door of your bedroom, rather than painting, the choice of using wallpaper is one alternative that can be considered. Besides being able to make the door look more attractive, its installation is easier than when you have to repaint the entire door.

Sounds boring? Couldn’t agree more. Using wallpaper to cover up all your doors doesn’t make much improvement in bedroom decoration. But here, we can tweak it a little bit to make it look much more interesting.

To make it more attractive, you can use 2 or more different wallpaper motifs by using the help of a border to separate each of the different wallpapers. You can play with your creativity to create the best combination using 2 or more different wallpaper.

Tip: remove the knob/handle when installing wallpaper to make a perfect installation.

14. Create Shiny and Modern Door using HPL

Minimalist, modern and shiny door ideas using HPL

Besides wallpaper material, you can also use HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) material to decorate your interior door. In contrast to wallpaper, HPL material is generally more shiny, giving rise to a mirror-like effect, which makes your it look more shiny and makes the room feel more spacious. It also gives more modern and minimalist looks rather than wallpaper which is more suited to classical ones.

Just like using wallpaper, you can also combine 2 or more HPL colors and motifs with the help of a list to get a more interesting effect. The use of HPL material to decorate this room is perfect for modern/contemporary/minimalist concept rooms.

15. Using Wall Art

Creative Bedroom Door Design using Wall Art | Wall art by P. Graham Dunn

For those of you who want a quick and easy way without any hassle, you can try this method.

Yes, just by installing a hanging decoration in the form of a picture/painting, then you can make the bedroom door more attractive easily and quickly.

You can use any different kind of wall art such as paintings or images that you can buy or use any wall art that you already have.

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