10 Best Carpet Colors for Gray Walls

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 24th, 2024

Gray wall can be a perfect background for any decor scheme and style, and that’s one of the reasons why this neutral shade is so popular.

As a versatile color, gray can easily be combined with any other shade, whether it’s with a similar neutral or even with a colorful and contrasting one.

However, when it comes to flooring, things can be quite complicated, especially if you are preferring carpet flooring that offers a lot of different color choices compared with any other kinds of floor such as tile or wood.

Choose the perfect one that can make or break your entire room decor, and that’s why you should consider it very carefully. To help you make the decision easier, we will try to help you by recommending our favorite wall-to-wall carpet colors that will fit perfectly in any room with gray walls, and here they are :

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What Carpet Color Goes with Gray Wall?


White carpet

Let’s start with the easiest and straightforward choice, white. You can never go wrong with white carpet, as it can blend nicely with any color scheme, but when used with gray, it works even better.

This combination can bring a perfect amount of contrast that can make the entire space look crisp and elegant, but still look flawless to create a harmonious feel.

However, this beautiful choice comes with some consequences, as a white carpet can easily get exposed to any kind of dirt, so you need to maintain and clean it regularly.

Light Gray

Light gray carpet

If you prefer a more low-maintenance choice but want similar effects with white, then light gray can be a great alternative. Moreover, using a light gray carpet can bring a monochrome effect and make the entire space look perfectly seamless.

To avoid boring, monotonous looks, the furniture color selections will play a big role. We highly recommend you to choose any furniture that had enough contrast with the gray, or, you can go with vibrant and colorful choices. Avoid using any other gray elements especially for large items, such as gray sofa, gray table, or gray cabinet.


Cream carpet

Most shades of gray had a cool tone and that’s why this color is a perfect choice to create an elegant interior. However, in some cases, there is needed to warm it up a little bit by combining it with some warmer tones. And one of our favorite choice for this kind of situation is cream.

Similar to gray, cream is a neutral, so combining them together can create simple, well-balanced spaces.


Beige carpet

Another great neutral carpet color that will work nicely with gray walls is beige. This color had a more deep and rich tone compared with the previous one – cream, so it can be a perfect choice if you want to create an elegant style interior.

Light Brown

Light brown carpet

If you want a more strong flooring color, then light brown can be a great choice. The light brown carpet can warm up the room without being too loud as many bold colors do, while still bring elegance to the entire space.

Moreover, the light brown carpet can create a comfy, inviting look, and that’s why we recommend you to use it in any room that needs such vibe, such as the living room.


Gray carpet

Using a similar shade of gray between the walls and carpet can be quite risky, but if done correctly, it can bring amazing results. One of the best use of this particular setting is when you want to use any contrasting or vibrant colors for your furnishings and want to make them stand out elegantly.

Dark Gray

Dark gray carpet

We love to use this combination especially if the main goal is to create modern, elegant, and bold interior spaces. Dark gray carpet can also be a great alternative if you think the medium-gray looks too similar and makes it hard to distinguish between the walls and the floors.

However, only use these kinds of dark and bold flooring only for any room that had a lot of natural lighting. Also, we tend to avoid using it in a small room as it can potentially make the room feel even smaller.

Light Blue

Light blue carpet

Some people think that gray wall can make the entire room feel boring, and the best way to solve it is by using any fresh color such as blue. From the wide range of blue shades, one of our favorites is light blue.

This particular shade looks much more neutral compared with any blue, and that’s why any light blue carpet will blend easily with gray walls. Using light blue carpet can also create an airy and fresh visual ambiance and make your room looks more attractive.


Navy carpet

Another great shade of blue that will pair beautifully with gray walls is navy. This choice is perfect if you want to create a bold, modern style room but still bring a touch of vibrancy and freshness as any typical blue shades.

This shade also had some dark gray undertones and that is what make it complement the gray walls perfectly while at the same time will add an elegant depth to your room.


Mint carpet

If you want something unique, not typical, or mainstream color for your flooring, then we highly recommend this one. Furthermore, the mint carpet can bring the earthy natural and fresh ambient that can make lift up the mood for the entire spaces while also make it more vibrant and visually appealing.

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