7 Best Accent Wall Colors for Small Living Room

Gorgeous accent wall color ideas for a small living room. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 2nd, 2022

An accent wall can be a great feature to instantly elevate any room without costing you a lot of money. Just repaint one side of your wall, and your room’s visual appearance will totally change!

However, a lot of homeowners may think that an accent wall will only be suited for any large or spacious room, but actually, it isn’t. In fact, you can still create an accent wall in any small room, and still brings similar gorgeous results.

But the main difference is that in a large room, you can literally use any paint colors that you want for the accent wall – from the darkest colors to the brightest or vibrant one, so you can use your creativity and imaginations to create a unique and interesting feature wall.

While in a small room, the color selection must be done very carefully as choosing the wrong colors can do more harm than good.

In this post, our interior designers will share with you some unique color ideas that can be a perfect choice for an accent wall in small living spaces. Enjoy!

Accent Wall Color Ideas for Small Living Room

Light Gray

Light gray accent wall in small spaces
Light gray accent wall

When it comes to a small living room, then white is surely the most favorite color to paint the entire walls. And if you also did this for your room, then light gray may be the best shade to paint your accent wall.

For a small space, obviously, a lighter tone may work well compared to any darker choices, and that’s why using light gray to paint your accent wall can keep the entire room feeling bright and light, while it will still stand out amongst the others white walls.

Using a neutral shade for an accent wall can also bring a lot of opportunities to use any colors for wall decoration purposes, and here you can use your creativity and imaginations, whether you want to use vibrant and bright pieces of wall decor or use bold and darker ones.

Powder Blue

Powder blue accent wall in small house
Powder blue accent wall

If you are a fan of blue, then an accent wall is surely the best way to bring these shades to your interior. However, for small spaces, surely the lighter blue shades tend to work better compared to the darker ones.

And that’s why for this particular case, powder blue is one of our favorite. This shade is a very light shade of blue that almost looks like white, but still brings a hint of blue-hue that is enough to spread some airy and tranquil vibe.

Thus, you can still have a blue ambiance for your room, while still keeping the entire space feels bright and light.

Aleutian Blue

Aleutian blue accent wall in small living room
Aleutian blue accent wall

This is another light blue shade that will work nicely as an accent wall for small spaces. It’s a bit darker than the previous choices but comes with some gray undertone that makes it looks very neutral.

And this neutral look surely will bring a lot of benefits when it comes to small living spaces, such as giving you plenty of room to add other colors to your palette.

Light Sage

Light sage accent wall in small living room
Light sage accent wall

Sage is one of the most popular colors in today’s interior design trends, and that’s why you will see a lot of homes using this beautiful shade as an accent wall.

However, for small spaces, a typical sage may look a bit dark and can potentially make the room feel gloomy, and that’s why we are suggesting the light sage as the brighter and more rationable option.

This particular shade will still look as good as the typical sage but comes in a very light and bright appearance.

You can use this color to paint your accent wall to bring a fresh and natural feels that makes your living room feel pleasant and relaxing.

Light Mint

Light mint accent wall in small apartment
Light mint accent wall

Here is another great shade of green that you can use to paint your accent wall. As you can see in the example above, the light mint wall stands out smoothly to become the main of attention for the entire living room without being too strong or overly dominant.

Furthermore, it can be a great option if you want to create aesthetically pleasing looks for your living room that will amaze everyone’s who sees it.


Taupe accent wall in small spaces
Taupe accent wall

For you who want to bring the beauty of earthy tone to your home, then surely brown shades are the best option for your accent wall.

However, most brown shades may be too intimidating to become the accent wall for a small living room, except for some of the calmer and neutral choices such as taupe.

This particular shade still had a strong brown hue in it but comes in much calmer and softer compared to any typical browns, and that’s what makes this shade can works beautifully as an accent wall in a small living room.

To get the most of it, combine the gorgeous taupe accent wall with a lot of fresh and natural greenery.


Charcoal accent wall in small living room
Charcoal accent wall

As we already said before, light shades tend to work best for an accent wall in small spaces. However, if you still want to use bold and dark colors to create elegant looks, then only go with charcoal.

Thank’s to its neutral looks, this color can still work well compared to any other bold choices.

But before deciding to use this color, please make sure that your living room had enough neutral light and only use it alongside the pure-white walls.

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