7 Best Cabinet Colors For Repose Gray Walls (Aesthetic Combinations)

Beautiful and charming cabinet color ideas for kitchen with repose gray cabinets. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2023

With an uncanny ability to strike the perfect balance between warm and cool tones, Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams transcends design styles and effortlessly elevates any room, especially when it is used to paint the walls.

Kitchens, where warmth and togetherness are paramount, are an ideal place for Repose Gray to unleash all of its potential. It wraps the space in a comforting embrace, inviting people to gather and connect.

Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

So, you’ve painted your walls with Repose Gray, but how about the cabinets?

Based on our journey through the intricate world of interior design, it’s clear that for kitchens adorned with the timeless elegance of Repose Gray walls, the ideal cabinet paint colors are clary sage (SW 6178), sea salt (SW 6204), gray matters (SW 7066), and warm stone (SW 7032). Those soft paint colors infuse your kitchen with a subtle and soothing ambiance, and when combined with repose gray walls, they will form a kitchen space that feels both fresh and cozy.

1. Sherwin Williams Clary Sage

Kitchen with repose gray walls and clary sage cabinets
Clary sage cabinets

Sherwin Williams’ Clary Sage and Repose Gray are a match made in muted neutral lovers’ hearts. The soothing tone in both creates a kitchen that is calm, inviting, and serene.

The dusky undertones of Clary Sage add a sophisticated vibe to the area that is both elevated and welcoming. Add neutral textiles and accessories for a naturally curated look.

2. Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

Kitchen with repose gray walls and sea salt cabinets
Sea salt cabinets

Sea Salt is a beautiful soothing blue-gray tone that has hints of green in it. This coastal-inspired color would make cabinets look airy while giving them some personality that is sometimes missing in all-white kitchens.

When paired with Repose Gray walls, the two colors combine to make a serene kitchen that pulls inspiration from the beach. Bright white accessories, chrome knobs, and seaside artwork would complete the coastal feel.

3. Sherwin Williams Gray Matters

Kitchen with repose gray walls and gray matters cabinets
Gray matters cabinets

Gray Matters and Repose Gray create the perfect monochromatic color scheme for a kitchen. The two grays work together while also reminding us how complex and different gray can be.

While the walls pull a warm tone, Gray Matters’ cool tones give the kitchen a more sophisticated look. Integrate black and white elements to add complexity to the monochrome style, or integrate color to break it up.

4. Sherwin Williams Warm Stone

Kitchen with repose gray walls and warm stone cabinets
Warm stone cabinets

Warm Stone cabinets were made to go with Repose Gray walls. This color combination in a kitchen creates a kitchen that is warm and inviting, without any stuffy vibes.

This neutral color palette would pair well with natural wood floors and sleek white marble countertops to create a balance of textural and sleek surfaces.

Warm Stone will also help hide any scuffs or fingerprints, perfect for those with little ones around.

5. Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

Kitchen with repose gray walls and tricorn black cabinets
Tricorn black cabinets

Tricorn Black is always a good idea, though it gets upgraded to excellent when paired with Repose Gray. The epitome of a neutral black paint color, Tricorn Black instantly adds an element of sophistication and class to a regular kitchen.

The sleek black cabinetry balances out the warmth of Repose Gray walls to create a balanced kitchen look that isn’t too severe.

6. Sherwin Williams Scanda

Kitchen with repose gray walls and scanda cabinets
Scanda cabinets

If you need a strong yet charming blue shade that will compliment the wall perfectly, you can try this one. Scanda by Sherwin Williams provides a unique Nordic-style blue that will easily elevate the looks of your kitchen.

And even though this color is quite intense, it still looks pretty neutral, so it will be easier for you to add more other colors to your kitchen.

7. Sherwin Williams Pure White

Kitchen with repose gray walls and pure white cabinets
Pure white cabinets

For any homeowners who don’t like to take any risks, then you can go with pure white. This color will never go wrong wherever you use it.

Combining the pure white cabinets with repose gray walls can also give a harmonious look with enough depth and contrast that prevent your kitchen from feeling monotonous, but at the same time bring an awesome stylish and sleek appearance.


Finding the right color for your kitchen can be difficult, but Repose Gray is always a winning choice. Don’t shy away from integrating a colored cabinet in your space either.

Understand the style and feel that you wish to create your home, we’re confident you’ll be able to find an appropriate color on our list.

If your cabinets are being painted for the first time, don’t be afraid to do some testers so you get the look just right.

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