What Color Carpet Goes with Blue Walls?

Calming and tranquil carpet color ideas that blend perfectly with blue walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 13th, 2022

Creating a good-looking and inviting room starts with picking the right wall and carpet colors. These two colors have a significant say in the overall look and feel of the room.

Now that your walls are painted blue, you are looking for a carpet color to match the walls and make your room inviting and soothing. While you have different options before you, you want to pick a color that best complements your blue walls.

With pro tips on choosing carpet color for blue walls, this decision shouldn’t be a hassle. All you need to ask yourself is which color will work best with your existing décor, what vibe do you want to create in the room, and what brightness level do you aim for? Answers to these questions will lead you down to picking the best carpet color for your blue walls.

Based on these factors and more, here are our best picks of carpet colors that go well with blue walls:

7 Best Carpet Colors for Room with Blue Walls

Light Gray Carpet

Light gray carpet with blue walls
Light gray carpet with blue walls

Gray is generally a great option to consider for blue. Depending on the shade of blue you choose for your walls, opting for a light gray carpet can make different statements in the room.

For example, since light gray is a bit light, matching it with a dark shade of blue will make a striking contrast, while pairing light gray with lighter shades of blue will bring more brightness to the room.

Plus, light gray carpet carries feelings of balance and neutrality.

Beige Carpet

Beige carpet with blue walls
Beige carpet with blue walls

Beige is yet another carpet color to match with blue walls. The cool color helps make the room chic when combined with blue. Also, beige and blue are specific colors that look best matched together.

Beige creates different feelings when used appropriately. Beige is conservative, flexible, and dependable.

White Carpet

White carpet with blue walls
White carpet with blue walls

The Blue and white combination is an idea that will never go out of style. If you are looking for a neutral color that goes with other colors, white is the first color that should come to mind.

The only challenge with a white carpet is how it easily shows dirt, but if you can take care of your white carpet, you are not making a mistake choosing it.

You also want to consider white carpets for the associated feelings of white. White symbolizes peacefulness, purity, and cleanliness.

Pale Yellow Carpet

Pale yellow carpet with blue walls
Pale yellow carpet with blue walls

One intelligent idea in choosing colors in décor is to go for two opposite colors on the color wheel, and blue and yellow are a great example of this. Opting for pale yellow, a hue of yellow, will help complement your blue walls.

Since yellow is a light color, pale yellow will help brighten up your room if used correctly. Generally, regardless of the shade of blue for your walls, a pale yellow carpet will help make a great contrast with your blue walls.

As per vibes, yellow is associated with cheerfulness.

Taupe Carpet

Taupe carpet with blue walls
Taupe carpet with blue walls

Taupe is another complementary color to blue since they are nearly opposite on the color wheel. Hence, it is an ideal option to consider when making a striking contrast.

Another reason you want to consider taupe as your carpet color is how taupe goes well with other colors, meaning you are not making a mistake choosing taupe.

Also, consider taupe for its feelings, such as passivity, elegance, and intelligence.

Light Blue Carpet

Light blue carpet with blue walls
Light blue carpet with blue walls

When looking for a carpet color that goes with blue walls, you don’t have to go far with your search, as you can also choose your wall color as your carpet color.

While this might seem lazy, it means making a bold statement with your choice. Light blue is exceptionally ideal for enhancing the brightness level in the room and can achieve different looks depending on the shade of blue you have for your walls.

Also, light blue symbolizes calmness, peace, and reliability.

Gray Carpet

Gray carpet with blue walls
Gray carpet with blue walls

Light gray is not the only ideal shade of gray to pair with blue when it comes to wall and carpet colors. Generally, gray makes a versatile combo with blue, and you can make a contrasting scheme with the shades of blue and gray you go for. This includes pairing a deep charcoal gray carpet with light blue walls or the other way round.

Another use is to make a cohesive look by choosing similar shades, such as light blue and light gray. Again, gray is associated with balance and neutrality.


Choosing the right carpet color for your blue walls can be challenging, especially if this is your first time designing a room. Though blue is a neutral color that goes well with many colors, you don’t want to make a mistake with your choice of carpet color, so you don’t create the wrong impression in the room.

This piece has provided you with the best carpet color to pair with blue colors. Based on your existing décor in the room and the feelings to create, you are not making a mistake with any of the carpet colors on this list.

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