What Color Curtains Go with Blue Wall? (10 Gorgeous Combinations)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 22nd, 2024

Choosing the right curtains for your home may look like a simple task, but actually, it is not. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners don’t take a lot of attention when choosing any curtains, and that can result in a poor and bad visual appearance that can ruin the entire space.

One highly recommended and simplest approach when it comes to choosing a curtain is by comparing it with the wall behind. You can either go with analogous colors for harmonious looks or pick complementary ones to get a nice contrast.

In this article, we will show you how to choose the right curtain colors that go perfectly against the blue wall. Hope you can find the one that you love most and use it to further enhance and complete the looks of your home. Let’s get started.

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Best Curtain Colors for Blue Walls

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White Curtains

White curtains with blue wall

We add white curtains to this list not only because it’s the simplest and most straightforward option. In fact, this option can improve the looks of any blue walls and make them feel more clean and sleek.

Furthermore, as an ultra-neutral option, the white accessories will keep the blue wall as the main focal point without disturbing it as any other more colorful choices.

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Beige Curtains

Beige curtains with blue wall

Since blue had a very strong cool tone, it’s a great idea to bring some warmth that can help neutralize and balance it out. And for this particular task, beige can be a perfect choice.

This option spread plenty of warm ambiance that make any room with blue walls have a well-balanced ambiance. Last but not least, its neutral appearance will keep the blue walls becomes the main attraction of your space without distracting it too much.

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Gray Curtains

Gray curtains

Gray curtains and blue walls are an amazing elegant combination that we often used in any modern contemporary interior style.

This combination works even better if you are using any blue paint that had a gray undertone in it, such as dusty blue, gray-blue, or navy blue.

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Lighter Blue Curtains

Light blue curtains with dark blue wall

The monochromatic scheme is trending right now. And you can easily achieve this awesome decorating style by combining the blue wall with any curtains that had lighter blue finishes.

For example, if you are using navy paint for your wall, then you can use any medium to light blue curtains.

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Darker Blue Curtains

Dark blue curtains with medium blue wall

Alternatively, you can opt for any curtains that had darker blue tones compared to the walls.

This approach will make the curtains stand out elegantly, while still keeping the blue hue flowing harmoniously between them.

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Light Yellow Curtains

Light yellow curtains

Blue and yellow is a timeless combination that never goes wrong. That’s why using yellow curtains in front of the blue wall looks stunning. Moreover, the yellow curtains can bring a splash of pop to make the entire space feel more fun and joyful.

However, we don’t recommend you to go with any vibrant or intense yellow as it can easily become a distraction. Hence, any lighter or pale yellow curtains can be a more reasonable option.

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Orange Curtains

Orange curtains

As a complementary color for blue, orange curtains can be an amazing option to bring not only plenty of beautiful contrast but also spread a lot of warm ambiances to really lift the mood of the entire space.

You can also use this option if you are looking for a beautiful accent that can make a big impact to make your home looks much more attractive and interesting.

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Light Brown Curtains

Light brown curtains

Blue and brown can be a perfect earthy combination that represents the nature of your home. This combination also works well in the fashion industry, and surely can work as well in interior design.

Almost any brown curtains can work well with blue walls, we tend to choose any lighter tone to create a softer and calmer ambiance.

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Blush Pink Curtains

Blush pink curtains

In our opinion, this is one of the most underrated curtain choices that are often neglected when it comes to blue-themed interior. Yes, the dusty pink – or any other pink shades, can looks awesome when used alongside blue color palette.

The muted pink not only balance out and make the walls looks softer and lighter but also counteract the cool tone of the blue and create a well-balanced and eye-pleasing appearance. On the opposite side, the intense wall will prevent the curtains from having an overly sweet and nursery look.

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Blue and White Curtains

Blue and white curtains

This is another gorgeous option for anyone who are looking for a curtain that can blend seamlessly with the blue wall, but at the same time avoid the boring, monotonous looks that often occur when using plain blue curtains.

Furthermore, even though the blue and white curtains blend flawlessly with the wall, they can still easily be distinguishable, thank’s to its white elements.

Curtain Color Tester Tool for Blue Wall

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