What Color Carpet Goes with Light Blue Walls?

We did an experiment to find out the best carpet colors for light blue walls, and here are the results. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 18th, 2022

When it comes to walls, blue is one of the most popular, timeless choices and becomes one of the first options when someone needs to repaint or change the colors of their walls.

One of the reasons behind its popularity is that because blue had so many different shades and tones. For bolder and strong options, navy or royal blue can be the perfect choice to create an elegant or glamorous interior. While for a softer and subtle choice, you can go with light blue or baby blue.

And in this particular article, we will talk about the beautiful and lovely light blue.

This shade had a very light hue of blue, but still quite enough to bring the typical airy and tranquil vibe as any other blue. Some people may think that this wall color only works well in any coastal or beach house environment, but actually, it can also work well in other settings.

However, one problem when using light blue for your entire walls is that it can be quite difficult to blend with other colors, especially for any large element such as flooring.

Thus, before deciding to repaint your interior walls with light blue, make sure that it will match your current flooring colors, or at least you had any plan to replace the flooring with any colors that will go well with it.

To give you some ideas, here we will give you some examples of carpet flooring colors that will look amazing inside a room with light blue walls. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Best Carpet Colors for Light Blue Walls


White carpet flooring with light blue walls
White carpet

Based on our experiences, this is the best carpet color for the light blue walls. Not only the white carpet will keep the simplicity and the lightness of the light blue walls, but it can also provide some soft yet beautiful contrast that will keep the light blue as the main color.

Using white base can allow a lot of opportunities for you to use any kind of furnishings colors, whether it’s bold and strong finishes furniture, neutral finishes, or similar light blue furnishings.


Cream flooring with sky blue walls
Cream carpet

Cream is another great neutral carpet choice that can go well alongside light blue walls. The warmth it brings can help balance the cool-toned of the light blue and create more welcoming and inviting spaces.

And that’s why we love to use this combination for any room where a lot of families or guests will come and spend a lot of time together, such as a living room or dining room.

Light Dusty Blue

Dusty blue carpet floors with light blue walls
Dusty blue carpet

If you want to keep the blue flows through the entire elements inside your room, then you can try using the light dusty blue carpet.

Obviously, with a similar hue, the dusty blue carpet and light blue walls will be very harmonious to create a perfectly flawless look.

But don’t worry, as both shade a different tone, they will still bring a bit of contrast that is surely enough to avoid them looks boring and monotonous when used together.

Light Gray

Light gray carpet with light blue walls
Light gray carpet

For some people, light blue may seem a bit towards nursery looks. To avoid this, you can use gray carpet flooring.

The gray carpet can bring make your room looks much more “serious” to eliminate the nursery feels, and thank’s to its elegance, the blue carpet can elevate the vibe of the entire room instantly.

While any shades of gray can work really well, we highly recommend you go with light or medium gray. Avoid dark gray carpet unless you are confident enough that it won’t make your room looks dark and gloomy.

Gray and White

Gray and white carpet flooring with light blue walls
Gray and white carpet

However, one problem with gray is that it sometimes doesn’t match nicely with any blue walls, even though it’s a neutral tone. To avoid this, you can try using any gray carpet that had some white pattern in it.

The white element, even though it’s just an accent or small pattern, can help wrap up and blend the carpet with the walls so they can complement each other perfectly.

Navy and White

Navy and white carpet inside room with light blue walls
Navy and white carpet

Plain navy carpet may be a great carpet color for room with light blue walls. However, we don’t a big fan of this for two reasons. First, the plain navy carpet may seem too dark and won’t suit most rooms, and secondly, it can potentially bring a boring and monotonous look.

But if you want some navy looks for your carpet flooring, don’t worry, you can still using navy carpet that had some white pattern in it.

The white elements of the carpet can solve those two problems by providing a bit of light and bright effects to avoid the carpet looks too dark, while at the same time can also break the monotony of all the blue between the walls and flooring.

Brown and White

Brown and white carpet inside light blue room
Brown and white carpet

Brown and blue is a beautiful, earthy, and natural combination. The cool and airy looks of the light blue walls mix with the warm and comfy brown carpet will be creating perfectly serene and welcoming spaces.

However, sometimes the plain brown carpet may feel too strong when combined with soft and subtle walls, thus, you can reduce a bit of its boldness by choosing brown and white carpet.

This can help avoid the carpet flooring becomes too dominant and overshadowed the light blue walls that are supposed to be the primary hue for the entire room.

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