12 Best Column Decoration Ideas to Decorate a Column in Living Room (With Images)

In this article we shared our 12 best column decoration ideas for living room that will turn any boring and monotonous column into a much more attractive, beautiful and elegant.

Best Way to Decorate Column in the Living Room

Columns are building structures that is essential for home with two or more levels. They help to hold the structure above them and transmit the weight down to the foundation. Oftentimes, the architect that designing a home can hide those column in the wall, but sometimes for some kind of home layouts, they should put those column in the middle of the room.

How to decorate column in living room
Living room with column

Having a column in living room can be a bit annoying, as it can block and limit your spaces. But as we already said before, this column is important for building structure so you can’t remove it as it can endanger the whole house structure.

So instead of plan to remove your column, you can rather decorate the boring looking column and make it looks beautiful and make your living room with column looks much more attractive and interesting. You can also utilize it for some additional functions to add more flexibility into your spaces.

To give you some ideas, our team created some design and decor ideas for column in the middle of the living room. You can use those ideas to get inspired of what you will do with your column.

Before we get started, you should know that there is 2 different kind of column that often used : a rectangular column or rounded column. Rounded column usually used in classic style architecture, while rectangular ones often used in contemporary or minimalist style home. In this article, we will focus on decorating a rectangular column as it’s the most common column that used in most of the home today.

Let’s get started :

1. Using Wall Art / Wall Decor Item for Your Column

Decorate column using wall art
Decorate column using wall art

The most simple, efficient, and cost friendly solution is by using some wall art or wall decor items in the column. This will make the column looks better and at the same time you can adding more artistic effects into your room.

But before you go and buy some wall decor, it’s important to measure the width of your column to make sure you buy those items in correct size. Of course you can buy a large or wide art since most column surely won’t fit it.

After you had the exact size of your column, then you can go and search wall decor items that you like. There are a lot of decor items choice that you can buy and use for you column, and here we give some example of them :

Minimalist Canvas Tropical Botanical Picture with Wood Hanger Wall Art

This wall art is the one that we used in the example design above. The fresh and nature effects that it bring became the reason why we choose this item for this column. Furthermore, it’s wooden hanging style also bring more aesthetic touch into the room.

Zen Stone Still Life Modern Small Square Canvas Wall Art

Instead of using one piece of wall decor items, you can use wall art that come in several pieces such as this ones. You can arrange them vertically in one side of the column, or place each canvas in every different side of the column.

Boho Style Macrame Woven Wall Hanging Tapestry

Beside wall art, you can use any hanging decor items to decorate your column. And if your living room using a vintage or boho style decor, than any woven wall hanging decor like this one can be a perfect choice to bring some chic bohemian style into your room.

2. Cover Column with Wood Materials

Column covered with wood board
Column covered with wood

Wood based element can be beneficial to help balance out any room. It’s also will bring some freshness and natural vibe, and it’s texture can give a bit of artistic looks into the room. If you find that your room lacks of natural elements, than using a wood to cover your column can be a perfect choice as it will bring double impact. First, it will give your room the natural looks that is lack in your room, and secondly, it will help you cover your monotonous looks column to make it looks more fresh and attractive.

There is a lot of different ways that you can use to cover your column using wood materials. You can cover entire column using wood or using some wood board to wrap some part of your column, use your own creativity to find the best ways that will fit with your current room design style.

For the wood materials, there are also a lot of different choice that you can use. Of course, the real wood would be the perfect choice, but for some reason, you can use another options such as using vinyl with wooden texture or using an engineered wood planks.

3. Make Your Column a Bar or Dining Spot

Use column as a dining or bar spot
Column as a dining or bar spot

This ideas is perfect for anyone who had limited spaces in their home so they can’t have a dining table or bar table. Yes, you can make use of your column as a bar or dining table spot.

To make this happen, all you have to do is buying a narrow table that can be placed right beside your column. Or, for the best result, you can use a folding wall mounted dining/bar table such as the one that we used in the image above.

By using a folding wall table, you can easily fold up the table when it’s not used so it won’t take any spaces in your room. In case you are interested, here is the folding table that we used for this design :

Multi Purpose Folding Wall Mounted Table

This multi-functional unique table can be used for any different purpose, such as dining table, bar table, or even desk table. When it’s not used, you can fold this table up against the wall and use it as a photo frame and everyone wouldn’t notice that it’s a table.

4. Use Wall Lamp / Wall Sconce in The Column

Column with wall lamp / wall sconce
Using wall lamp in column

In interior design, layered lighting is an integral part that is needed to create a great interior style. Using different layer of lighting can create a beautiful ambient lighting effects that will make any spaces looks more sophisticated and elegant.

One kind of lamp that can be used to bring some additional lighting is a wall lamp, and you can make use of your column as a place to put this kind of lamp. By doing this, you don’t only had another extra lighting for your room, but also can help make a boring column looks much better. Moreover, those lamps also can works as a decorative items where you can choose any wall lamp that suit your whole room decor style.

Here we recommend some best wall lamp that we had used in our interior design projects that you can use to decorate your column :

Modern Glam Honey Gold Finish Wall Sconce 130 Watt Xenon

This lamp is what we used in the column image above. What we like from this lamp is it’s simple yet elegant and glamorous design with honey gold finish that looks fantastic and can be used in various kind of interior decor style. As for lighting, it’s 130 Watt Xenon light can bring a lot of light to brighten up even a large size room. In case you doesn’t like the gold finish, there is another colors options available for this wall lamp : brushed nickel and chrome.

Minimalist Modern LED Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture

For you who are using minimalist style decor for your home, than this wall lamp can be a great addition for your spaces. Bringing light into 2 different angle, this lamp is a perfect choice to add more layered lighting and it’s light can make your column looks gorgeous and elegant.

Classic Antique Wall Lamp Fixtures

If you are prefer a rustic or antique style wall lamp, than this one can be a great choice. This lamp also can be used as well in any industrial or vintage style living room, and it’s compact size make this lamp can fit into any different column size.

5. Make Your Column Stand Out by Using Contrast Paint Color

Living room column with dark paint
Dark painted living room column

Rather than trying to hide your column, why not make it stand out to bring more bold and dramatic looks to your living room. This can be achieved by using high contrast color to paint the column, where you can use a colorful or bright color or use a darker ones. Using a bright wall paint would make your room looks brighter and vibrant, while darker colors can bring more elegant effects.

For this example, we prefer the darker choice as we think it would suit best with modern contemporary style that we applied to the living room. And the paint color that we choose is charcoal dark gray, as it can blend well with any other colors. If you prefer this similar approach, you can use any other dark colors such as dark green, royal blue, or brown.

Another approach is by using a bright and striking colors such as red, blue, green or any colors that maybe you are afraid of using to paint your entire room with. Using this kind of colors is great to add some richness and splash of colors to your living room.

6. Turn Your Column into a Green Centerpiece

Column with artificial hanging plants
Using column for artificial plants

Adding some greenery can be a great options to bring some freshness into any spaces, and you can make use of your column to do that by hanging some artificial vines and adding some vases and planter around them.

This column decoration ideas can bring a lot of positive impact into your living room. First, it will bring fresh and natural feels into your room. Secondly, it can turn a monotonous and boring column to be more attractive and beautiful and make anyone who see it feels that those column are purposely created to be a decorative spaces. Last but not least, a lot of studies shown that adding some plant into a room can make anyone feel more comfortable and relaxed when spending a lot of time inside those room.

If you already had some vases and planter inside your room, the most simple and easiest ways is to make use of them and move them around your column. If you had extra budget, you may buy some hanging vases or plant to help covering and decorate your column surface.

Here is some items that we used to decorate column in the image above :

White Wood Wall Decoration Trellis

Hanging an artificial vines or ivy can be a great way to cover your column and add some green natural effects to your spaces. You can use it manually by using nails, or using decorative hanger like this ones. Not only it can be used to help you hang any vines, this item also bring an unique vintage looks into the column.

Artificial Hanging Ivy Vine Leaf Plants

For indoor use, of course using a real plant doesn’t really recommend. Thus, choosing the artificial ones with the most realistic looks can be a perfect solution, and that’s why we choose this items. Not only it looks like a real ivy vines, this item had a perfect density that we need to cover the column.

Geometric Style Hanging Planter Vase Wall Decor

Hanging planter vase is perfect choice for anyone who want to add just a bit of nature effects into the column rather than cover the entire surface. What we like most from this items is it’s geometrical style that looks unique and artistic.

7. Decorate Column Using Wall Mirror

Column with mirror
Decorate column with wall mirror

Another living room column decoration ideas that you can apply is by using mirror to cover your column. By using mirror, you can get a lot of benefits rather than just make your column looks beautiful and elegant. Using mirror also can help make any room looks much more spacious, and since mirror will reflect a lot of lights, it can also make a room feel much more brighter.

The best practice to apply this ideas is by using a custom-made real mirror and wrapped it up with some additional custom frame such as what we do in the image above. But of course, this approach will cost you some money and minor renovation is needed to do this job.

The more cost friendly solution is by using a ready to use wall mirror that is available on the market. Where you can easily hang or mount those mirror by yourself, and your column will looks much better than before.

Here is some example of wall mirror that can be used perfectly in any column :

Flexible Real Glass Rectangular Wall Mirrors Set of 4

This mirror can be installed easily by anyone just by using the built-in double tape. Come with a very affordable price, this item can be a great cost friendly solution for you who want to create a beautiful column using mirror. With 4 different pieces for every set, you can arrange those 4 different rectangular mirrors in the column as you wish, such as attach them tightly or give some gap/spaces between each mirror.

Modern Style Full Length White Framed Wall Mirror

This wall mirror can be a great addition for any minimalist style living room not only to cover the column, but also to bring more elegant and modern vibe into the room.

Frameless Rectangle Mirror with 1 Inch Beveled Edge

For you who want to create a glam looks for your column, than this mirror can do this job for you. It’s elegant beveled edge looks gorgeous and luxurious at the same time.

8. Keep Column Unfinished to Create Industrial Rustic Looks

Unfinished plaster column ideas
Unfinished plaster column

If you want to add some rustic or retro touch into your living room, then why not keep your column unfinished? The unfinished column will still looks gorgeous and perfect for any rustic or industrial style decor.

And to make it more interesting, you can then put some decoration items in it, but make sure you choose the items that had similar rustic, retro or industrial touch. Some item that can blend well with this unfinished style column is rustic wall lamp, or rustic wooden wall art.

9. Decorate Column with Marble Stone

Decorate column with marble ideas
Luxurious and elegant column using marble

Marble stones will bring this bright and shiny look not only to the column, but also to your entire room. You just have to cover the columns with the stone and enjoy your new decor in more luxurious and glamorous touch.

Of course this ideas will cost you some money, where the marble itself won’t be cheap, and you need to hire an expert to install it on your column. But every dollar that you spend would be worth it as you will get an amazing results.

There is a lot of different marble colors, texture and style that you can choose for your column. Make sure the one that you choose will match your current interior design style to make them looks flawless and integrated with your entire living room interior.

10. Turn Your Column into a Room Divider

Room divider using column
Turn a column into room divider pillars

Another interesting things that you can do with your living room column is to make it as a pillar for a room divider. With room divider, you can separate your living room with another room such as dining room to keep it more private and personal.

On the image example above, we used some wood bar arranged vertically between two different column to became a separator between the living room and dining room. We add some spaces between each wood bar to let some light still come into the dining room and still keep the entire room looks spacious. You can use your own creativity to create your own column room divider to create the effects and results that you want.

Another approach that you can use is by using a ready to use divider. But before buying, make sure you choose the divider with correct width that will fit into the spaces between your column. Some room divider also had a unique design that can be used for shelves as well, so you can get extra storage options for your room to organize or display your accessories or decoration items.

11. Decorate Column in Classic Style with Molding

Column with molding ideas
Decorate column using molding

As we already said before, there is two common shape of column : rectangular and round column. Round column is often used in classical home while a rectangular ones usually used in minimalist or contemporary style home. But that doesn’t mean that you can create a classical looks using a rectangular column.

You can turn a rectangular shaped column to looks more classic and antique by using a molding trim. By using them, you can turn a boring column to be an unique and artistic style column.

There is a lot of different molding style are available today, and you can choose any style that you want. You also had options whether to cover the entire column using them or just the bottom or upper part of the column. In the image example above, we shown a column that is partially covered by molding where we only used them in the bottom and upper part, and leave the middle column as it is.

12. Paint Column Using Two Tone Style

column with two tone style paint
Living room column painted in two tone style

The last column decor ideas on this list is by using a two tone style to paint your column. Using this style, you can get a much more interesting column than using a single monotonous color.

One important key to succeed with this style is by choosing the perfect color combinations. You can use two same color tone with different shade, or combine a bright or dark colors with neutral ones. Use your own creativity and imagination to create the best color combination for your column that match the entire living room interior style.

Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Category : Living Room Decor