How to Decorate a Column in Living Room

Do you have any column in your living room? Here we give you some ideas and tips on how to decorate your column in the best way possible.

Best Way to Decorate Column in the Living Room

Columns are structures that come in various sizes and styles and are used to decorate any available space in the room. They help to beautify, brighten and make your room more spacious.

Columns can be made from wood, brick, and stone. They help to hold the structures above them and then transmit the weight to the floor. Some columns are built in such a way that they support the weight covering the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. These ones are placed in the middle.

How to decorate column in living room

The living room is a place where people normally visit and will notice your taste of styles and design in your living room immediately. So, it is best to have and decorate your column to cover up spaces.

Here, I will be giving you ideas and tips on how to decorate your column in the best way possible.

1. Art/Pattern Decoration

You can carve different patterns of art on your columns. People do experience these kinds of problems and will love to find an easy way to overcome it.

It’s not really a difficult task, all you have to do is to locate a carpenter that is good at carving beautiful designs that are attractive also. Having that will make your living room look presentable and little spaces unnoticeable.

2. Make your column have an alternative purpose

Some columns are normally close to each other and can serve a different purpose. If two are close to each other, there can serve as shelves where few things can be kept like books and other house equipment.

With this, they’ve served as storage to important things. You can even paint them with the same color of your chairs and tables so the column won’t even be recognized as a column.  The column has now served as both a building holding structure and storage space.

3. Bar Spot

You can decorate your column by making it a mini house bar spot. Just have a wine rack, design it a little and start storing your wines there.

It will serve as a spot for relaxation with family, friends and loved ones. And again, nobody would easily notice that it’s a column. I advise you to paint it with a beautiful color so the whole place would look sumptuous.

4. Make your column a room divider

As I’ve said earlier in the introductory part, some columns carry the weight of two to three rooms. With that, they could serve as room dividers, for example between the living room and the dining room.

In the process of making it a room divider, shelves can be built in conjunction with it so it can store different items. Both items that concern the dining room and living rooms should be kept there.

5. Give your column a dream paint

Give your columns a bright painting that would your living room colorful enough. Match the color with that of your home accessories and furniture.

The best of them all is painting the column in contrast with the color of your living room wall.

It’s not really compulsory to paint it the same color, as far you love what you painted and it’s comfortable with you, ride on.

6. Decorate with marble stone

Marble stones will bring this bright and shiny look to the structure and your living room. You just have to cover the columns with the stone and enjoy your new decor.

If you can’t do it yourself, get a perfectionist to decorate it for you.

The columns in living rooms sometimes dictate how furniture and other living room appliances are arranged or the setup. Make your column the main point in your living room. Value it, carry it in high esteem by painting it when it’s faded. Change the carvings at least once a while so you will enjoy the best of it.