17 Best Curtain Colors for Green Wall

Green walls what color curtains? Here are 17 awesome options. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 18th, 2024

Green is beautiful, calming yet energizing color that will instantly enliven any room when used as the paint for the walls. And that’s why a lot of homeowners chooses any shades of green to paint their interior wall.

However, the fresh and natural beauty of green walls comes with some consequences, and the most common one is the difficulty to pair it alongside other colors. We often heard about homeowners who are facing difficulties to choose the right color palette for their room with green painted walls, especially for any objects that are placed directly against the green wall, like the curtains.

If you are facing similar problems, we want to help by testing a lot of different curtain colors to find the best options that you can choose. Without further ado, here are the results :

What Color Curtains go with Green Wall?

White Curtains

White curtains with green wall
Green wall with white curtains

Your green painted wall already looks gorgeous, so why overcomplicate things and diminish its beauty by using any curtains that can be a distraction? Yes, you can keep things simple and choose a curtain that not only can blend nicely with the green wall, but also won’t ruin the beauty of the entire wall by using plain white curtains.

The white curtains can also keep the simplicity while at the same time bringing some modern twist to make the green wall a bit elegant. To better incorporate the curtains and the green wall, you can also choose any white curtains that had some green accents or patterns in them.

Cream Curtains

Cream curtains with green wall
Green wall with cream curtains

For any pale, light to medium-toned green shades, the cream can be a fun mix to warm up the looks of the green wall. Things can even go better for any green shades that had some yellow tone in them, such as olive green or lime green, as they will look perfectly flawless with any cream curtains.

And as neutral shades, incorporating cream will provide you a lot of spaces to add stronger, more vibrant colors to your color palette.

Darker Green Curtains

Dark green curtains with light green wall
Light green wall with dark green curtains

Actually, this can be a risky option as using green curtains on green walls can potentially create a monotonous look. However, if you can choose the right shades that still provide plenty of contrast between them, then this combination can be resulting in an awesome monochromatic theme.

Additionally, you can choose different tones to make the curtains and walls more easily distinguishable. For example, if you are using any green with blue undertone for your walls like mint, teal, or turquoise, you can combine it with yellowish-green tones like olive or lime green curtains.

Light Green Curtains

Green wall with light green curtains
Green wall with light green curtains

But if you are thinking that using darker green brings too much risks, then you can try a great alternative: lighter green. This can works even better if you are using any medium to dark green paint for your wall.

There are a lot of different variants of light green that you can use: from mint green, light sage to lime green.

Light Blue Curtains

Light blue curtains with green wall
Green wall with light blue curtains

Blue is sitting on the next of green in the color scheme, thus, using them together will create a stunning analogous look. At a glance, they will look pretty similar, but actually, still, bring enough contrast to differentiate them.

To get the best result, choose any blue curtains that had a similar brightness to your green wall. For example, as we did our experiment in a room with light-toned green, then the light blue curtains become the best option, but for any room with darker green walls, then dark blue or navy can be a perfect choice.

Dark Blue Curtains

Green wall with dark blue curtains
Green wall with dark blue curtains

This is another great blue shade that will compliment the green wall beautifully. The dark blue curtains offer plenty of boldness and elegance, while still bringing the typical airy and tranquil vibe as any other blue shades.

Thus, you can have a deep, rich, yet fresh ambiance around your windows/openings.

Blue-gray Curtains

Green wall with blue-gray curtains
Green wall with blue-gray curtains

But if you prefer a calmer, neutral blue, then you can try blue-gray curtains. In fact, this can be the best blue curtains if you are using similar neutral green for your walls, such as sage green or pale green.

This combination evokes plenty of contrast, while still going together in similar tones.

Mustard Yellow Curtains

Mustard yellow curtains with green wall
Green wall with mustard yellow curtains

If you need to add some splash of pop inside your room with a green wall, then this can be a great option. The mustard yellow curtains can stand out vibrantly against the green wall, thus making the entire room feel fun and joyful.

And since both are natural colors, the mustard curtains will further boost the fresh and natural ambiance of your home.

Canary Yellow Curtains

Green wall with canary yellow curtains
Green wall with canary yellow curtains

This beautiful pair instantly brings the sunny, tropical summer to your home. The canary yellow not only adds a beautiful energetic vibe, but also lifts up the mood for your entire space.

And since both are natural, earthy colors, they won’t find any difficulties when used side by side.

Orange Curtains

Orange curtains with green wall
Green wall with orange curtains

Alternatively, you can go with orange. The orange curtains will bring similar effects as the mustard yellow, but it comes with a bit more intense look.

Thus, this can be a great choice if you want to make your curtains more eye-catching and highlight them as one of the important elements of your interior decorations.

Light Brown Curtains

Light brown curtains with green wall
Green wall with light brown curtains

Brown and green are earthy shades that we often found in nature. So, if you want to enhance the natural looks of the green wall, brown curtains can be a perfect option for you.

Although almost all shades of browns will work really well against the green wall, we tend to go with light brown such as tan or taupe as they won’t look as intense as any darker brown, thus will resulting in a more eye-pleasing visual appearance.

Chocolate Brown Curtains

Green wall with chocolate brown curtains
Green wall with chocolate brown curtains

However, if you prefer any darker brown, we highly recommend you to try this gorgeous chocolate brown curtains.

This option may not be as bold and glamorous as any other dark brown, but it provides some yellow tint that is really useful to make it blend beautifully with the green wall.

Light Gray Curtains

Light gray curtains with green wall
Green wall with light gray curtains

This is another great neutral choice for you who want to keep green becomes the main primary color for the entire space.

The light green curtains will obviously let the green dominate, and at the same time come with a bit of elegance to modernize the looks of your interior. That’s why we love to use this light gray curtain with green walls combinations in any modern or contemporary decor style.

Dark Gray Curtains

Green wall with dark gray curtains
Green wall with dark gray curtains

If you need to boost the elegance of your interior, then this can be a perfect choice. Dark gray or charcoal curtains offer plenty of bold and elegant vibes, while still blending perfectly alongside the green wall.

This option also works really well inside any room where there are a lot of neutral furnishings, such as a gray sofa or white bed.

Dark Red Curtains

Green wall with dark red curtains
Green wall with dark red curtains

Honestly, this pair may be a bit risky and will not be suitable for most homeowners. However, for certain circumstances, it can still work pretty well, such as inside any home that applies classic or glam decor style.

The red curtains can also become a wonderful accent and will stand out energetically against the green walls. To avoid the curtains looking awkward, you may need to add some red elements throughout your room, such as red wall art or a red area rug.

Lilac Curtains

Green wall with lilac curtains
Green wall with lilac curtains

Even though they had a completely opposite hues, green and purple can works together beautifully in harmony. And that’s why purple shades can be a unique and interesting option for any room with green walls.

From a lot of different variants of purple, lilac is one of our favorite option. Its soft and subtle tones match perfectly with the natural green wall, resulting in a fresh and aesthetic visual appearance.

Light Pink Curtains

Green wall with light pink curtains
Green wall with light pink curtains

When used together, pink and green create a beautiful sense of balance. The soft and sweetness of pink warmth up the cool green wall, making it looks more inviting and welcoming.

At the other side, the natural green makes the pink curtains look much more mature, and prevent it from looking too feminine.

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