What Color Furniture Goes with Dark Wood Floors? (7 Best Choices)

Take a look at our favorite furniture colors for any room with dark wooden flooring. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : May 2nd, 2021

If you are just buying a new house or renting a new one, that’s a high chance that these house using a dark wood flooring. These kinds of flooring are very popular, not only because of their durability compared with other flooring styles, but also they can become a beautiful and stylish addition to any home.

Moreover, some studies have shown that using a dark wooden floor can slightly increase the value of the house.

However, these particular kinds of floors can be quite tricky when it comes to choosing the perfect color scheme around them. Using a similar dark shade can make the entire space feel gloomy, while at the same time using a cheerful and vibrant shade doesn’t look quite right.

Unfortunately, changing the entire floor surely will cost you a lot of time, and of course, money. So, rather than changing your floor using a more natural and versatile color such as white or light natural wood, it’s much more reasonable for you to carefully choose the color that will match perfectly with that floors.

In this post, we will help you figure out what colors of furniture look best with dark wood floors, and here are some of our favorites :

7 Best Furniture Colors for Dark Wood Flooring


White furniture in living room with dark wood floors
White furniture

Using white furnishings above dark wooden floors can produce a clean, modern, and elegant vibe. The contrast between the white finishes and dark wood creates an airy feel that can make any room seem larger than it really is.

As you can see in the image above, the crisp white rug complements the dark floor perfectly and create a crisp and comfy look and make the entire space feels more inviting.


Beige furniture with dark hardwood flooring
Beige furniture

Some homeowners may think that beige furniture and dark floors don’t mix well and end up looking drab, but as you can see in the picture above, they don’t. In fact, those two works really well to balance each other in beautiful, seamless ways.

Light Gray

Light gray furniture in room with dark brown wood floors
Light gray furniture

The typical characteristic of the dark wood floors is a strong, warm ambiance, and sometimes, it can become too intimidating. To reduce and balance it up a bit, light gray can be the best option. As a cool-toned shade, light gray can neutralize the warmth of the dark wooden floors and create well-balanced spaces.

Moreover, the light gray items can help enhance the elegance of the floors, so it can be a perfect choice especially if you want to create a modern, aesthetic space.

Dark Gray

Dark gray furniture with dark hardwood flooring
Dark gray furniture

Another shade of gray that can work perfectly with dark wood flooring is dark gray. We love to use these combinations to create deep, elegant, and bold spaces. With a similar dark tone, both floors and furnishings will blend nicely.

Azure Blue

Blue furniture with dark flooring
Azure blue furniture

Blue is one versatile shade that can work in almost any interior setting. However, things can be quite different when it comes to dark wood floors. Based on our experience, it’s very hard to find the right blue shade that will match these kinds of flooring. But thankfully, after trying many different blues, we find the ones that will work with dark hardwood floors, it’s Azure Blue.

This shade named after the mineral, Azurite. And that’s why it had a natural, earthy look that will make it blend perfectly with another earthy tone such as the dark wood flooring.

Emerald Green

Emerald green furniture with dark brown wood floors
Emerald green furniture

As a natural and earthy shade, surely green will pair nicely with another earthy tone such as dark wood. Almost all shades of green can work really well, but if we had to choose, emerald green becomes our number one choice for any spaces with dark wood floors.

Unlike any typical green shades, this emerald green has a bit of elegance and modern vibe, and that’s why it can go well with the dark flooring to produce an amazing, aesthetic space while also bring a bit of freshness to the room’s atmosphere.


Black leather couch with dark wood floors
Black furniture

In today’s society, black furniture is becoming more and more popular. It can bring a perfectly elegant touch in modern ways, especially when combining with another elegant element such as the dark wood flooring.

However, we love to add some white elements around to brighten up the space a bit. You can do this by painting your walls with white, or use a black and white rug such as the ones that we used in the image example above.

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