What Color Curtains go with Yellow Couch?

7 Beautiful curtain ideas that go with a yellow couch Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 8th, 2022

A yellow couch is a bold choice, and quite frankly, we are here for it! But now that it’s time to decorate the rest of the room you’re not quite sure where to start.

We love making sure large components work well together, and curtains are a great place to start. Impactful both in size and scale, properly pairing curtains with your couch color will impact the room’s overall feel and style.

Though a yellow couch might sound like a challenging pairing, we’re confident that you’ll find the right style and color for your home.

Whether your home is traditional, transitional, or boho-chic, there is a color combination on this list that is just right for you.

7 Best Curtain Colors for Living Room with Yellow Couch


White curtains with yellow couch
White curtains with yellow couch

White is the perfect crisp tone to compliment a yellow couch in a cheery and bold room. Whether you’re using the couch as the only pop of color in a room, or integrating in a colorful room scheme, white curtains are the best neutral background.

Make sure that your white curtains don’t have warm undertones, as the yellow couch may pull them out, and make the curtains look dull. Look for cool (blue/green) undertones to counteract a warm yellow couch.

Dark Green

Dark green curtains with yellow couch
Dark green curtains with yellow couch

Dark green curtains are bold, particularly in a rich fabric like velvet. Dark green curtains will add depth to a room and counteract the brightness of a yellow couch.

Best suited for moody rooms, dark green curtains and a yellow couch would pair well in a sophisticated lounge or quirky library.

Explore how different fabric choices will change the impact of the dark green curtains on the room’s vibe; linen, velvet, and cotton are all great choices, with very different feels.


Beige curtains with yellow couch
Beige curtains with yellow couch

A warmer option than white, beige curtains are another option if you’re looking to pair your yellow couch with a neutral curtain. Beige curtains can often have textural components to them if woven with natural fibers.

Use that texture to create interest in the room, and as a jumping-off point for throw pillows, rugs, and other textiles in the room.


Gray curtains with yellow couch
Gray curtains with yellow couch

Gauzy gray curtains instantly make a room feel airier and lighter, and would be a great fit with a yellow couch when creating a room that’s bright and cheery.

Like white, check the undertone of the gray curtains as they often read either warm or cool. If cool breezy isn’t your style, look for a warm greige that meets in the middle of gray and beige, and would create a cohesive feel with a warm-toned yellow couch.

Light Blue

Light blue curtains with yellow couch
Light blue curtains with yellow couch

Speaking of light and breezy, light blue curtains and a yellow couch can’t help but evoke images of the sun in the sky. The ultimate airy combo, yellow and blue play off each other as they are complementary colors.

Found on opposite sides of the color wheel, the two colors work well to balance each other out. Now that you know that blue and yellow are a great match, it’s time to decide what tone of blue you want to use.


Navy curtains with yellow couch
Navy curtains with yellow couch

Rich, dark navy has recently been used as a neutral in more and more spaces. As opposed to black, navy still provides a dark accent but also integrates an element of color into a design.

Navy tones will vary based on the fabric that is used, but most (if not all!) tones of navy will complement a yellow couch. Like the light blue above, navy is opposite of yellow on the color wheel, automatically making it a great compliment.


Charcoal curtains with yellow couch
Charcoal curtains with yellow couch

Charcoal curtains are an excellent choice for people who love striking tones and impactful pieces.

Softer than black, charcoal will act as a grounding piece in the room while still letting the yellow couch stand on its own, and be the main point of interest in the room.

A great choice for a room with natural elements, charcoal is universal and can be used in duo-tone black and white rooms, or as a neutral in a colorful room.

Final Words

If you’re bold enough for a yellow couch, you’ll want to make sure that the rest of the room lets it shine, and there’s no better way than making sure your room’s pieces work together, without clashing tones or colors. Take the time to understand your style before you start shopping for curtains; that’s often half the battle!

From there, choose a few colors, and see what’s available. Don’t be afraid to bring curtains home to see them in your space before committing to a pair. After all, the light in your room will affect the curtains’ coloring and how it pairs with your couch.

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