7 Best Wall Colors for Gold Accents

Make your glam gold decor and accessories stand out more by combining them with these gorgeous wall paint colors. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 28th, 2021

when it comes to decorating an empty wall, there are endless possibilities. You can use your creativity and imaginations to create the dream wall that reflects your style and personality.

And that’s why, the tricky items such as metallic, gold, or brass that are usually difficult to incorporate into any space, can easily fit when used as the wall decor.

Furthermore, those glam and stylish gold accessories can be a perfect choice as they fulfill one of the main fundamental goals of using wall decor: to create a centerpiece that captures everyone’s attention instantly.

However, there are some important things that you should pay attention to get the perfect results using gold wall decorations, and one of the most essential is pairing them with the appropriate wall colors. Mixing it with the wrong ones not only will ease out the beauty of those gold items but also will make the entire visual appearance looks unappealing or even a bit strange.

To avoid this, we want to help you by sharing our favorite wall colors that based on our experiences, can be a perfect background for any kind of gold accessory.

What Color Wall Goes with Gold Accents?

Pure White

White wall with gold accents
Pure white wall

For any accents that need to be stand out such as gold, then obviously pure white is one of the best wall paint options. With the plain white base, the gold accents will be striking beautifully to bring a glam vibe to the entire room.

Using a plain white wall can also give you more opportunity to bring other vibrant shades to the space, even though our favorite way is to keep it simple by sticking to the white and gold combinations without bringing any colors that can cause some distractions.

Light Gray

Light gray wall with gold decor
Light gray wall

Alternatively, you can go with light gray. This paint will bring similar results to white, but in a bit of depth tone.

Moreover, we love to combine the light gray wall with gold accents as the elegance of the gray blend beautifully with the glam effects of the gold, resulting in a very interesting visual appearance.

The gray wall can also be a great option if you want to make your gold accent looks more modern and up-to-date rather than a classical one.


Charcoal accent wall with gold accessories
Charcoal wall

Let’s switch to the darker side. And for this, charcoal is one of our most favorite options. This bold shade can max out all of the stunning glam looks of the gold elements without conflicting with them or even worse, taking away their position as the focal point.

If you need to create an accent wall to accommodate all of your gold accessories, then this wall color is surely the perfect choice for you.

Indigo Blue

Indigo blue wall with gold accents
Indigo blue wall

Blue and gold, this combination obviously doesn’t need a lot of explanations, as the above image example speaks itself.

This classic combination works together beautifully, and, even better, makes both elements look way better than when they separate individually.

For the best result, we highly recommend you go with any blue with velvety, vibrant looks such as indigo blue or royal blue.


Ivory wall with gold wall decor
Ivory wall

One problem with gold elements is that it’s quite difficult to find any colors that can look harmonious and flawless with them. Of course, you can go with some brown or yellow shades, but when it comes to wall colors, they don’t look well when mix up with gold accents.

But don’t worry, you can still achieve both the seamless looks and at the same time keep the gold accents looks fantastic using any very light brown shade such as ivory or white dove.

As you can see in the image above, the ivory wall matches the gold accents beautifully and still keep it become the glam centerpiece of the wall.


Blush wall with gold decor
Blush wall

When glam meets beauty, the results will be very lovely! And you can achieve this kind of result by showcasing your favorite gold decorations in front of the blush wall.

This soft pink shade works amazing with gold as they are not as strong and vibrant as any other pink, thus the blush wall won’t intervene with the striking gold looks.


Mint wall with gold accents
Mint wall

Who said that you can’t achieve aesthetic looks using gold? Take a look at the image above, where we accentuate the soft and subtle mint green using some gorgeous gold decorations, looks awesome, isn’t it?

Furthermore, this combination provides a perfect balance between the soothing yet fresh mint shade with the vivid and glamorous gold accents, resulting in an eye-pleasing visual appearance.

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