Small Simple Kitchen Design

White simple kitchen design for small spaces

White Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

A small kitchen is often looked at as a space for those who prefer to not cook much, as the lack of space makes it difficult to cook. Most people thus opt for large kitchens, thinking that a small one will not be able to accommodate their needs. While that is true in some cases, a good kitchen design is all that is required to turn that around, allowing even the smallest of spaces to be used to its maximum potential.

White Small Kitchen Design

This small kitchen is designed keeping in mind the needs of a small family. It features a white color scheme that gives it an open feeling and makes it appear larger. The simple design fits in a sink and stove along with space for appliances into an L shaped unit while adding extra space with a breakfast counter.

The breakfast counter space also works as a great preparation area as the height allows for comfortable usage while standing. Space for utensils like knives, spoons and forks along with napkins are provided with attachments on the wall and backsplash.

This saves on space in the cabinets while also keeping all necessary items at a hand’s length away. The ceiling length cabinets make the best use of space and provides extra storage space, while also hiding the chimney away in a discreet fashion. The cabinets use laminate in white plastic finish that makes it easy to clean while also making it appear almost non-existent. This keeps the kitchen from feeling cramped and makes cooking a much more peaceful experience.

The countertops use marble which is durable, stain resilient and withstands the wear and tear of a kitchen very well. The materials used here are chosen with care to be easily maintainable. The breakfast counter works as a great space for children to read and play in, and comes with adjustable bar stools in leather which provides a comfortable place to sit.

The stools sport a metal finish below the grey leather seating, adding color while keeping in line with the minimalistic feel of the kitchen. They also provide a place to read or have a coffee while keeping a watch on the stove or oven.

A space for decor is well utilised on the side of the raised counter and industrial style pendant lamps that are cylindrical in shape hang above, providing focused lighting. The brushed nickel finish on the pendants reflect the kitchen space and pair well with the overall decor.

Creating a kitchen space is about designing an area that allows for extended usage while also providing space for the family to be together and enjoy the process of cooking. This kitchen is designed to achieve this, and provides small families a space that meets all their  requirements without compromising on quality.  

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