7 Best Bedding Colors for Blue Bedroom (With Image Examples)

Refresh the looks of your blue bedroom using these gorgeous bedding color combinations. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : October 25th, 2023

One most important goals when designing any bedroom is to create a relaxing, calming, and serene vibe. Those feels are essentials to get a perfect sleep at night.

And that’s why many homeowners choosing blue as the primary color for their bedroom. This is obviously the perfect color choice that can really help to achieve those goals much easier, thank’s to its tranquility and serenity.

However, sometimes a blue-themed bedroom can be quite boring, monotonous, and unappealing. To avoid this, one of the best ways is to bring a punch of colorful accent. With the help of some decoration items, you can add a colorful splash to enliven your blue bedroom.

One of the best elements that you can use for this particular job is bedding. And actually, it’s way better than any other accessories or decoration items as you can easily change your bedding colors whenever you want to refresh the looks and bring new colors, and the best part, it’s relatively cheap and affordable!

In this post, our team will show you some bedding color ideas that can bring amazing results when used inside any blue bedroom.

What Color Bedding for a Blue Bedroom?

White and Blue

White and blue bedding with blue walls
White and blue bedding

Let’s start with the simplest and risk-free choice. The white and blue bedding combination obviously will look flawless, especially if you keep the consistency by using a similar blue between the bedding and other blue items or elements.

Finally, the white will create a beautiful, sleek contrast against the blue to spread the crisp and bright looks.

White and Gray

White and gray bedding in blue bedroom
White and gray bedding

For any bedroom that already had too many blue elements, you may want to soften a bit to avoid it being overly dominant and avoid using any blue for the bedding.

And for this particular case, we love to use any neutral palette such as this beautiful white and gray bedding.

As a neutral, both palettes will smoothen up the looks of the entire bedroom without stealing the show of blue as the main color.

Blue and Beige

Blue and beige bedding inside blue bedroom
Blue and beige bedding

If you are using any cool-toned blue, then it’s a great idea to balance it up with a warmer tone such as beige or cream.

Those kinds of bedding can provide a warm and inviting ambiance to the bedroom, while at the same time still blend nicely with the blue, thank’s to its neutral appearance.

Blue and Gray

Blue and gray bedding in blue bedroom
Blue and gray bedding

One problem that we often see in any blue bedroom is a lack of elegance. If you are facing a similar problem, then using gray and blue bedding can be a perfect solution for you.

The elegance of the gray will lift and enhance the appearance of any bedroom in trendy and stylish ways. You can easily set the tone of your gray to meet your personal needs.

To get a strong and bold appearance, you can go with any dark gray bedding, or if you want a softer look, then go with light gray.

Blue and Yellow

Blue bedroom with yellow accent
Blue and yellow bedding

As an opposite of blue in the color wheel, yellow surely can be an ideal choice if you need any vibrant, accent shade that can instantly lift and break up the dominant cool-blue vibe to turn your bedroom into a more fun and joyful ambiance.

However, we don’t really recommend overusing the yellow, as it can easily taking over the blue, and your main goal to create a relaxing and calming space will be ruined.

Thus, to get the maximum results, only use yellow as small accents, such as using it as decorative pillows or throw blankets above the blue bedding set.

Blue and Sage

Blue bedroom with sage accents
Blue and sage bedding

Actually, we are not a big fan of blue and green combinations, as both colors had a very similar hue that sometimes can bring an awkward visual appearance when used together.

However, they may be some conditions where those two can work nicely, for example, you can use a subtle and soft sage green as an accent with blue bedding.

The neutral and light appearance of the sage is one of the main reasons why it can still fit well amongst blue, as it can bring enough contrast and make them easily distinguishable. And that’s why this particular shades of green can be a reasonable bedding color for any bedroom with blue wall.

Blue and Blush

Blue and blush bedding with blue walls
Blue and blush bedding

Soft and sweet, those are the results of combining blue with some blush accents. If you want to create an Instagram-worthy bedroom, then surely you should go with this beautiful bedding combination.

To keep the consistency, we suggest you add some other accessories with the same color, or at least similar to blush, such as beautiful rose gold vases or blush pink curtains.

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