7 Best Bedding Colors For Oak Furniture (Cozy Combinations)

Take a look at our recommended bedding colors that can be a perfect choice to enhance any bedroom with oak furnishings. Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : November 23rd, 2023

Oak is one of the most popular woods when it comes to furniture. In terms of functionality, oak can be used to create a piece of solid and strong furniture. Its scratch and stain-resistant features can help make the furniture much more durable and long-lasting. Oak is also very popular thanks to its visual appearance. This wood had a balanced look, not as dark and bold as walnut, but at the same time not too light as birch or pine. In other words, it’s a perfectly balanced wood.

And that’s what makes any oak furniture versatile. They can easily fit in any different kind of interior style. So, whether you are using a classical, vintage rustic decor or a modern contemporary one, oak furniture can blend smoothly.

But what color bedding goes with oak furniture? Well, we’ve faced this exact situation so many times and can draw a conclusion: Brown, gray, navy, sage, and yellow are some of the best bedding colors for oak furniture. These beddings carry a warm and charming vibe and blend perfectly with the earthy tones of the oak furniture. They can also introduce a calming and rejuvenating ambiance, creating a refreshing interior while still celebrating the beauty of the wood.

Read on as we demonstrate these comfy bedding ideas below.

1. White and Brown

White and brown bedding with oak bedroom furniture
White and brown bedding

Almost every kind of wood had some brown tone in it, including oak. Thus, the best way to incorporate wooden elements with other colors flawlessly is by using brown.

But sometimes, using too much brown can create a boring and monotonous look, thus, it’s a good idea to add some lighter elements, and white is obviously the best choice.

The brown and white bedding combinations can bring a unique visual appearance, as it does not only look harmonious with the oak furniture around it but at the same time provides a light and bright feel thanks to the white.

2. Brown and Cream

Brown and cream bedding ideas
Brown and cream bedding

For some people, white can be very painful when it comes to keeping a clean and crisp look. Alternatively, you can combine brown bedding with some cream accent.

The cream will provide a similar look to white, but with a warm vibe that will make your bed look comfy.

Another benefit of using cream is that this color has a bit of brown hue, thus, all of your bedding set will match flawlessly with the gorgeous oak element.

3. Gray and Brown

Gray and brown bedding with oak furniture
Gray and brown bedding

Here is another alternative if you want to have some brown looks in your bedding, but don’t want it too dominant: using gray bedding with some brown accent.

Even only as an accent, a bold shade like brown can stand out and make a big difference, especially when combined with a neutral like gray.

4. Gray and Navy

Oak bedroom with navy bedding ideas
Gray and navy bedding

If you want to bring other colors to enrich your bedroom palette, then one of our favorite choices is navy.

Combining navy with oak can create an amazing, unique visual appearance where the earthy and natural looks of the oak meet the elegance and boldness of the navy.

Using strong colors such as navy can also be very helpful to break the monotony that can potentially occur when there is too much wooden element inside, and make the bedroom much more appealing and interesting.

5. White and Light Blue

White and light blue bedding in bedroom with oak furnishings
White and light blue bedding

For those who prefer a lighter blue, then go for it. Any lighter shade of blue can also work as well as the darker shade.

This kind of blue will bring a cool and airy vibe that will balance out the warmth of all of the wooden elements, resulting in a well-balanced ambiance throughout the bedroom.

To get the best result, we prefer to mix the light blue with white which will make the entire bedding set even much lighter and brighter.

6. White and Sage

Bedroom with oak furnishings and sage bedding
White and sage bedding

As a natural shade, green is supposed to work well with the earthy-look oak furniture. But in these special circumstances, using green for the entire bedding doesn’t really work well inside a bedroom that is filled up with oak furniture.

That said, if you still want to have the fresh green look for your bed, you can use it as an accent and combine it with a more neutral color, preferably white.

Moreover, use any green that comes with a lighter hue such as sage as it tends to work better than any vibrant shade of green.

7. Gray and Yellow

Gray bedding with yellow accents
Gray and yellow bedding

Another bedding color that can complement oak furniture nicely is yellow. And it’s because most oak woods had a bit of yellow tone in them.

So, you can also use yellow to create harmonious looks between the furniture and the bedding set. However, surely a full yellow set isn’t a good idea.

Alternatively, using it as an accent with another more neutral tone such as gray can be a great solution. Even a full gray bedding set with just one or two pieces of yellow pillow can still work well to make the appearance of the yellow felt.

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