8 Best Floor Colors for Dark Basements

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 23rd, 2024

Most of the time, the basement is the darkest room inside any house, as this particular room usually doesn’t get enough natural lighting as any other room. And that’s why we often associate this area as a dark and drab space.

Several ways can be used to help brighten up any dark basement. Some of the popular ones such as adding more lighting sources or repainting the walls using bright or light paint colors.

But do you know that there is one other thing that can bring a great impact to lighten up and make any basement feel larger? Change its floors.

For dark basement, some of the best floor colors are white tile, cream tile, light natural wood, glossy brown laminate, or white carpet. These flooring colors bring both practicality and aesthetic benefits to the dark basement, and provide a bright and neutral foundation. They can also help alleviate the inherent darkness, creating a more open and inviting atmosphere.

Here in this post, we will discuss all of those awesome flooring colors that will work perfectly inside any dark basement.

1. White Tile

Basement with white tile flooring

While many people may think that tile flooring doesn’t suit well for a basement, we actually think the opposite, especially for a dark basement.

Any tile flooring can reflect a lot of light that can help make any room feel brighter, and obviously, white tile flooring will bring the best results.

Although these kinds of flooring may be easy to get scratched or exposed to stains or dirt, it’s much easier to clean or maintain compared to any other kind of flooring.

2. Cream Tile

Cream tile basement flooring

Another great tile color for any dark room is cream. This very light shade can bring similar effects as white tile, but with a bit of colorful touch.

Cream tile can also add a bit of warmth effects that will help to make your basement feel comfy.

3. Light Gray Tile

Light gray tile flooring

For some houses, a basement can be a high-traffic area. Thus, using white tiles for this kind of room wouldn’t be a great idea.

Alternatively, you can use the light gray tile that will look as light and bright as white, but in a bit darker tone. Light gray tile can also be a great option if you want to bring a bit of elegance to your basement.

4. Light Natural Wood

Light natural wood floors

The light wood floor may not be as popular as any darker choices. However, in this particular situation, this surely is the best option among any other wood flooring. There are some woods that have these kinds of colors, such as white oak, maple, birch, ash, or bamboo.

Using light wooden flooring not only will bring a fresh new look, but it can also create a luxurious, natural feel that could elevate any basement instantly.

5. White Wood

White wood basement flooring

This kind of wood flooring is quite rare and not as easy to get compared with any other wood, or even sometimes produced by repainting the natural wood to get the white color and stain.

However, if you can find a good one, surely it can be a great floor color for your basement to create a clean and crisp atmosphere with a stylish natural look.

6. Light Gray Wood

Basement with light gray wood flooring

Light gray wood can be a great alternative to white wood, as it’s more resistant to dirt, scratches, and stains. This kind of flooring is one of our favorite choices especially if you want to decorate your basement in a modern, contemporary style.

However, the downside of using light gray flooring is that it’s relatively difficult and tricky to combine with other colors, so you must plan the color scheme for the entire basement carefully.

7. Glossy Brown Laminate Flooring

Brown laminate flooring

Brown is one of the most common colors for any wood. It also becomes one of the most popular, thanks to the classic, elegant, and luxurious looks that it brings.

However, the problem with these kinds of floors is that they tend to make the space feel darker. Alternatively, you can use brown laminate flooring.

This kind of flooring will bring a similar visual appearance to any real wood floor but with a more reflective and glossy look. This glossy effect is very essential to help reflect any light and spread it throughout the room.

So, even though this flooring will not be as effective as any lighter choice, at least it can perform better compared to the typical brown wood.

8. White Carpet

White carpet

In most cases, floor-to-floor carpets obviously not a great option for any dark rooms. These kinds of flooring don’t have any reflective effects that are essential to help brighten the entire space.

But if you still want to get the comfy feel and soft appearance of the carpet flooring, then make sure you are choosing the one with very light colors, or simply go with white.

Although it doesn’t bring any reflective benefits, white carpet at least can still make the entire basement feel clean and crisp with an airy vibe. But you must consider the cleaning and maintenance efforts that surely will be more complicated compared to other options.

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