10 Effective Ways to Restore Shine to Marble Floors

10 simple and effective ways to restore shine to marble floors.

Marble flooring is mostly chosen by homeowners because of its high durability, affordability, and it adds elegance to any home. Marble also reflects light, which helps give an illusion of a bigger space in any area.

Shiny marble tiles

What Causes Marble Floors to Lose its Shine?

We consider marble as a porous material that makes dirt, spills, and grime to penetrate it, which creates a stained and dull surface.

Another reason is the lack of maintenance and correct cleaning or simply forgetting to clean it.

How to Restore Shine to Marble Floors with Simple and Easy

1. Deep Clean with Baking Soda

Using materials available in your home such as baking soda, few drops of dishwashing liquid mixed in one part of water can do the trick.

Make sure you apply the solution using a sponge or clean cloth if you don’t have a mop. You can rinse with water after.

Air dry and then use a mop or use a clean cloth to buff after drying.

2. Using Commercial Marble Floor Cleaner

There are cleaning solutions available and can be used to keep your marble flooring shiny. By using a clean cloth to apply the solution onto the marble, make sure you are not missing any areas and corners.

Apply in a circling motion. You can air dry it or use a clean cloth to dry it manually. Using an electrical fan is another option for drying.

This cleaning solution can be a leave-on solution for your floor and will keep your marble glistening.

Here is some of the marble cleaner that we often use for our home interior projects :

3. Using Ammonia

Even though ammonia may smell, it is another option to clean your marble flooring. It can remove stubborn stains and discoloration on your floor.

Open your windows while you are wiping your floor with it to ventilate the area. Use one part of ammonia plus two parts of water to create a mixture.

After application, be sure to air-dry the floor, or better yet use an electrical fan to do the job.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide Plus Water

Using a mixture of hydrogen peroxide plus water to make a floor cleaning solution is another choice for you (make sure you mix it with water as pure hydrogen peroxide can harm your floor).

Hydrogen peroxide can also remove stubborn stains from your floor. After application, you may rinse with clean water and dry using a soft towel or clean cloth.

5. Warm Water Plus Dishwashing Liquid Mixture

Using one part of dishwashing liquid mixed with one part warm water can help you in cleaning your floor and keep it shiny after.

Dishwashing liquid can lift dirt and grime on your flooring, at the same time, this solution will not damage the marble compared to other acidic substances like vinegar and lemon that are often used for DIY cleaning.

6. Using Cornstarch, Water Plus Dishwashing Soap

Mixing one part water, dishwashing soap, and a few tablespoons of cornstarch can also help in removing discoloration on your floor that causes your marble to look dull and lose its shine.

Make sure you dry up the floor after and then buffing is always the last step using a dry towel, or chamois.

7. Using Borax

Borax comprises water, boron, sodium, and oxygen and has been around for centuries. They use it for cleaning and eradicating pests as well.

If mixed with water, borax can be your ally in cleaning your marble floor. Make sure you mix it with two parts water plus two parts of borax, or you can double the solution according to the size of the floor you have to clean.

After you have wiped the floor with the solution, you can dry the floor yourself by using a towel or a drying mop. Make sure you buff it after using chamois or microfiber cloth.

8. Using Marble Polishing Paste

Marble polishing paste is available in supermarkets and will not cost you much to purchase.

It can be applied on your floor like wax and then let it stay for fifteen minutes before you buff it again with a soft rag or any clean cloth.

Buffing is important because it is how you polish the marble floor.

9. Using Pledge Cleaner

Pledge products are best used to clean multiple surfaces. It does not contain harsh chemicals or acid that can leave a damaging effect on any surface.

They use it not just on wood, laminate, and leather, but some people also use it to spray on their floor plus some buffing, which leaves a shiny floor result after.

The pleasant scent is also not something to scoff at as there are lemon and zesty orange fragrance that are available.

10. Using Marble Polishers

If the previous tips can no longer do the trick for your marble flooring, it is time to buy marble polishers. This type of solution can be applied on top of your floor and may need a floor polisher called the diamond floor polisher, which can strip a thin layer of your floor to remove scratches and irregularities. This is used for already dulled-out and ugly flooring.

This is your last resort if all the other homemade or DIY products no longer work.

Here is some affordable yet effective marble polisher that we highly recommend :

There are many cleaning solutions and “miracle cleaners” available to buy anytime. There are also cleaning materials that are readily accessible in your home, specifically your kitchen.

But the thing is, you have to prevent the dulling of your marble floor just by making sure that you are taking care of your floor as well because the fastest and easiest way to get it dull and dirty is through neglect.

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