7 Rug Patterns That Visually Expand Small Rooms

Take a look at our favorite rug patterns that can help makes any small room visually looks larger than it actually is.

For any small room, every small detail can make a big impact, whether in positive directions or negative ones. Thus, you need to carefully choose every element and item not only to help make the small space visually look bigger but also to avoid it feeling cramped and crowded.

When decorating a small room, most homeowners only focussed on the color selections. Indeed, this is a very important and essential thing that can make or break the end results. However, there are still many other important things that are often overlooked, such as incorporating the right pattern or texture.

The perfect pattern can draw our eye and psychologically, can help make the entire space appear larger than it actually is. There are a lot of ways that you can use to bring some patterns, but one of our favorites is by using an area rug.

So, what are the best rug patterns for small rooms?

Drawing from our experience working with small spaces, we can conclude that horizontal stripped, dynamic curves, large diamonds, geometric trellis, ombre, and abstract are the best rug pattern choices for small rooms. These options bring a dynamic and visually engaging element without overwhelming the limited space, while at the same time adding a touch of sophistication to the room. These rug patterns contribute an element of intrigue and creativity, creating an illusion of depth, and expands the perceived boundaries of the room.

In this post, we will show you why all of those patterns can be great additions to any small room.

1. Horizontal Stripped

Stripped rug

For any narrow bedroom or living room, any horizontal striped area rug can be the best choice. These kinds of rugs can help make the space feel wider with its horizontal lines.

However, many people may think that this kind of rug may look boring and unattractive. To avoid this, you can use any horizontal striped rug that is combined with stylish and trendy looks, such as the ones that we used in the example above.

This rug had clear lines that is what we need for the narrow spaces but combined with modern abstract texture to makes it looks much more attractive and artistic.

2. Dynamic Curves

Rug with curved pattern

If there are too many straight lines or edges inside your spaces, then you may need to balance it up with some dynamic curved looks to avoid the entire room feels monotonous.

Furthermore, these kinds of rugs can visually create flowing lines that can manipulate our eyes to makes the space feel bigger.

3. Diamond Pattern

Diamond patterned rug

This rug pattern is quite popular recently. The stylish, geometric diamond pattern will fit perfectly inside any modern or contemporary interior.

The straight diagonal lines will stretch our visual perceptions and help makes the seating area feel more spacious.

However, avoid using any diamond-patterned rug that comes with a too-small pattern as it can do more harm than good.

4. Geometric Moroccan Trellis

Navy Moroccan trellis area rug

This is another currently trending rug pattern. Many people love to use the geometric Moroccan trellis rug as it can easily blend with any decor style, from classic to modern ones.

The curved shape creates a beautiful dynamic look that will become the center of attention wherever you place the rug. Again, as with any other geometric patterned rug, choose the ones that come with a large pattern.

5. Random Geometric Pattern

Random geometric rug

Sometimes, the typical geometric pattern can look boring because of its repetitions. To avoid this, you can try using any rug with a random geometric pattern such as the one that we used in the image above.

This rug had a simple triangle pattern with some connecting lines but spread randomly throughout the rug to avoid visual repetition and bring some creative touch to the spaces.

6. Ombre Rug

Simple ombre rug

At a glance, this rug is very similar to any plain area rug, but if you take a closer look, it had beautiful ombre or gradation effects that make it far more attractive and interesting than any plain rug.

This pattern can be very useful for a small room thanks to its simplicity, while at the same time provide a beautiful visual effect to elevate the entire space.

7. Abstract

Abstract brown rug

In some cases where there are already too many items inside your small room, you may need to avoid any rug that comes with some clear lines, whether it’s a straight line or curved ones.

For this particular case, you can consider using any abstract rug for your small living room. Most abstract rug doesn’t have any line in its pattern that is very useful to avoid the overly complicated visual appearance.

Moreover, the abstract rug can be a great focal point to attract everyone’s attention beautifully.

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