8 Stylish Teal Bedroom Color Schemes for a Relaxing and Modern Oasis

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : April 18th, 2024

Its captivating allure became the main reason why teal gained a lot of popularity in the interior design world. Unlike most green, teal can give a hint of a modern and elegant twist that will perfectly blend with any modern interior style.

Furthermore, this beautiful hue can also offer a harmonious and soothing environment that promotes a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. And that’s why this gorgeous color is a perfect choice for the bedroom.

However, to truly unleash all of the potential of teal, it should be supported with the right environment. Thus, you need to carefully set up the right color scheme that can bring out the best of your teal elements.

Drawing from our experience, we can conclude that some of the best teal color schemes for bedrooms are:

  • Teal and white
  • Teal and gray
  • Teal, white, and light wood
  • Teal, white, and gold
  • teal and navy
  • Teal, coral, and gray
  • Teal, light gray, and yellow
  • Teal and beige

Using these color schemes can be a great way to fully unleash all the potential of teal, exposing its calming and cool undertones as the foundation for a serene and inviting atmosphere. These combinations allow for a harmonious blend of teal with the other colors, creating a well-balanced aesthetic inside your bedroom.

Read on as we will dive further into all these amazing color schemes, and show you why they can be a great starting point to help you create your own stunning bedroom that reflects your own personality while also promoting calm and comfort.

1. Teal and White

Teal and white bedroom

This is the best color scheme if you want to really expose all the beauty of teal. The white serves as a clean and sleek backdrop, letting the teal shine and become the main shade of your bedroom.

For the best result, use white for large elements such as walls, flooring, and big furnishings.

2. Teal and Gray

Teal and gray bedroom

If you want to boost the elegance and modernity of the teal, then you can try combining it with gray. Gray will provide a hint of elegance that blends really well with teal, while still keeping everything simple and clean.

Thanks to the versatility and neutrality of gray, this color scheme can be used in various design styles, from modern, minimalist, or even industrial bedrooms.

3. Teal, White, and Light Wood

Teal, white, and light wood bedroom

The main problem that often occurs in the teal and white scheme is that this color palette can lack some warmth and inviting feels, and that’s why adding some light wooden elements works nicely.

The light wood gives your space a natural warmth, while still blending well with white and teal. And most importantly, it won’t be taking over the attention of the teal as the main interest of your bedroom.

4. Teal, White, and Gold

Teal, white, and gold bedroom

Another great accent for a teal and white bedroom is gold. This stunning shade offers a luxurious and elegant ambiance, adding a glam pop of color that will lift up the entire bedroom.

The white acts as a clean backdrop that lets both teal and gold shine. This combination works really well if you want to create a contemporary or art deco interior.

5. Teal and Navy

Teal and navy bedroom

Sharing similar blue hues, both colors can go together flawlessly. This combination will instantly create a sophisticated and elegant bedroom, while at the same time bringing a sense of calmness and tranquility.

The navy will pop as the new focal point, while teal supports it beautifully by adding depth and character to your space.

6. Teal, Coral, and Gray

Teal, coral, and gray bedroom

Coral is a unique color that not only complements teal beautifully, but it can also act as an accent color to give your palette some liveliness and vibrant energy.

Gray completes this scheme with its power to neutralize and tie up everything into one cohesive look.

7. Teal, Light Gray, and Yellow

Teal, light gray, and yellow bedroom

Another great option that brings a pop of joy to your teal-themed bedroom is yellow. Even small yellow accessories such as yellow artwork or yellow bedding can truly lift up the mood of your bedroom.

Again, in this kind of scheme, light gray becomes an essential element to keep both teal and yellow blend naturally.

8. Teal and Beige

Teal and beige bedroom

Teal and beige create a wonderful scene inside a bedroom. Beige gives your space plenty of warmth for a comfy and inviting vibe, while the teal promotes relaxation and serenity with a modern twist.

This timeless and elegant palette can be suitable for various bedroom design styles, from modern to traditional, or even coastal.