Best Wall Paint Color to Reduce Stress

These soothing wall paint colors can make any bedroom becomes a perfectly calmful and relaxing spaces. Written by : Editors | Last Updated : September 6th, 2022

So many research had proven that colors can easily alter our mood. And that’s why in interior design, it’s important to choose the colors that are in line with the psychological effects that you want to achieve for any particular space.

Since stress and anxiety become the common things in everyday life – especially for people who lived in large cities, it’s essential to design a home (or at least the bedroom) that can be an ideal place to relax and calm the mind after a busy and stressful day.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by using some colors that have been proven to bring a positive benefit to reducing stress.

And obviously, to make it works, you need to incorporate those colors in the largest and most visible elements of any room: the walls.

Best Wall Color to Reduce Stress


Bedroom with mint walls
Mint wall

Without any doubt, green shades are the best colors when it comes to reducing stress. Don’t believe it? Just try it yourself by looking at any plant or greenery after doing difficult tasks at your office, and suddenly you will find yourself a bit calmer, fresher, and feel a bit relaxed.

Honestly, any shades of green can work really well for this particular job, however, based on our experience, this particular shade tends to work better compared to any other greens.

The mint-painted wall can still bring the fresh and natural feels like any typical green but comes in a much softer and calmer tone. And this soft appearance will be very helpful to create a soothing atmosphere to relieve the tension.

Light Blue

Bedroom with light blue wall
Light blue wall

Blue is another great color that can help reduce stress. The tranquility and airy vibe of this shade will easily make any room feel comfy. Same as green, almost all shades of blue can work really well, but our primary option is this light blue.

Besides all of the benefits of blue, the light blue paint can create a soft and soothing ambiance that is essential to help you get to sleep easier.

Tea Green

Bedroom with tea green walls
Tea green wall

Taking a cup of tea had been known as a great way to relieve stress since ancient times. The same goes with the particular shades of green that are named after it: tea green.

The tea green had a bit stronger green hue compared to the mint that we previously recommended, thus, it can be a good choice if you need a color that can bring a lot of freshness to your home instantly.

Furthermore, with a bit of yellow hue in it, this shade can spark a bit of joyful and fun feeling that is also very beneficial to help you forget all of the tension from your daily job.


Bedroom ideas with ivory walls
Ivory wall

If you prefer a more neutral option, then ivory can be a great option for you.

At first, this paint will look very similar to pure, plain white, but actually, ivory had a bit of warmth that can easily lift up the mood for the entire space – the one that can’t be achieved using pure white.

Moreover, its aesthetic and eye-pleasing looks surely will be a great psychological therapy to refresh our minds and soul.

Sapphire Blue

Bedroom with sapphire blue walls
Sapphire blue wall

This is another great shade of blue that you can use to create peaceful and calming spaces but in a bit bolder and mature appearance.

And even though this shade is quite strong, but thank’s to some gray undertone in it, the sapphire blue tends to look more neutral compared to any similar blue, so it won’t make your home looks too vibrant or too bright.

Furthermore, the sapphire blue can bring a touch of ocean breeze to your home and can make you feel like you are on a holiday.


Bedroom with blush walls
Blush wall

For any woman, this is surely one of the best options.

As a soft and tranquil shade, blush pink can inspire a calming and peaceful serene, while at the same time looking gorgeous with its glam and luxury visual appearance.

Light Gray

Bedroom with light gray wall
Light gray wall

Light gray is another great neutral option that wants to keep your space simple without adding too many colors in it, and at the same time still bring light and calming looks.

And this simplicity can also be very helpful to calm our mind after doing so much complex work during the day.

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