What Color Backsplash Goes with Cream Countertops?

7 Stunning backsplash ideas for kitchen with cream countertops Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 5th, 2022

Designing a kitchen requires considering several factors, and these include the backsplash color you choose for your countertop. Now that you have a cream countertop, you are looking for a backsplash color to match your countertop.

Choosing the right backsplash color for your cream countertop is necessary as you don’t want to choose a color that doesn’t integrate well with your design. While the main purpose of a backsplash is to prevent the wall from getting dirty, it also contributes to the aesthetic value of the kitchen and often serves as a focal point in the kitchen.

While choosing a countertop color might be daunting, knowing what you want in the kitchen will help narrow your search. For example, what feeling and impression do you want to create in your kitchen?

Another factor to consider when selecting a color backsplash is the existing design in the kitchen. You want to choose a color that complements your existing design. You also want to consider the brightness level to create in the kitchen. While light colors brighten the kitchen, dark colors create a darker environment.

Here are our picks for the best color backsplash that goes with cream countertops:

7 Best Backsplash Colors for Kitchen with Cream Countertops


Kitchen ideas with white backsplash and cream countertops
White backsplash with cream countertops

White is one of the first colors that come to mind when it comes to neutral colors.

This is a great idea for a backsplash color to match a cream countertop since white and cream are considered a tone-on-tone color idea to achieve a sophisticated look. Also, white will help keep your kitchen bright, while the cream color helps bring some subtle variation.

Plus, you want to consider white to create an impression of purity and cleanliness.


Kitchen ideas with terracotta backsplash and cream countertops
Terracotta backsplash with cream countertops

Terracotta is a versatile color that goes well with several other colors, including cream. It is a rich warm you want to consider for your backsplash to pair with a cream countertop.

Here is an orange-family color that has proven effective in different décor applications, such as kitchen cabinets and backsplashes.

Belonging to the orange family, terracotta is linked to creating the vibe of comfort and happiness.


Kitchen ideas with cream backsplash and countertops
Cream backsplash and countertops

Perhaps you don’t want to go far with your search for a color backsplash; you can also consider choosing your countertop color for your backsplash.

While this might seem lazy, sticking to a single color means creating a bold statement with your countertop and backsplash.

This also means heightening the feeling of elegancy, purity, and calmness that cream creates.


Kitchen ideas with brown backsplash and cream countertops
Brown backsplash with cream countertops

Brown is a neutral color to pair with different other colors like cream. Pairing brown with cream helps create a charming brown-cream color scheme.

Also, since cream is a light color and brown is dark, brown will be an excellent color idea for your backsplash if other colors in the kitchen are light.

On the vibe front, color psychologists associate brown with earthiness, reliability, and dependability.

Light Gray

Kitchen ideas with light gray backsplash and cream countertops
Light gray backsplash with cream countertops

Gray is one of the most commonly used neutral colors in décor. This is often chosen by neutral devotees who don’t want it completely white or black but prefer to stay in-between.

While gray, a mix of white and black, is a great option to consider, light gray is exceptionally ideal if you want a shade of gray that will brighten your kitchen.

Light gray is also known for creating a relaxing and soothing atmosphere.

Pale Yellow

Kitchen ideas with pale yellow backsplash and cream countertops
Pale yellow backsplash with cream countertops

Pops of yellow are another good idea of backsplash color to match a countertop, and yellow is one to consider. Thanks to its sunny hue, matching this yellowish-white with cream will help bring out the warm tone of your cream countertop.

You also want to consider pale yellow as your backsplash color for the vibes it creates. Belonging to the yellow family, pale yellow is associated with happiness and laughter.

Light Green

Kitchen ideas with light green backsplash and cream countertops
Light green backsplash with cream countertops

Light green is yet another color you want to consider when looking for the best color backsplash that goes well with cream countertops. While all shades of green match cream, light green brings out the best of cream than other shades.

If you are choosing light green for the feeling it creates, you are right to go for this light shade of green. While dark green is associated with negative vibes like jealousy and greed, light green is associated with calmness.


Choosing the right backsplash color is essential in designing a kitchen. Though it is often an oversight in many kitchen design ideas, it plays an important role in kitchen decoration.

While choosing a color backsplash for your cream countertop can be confusing due to the numerous options before you, knowing what color matches existing colors in the kitchen will help you make a great choice. Also, knowing what feeling you want to create in the kitchen is a significant factor to consider.

This piece has provided you with the best backsplash color to consider for your cream countertop, and whatever color you go for on this list is never a mistake.

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