What Color Cabinets Go with Cream Countertops?

Pair your cream countertops with the right colored cabinets to create a visually aesthetic kitchen for your home. Here are the 7 best cabinet colors to choose from! Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 13th, 2022

Kitchen countertops may seem merely functional, but when done right, they have the potential to become the focal point of the space. The cabinet colors, flooring, and backsplash are decided in a complimentary tone that blends with the countertop’s color and pattern.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the cabinet colors that look best with cream countertops. Matching the right cabinet colors is essential to create a welcoming aesthetic and increase the value of your home.

Additionally, countertops and cabinets have a massive say in the impression created as you walk into the kitchen.

Be sure to consider the ambiance you wish to create beforehand. Cream countertops create a subtle appearance. If you wish to make a statement, opt for bold-hued cabinetry, such as artichoke green.

For a more laid-back ambiance, opt for lighter colors, such as gray – it pairs equally well with cream countertops while keeping the look sleek and sophisticated.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the best cabinet colors that pair well with cream countertops!

7 Best Cabinet Colors For Kitchens With Cream Countertops


Kitchen ideas with white cabinets and cream countertops
White cabinets with cream countertops

Combining cream with white creates a layered feel.

White is a popular choice for cabinets in kitchens with cream countertops. It helps make the space look airy, wider, and cleaner. This combination never goes out of style and bring plenty of spaces to add some personal touch within other aspects on the kitchen.

However, kitchens are messy by nature. White cabinets will showcase every speck of dirt and grime. If you’re ready to clean them as needed and keep up with the maintenance, go for them!

Artichoke Green

Kitchen ideas with artichoke green cabinets and cream countertops
Artichoke green cabinets with cream countertops

Add a slice of nature to the heart of your home with green cabinets.

The beauty of a cream kitchen is that it works well with pretty much all the different shades of the color. In that regard, fresh artichoke green is now sprouting in kitchen cabinets as a combo for cream countertops.

It is a natural fit for kitchens because it conjures health and wellbeing. It also serves as a lovely accent against the neutral cream countertop.


Kitchen ideas with taupe cabinets and cream countertops
Taupe cabinets with cream countertops

Neutrals never go out of style, but all those beige, grey, and tan may sometimes seem too hacky and boring. If you’re looking for a good neutral that stands out yet goes well with cream countertops, try taupe!

A taupe space is usually monochromatic, but there’s still something very chic and eye-catchy about it. This stunning shade looks refined and stylish and can easily upgrade your kitchen.

Combining taupe and cream can bring a sense of warmth and comfort to a space without being too stark.

Light Gray

Kitchen ideas with light gray cabinets and cream countertops
Light gray cabinets with cream countertops

Gray, being a timeless and versatile shade, is a go-to cabinetry color for many homeowners.

Just like white and tan, light gray works as a neutral hue. It is a balance between neutral and warm tones, adding the best of both worlds to your kitchen.

Opting for light gray kitchen cabinets to match cream countertops lends brightness and a sense of cleanliness to your space. Therefore, if you have a small kitchen with limited light, light gray will help open it up and give an illusion of a roomier space owing to its light-reflecting properties.

Cedar Brown

Kitchen ideas with cedar brown cabinets and cream countertops
Cedar brown cabinets with cream countertops

Brown is a solid foundation but is warm and cozy at the same time. This makes it a common choice for kitchen cabinets.

If you want to add a more neutral base to the kitchen without bringing the texture of wood onto the scene, cedar brown cabinets paired with cream countertops are what you should go for.

The combination of cream and cedar brown creates a warm, light, and earthy feel while still keeping it modern and stylish. With these two analogous shades being used together, you can also give your kitchen an elegant and homely feel.

Warm Gray

Kitchen ideas with warm gray cabinets and cream countertops
Warm gray cabinets with cream countertops

Warm grays have specific undertones, from peach to yellow to golden. They can be stimulating, so they are a great choice for rooms that see a lot of activity, such as kitchens. Similarly, cream is also a warm shade reflecting yellowish undertones.

Combining warm gray cabinetry with cream countertops in a kitchen will attract attention and create a cozy room full of energy. Additionally, this combo will make your kitchen appear bigger and more inviting.


Kitchen ideas with charcoal cabinets and cream countertops
Charcoal cabinets with cream countertops

Charcoal – a neutral yet versatile shade – lends itself to a myriad of rooms, including kitchens. Kitchens with charcoal-colored cabinets and cream countertops embody sophistication and class.

Blending cream and charcoal set an intriguing mood along with creating a sleek and inviting final look. To bring a simmering, luxe, and sultry touch to your kitchen, bring in charcoal!


Cream countertops are versatile and can be paired with multiple cabinet colors. Each shade has separate qualities, setting different auras and unique moods.

The final choice, however, depends entirely on your preference and the atmosphere you’re aiming for in your kitchen.

You will spend a lot of your time inside your kitchen. So, plan and decide carefully to be able to create a space that shows off your personality and has positive psychological effects.

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