What Color Cabinets Go with Cream Countertops? (7 Choices For A Kitchen Design Excellence)

Written by : Andre A & Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : January 30th, 2024

While kitchen countertops are often viewed as purely functional, they possess the potential to take center stage in your kitchen’s design when executed thoughtfully. Even when you are using calm, neutral hues, like the cream countertops.

The key to making these kinds of countertops shine and pop is pairing them with the right cabinet colors.

According to our interior designers, some of the best cabinet colors for cream countertops include white, artichoke, taupe, light gray, and cedar brown. They can blend harmoniously with the warmth and richness of the countertops, while still evoking an intriguing contrast that boosts the understated charms of the cream countertops. These cabinet colors will also prevent your cream countertops from looking boring, and create a more lively visual aesthetics.

Continue reading to browse all stunning cabinet colors that will blend nicely with cream countertops.

7 Best Cabinet Colors For Kitchens With Cream Countertops


White cabinets with cream countertops

This is a perfect kitchen cabinet color for you who want to apply simplicity and minimalism to your space.

The sleek white cabinetry not only helps to brighten the kitchen but also accentuates the beautiful creamy tone of the countertops, allowing them to stand out as a soothing focal point.

To maintain a harmonious white theme, consider incorporating additional white elements throughout the kitchen, such as a white subway tile backsplash or white marble tile flooring.

Artichoke Green

Artichoke green cabinets

Bring a slice of nature’s beauty to the heart of your home with this beautiful green shade.

Artichoke green is a soft, muted hue that shares a similar warmth with cream marble countertops, making them a perfect pairing to create a cozy and aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

Together, they create a calm and beautiful kitchen that celebrates nature’s beauty.

Recommended Artichoke Green Paint Colors:

Artichoke by Sherwin Williams
Tate Olive by Benjamin Moore


Taupe cabinets

This is a great option to create a beautiful, nature-inspired palette. The taupe cabinets and cream countertops will effortlessly blend together in harmony, acting as the charming foundation for your kitchen.

This subtle yet sophisticated color scheme evokes a sense of calm and understated elegance.

To enhance this natural palette, consider incorporating elements such as wooden open shelving or rattan accessories.

Recommended Taupe Paint Colors:

Chatroom by Sherwin Williams
Smokey Taupe by Benjamin Moore

Light Gray

Light gray cabinets

If you need to balance the warmth of the cream kitchen countertops, then light gray is a go-to choice that never goes wrong. These timeless light gray cabinets not only add a touch of elegance but also provide great versatility that complements various kitchen design styles, from classic to contemporary modern.

Their neutral hue serves as an ideal backdrop, allowing other kitchen design elements like the countertops or backsplash to shine.

To further enhance this look, consider incorporating stainless steel appliances and fixtures, which will add a sleek, modern edge to your culinary haven.

Recommended Light Gray Paint Colors:

Gray Clouds by Sherwin Williams
Alaskan Husky by Benjamin Moore

Cedar Brown

Cedar brown cabinets

This shade is not only a great option to pair with cream countertops due to its similar richness, but it can also create a stunning monochromatic visual that looks far from boring.

The warm cedar brown hue adds depth and character to the kitchen, evoking a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Whether it’s a quiet morning coffee or a lively family dinner, this pairing sets the stage for memorable moments in your home.

Recommended Cedar Brown Paint Colors:

Warm Stone by Sherwin Williams
Driftwood by Benjamin Moore

Warm Gray

Warm gray cabinets

Warm Gray, or greige, is a trending color that works exceptionally well for cabinets, especially when combined with soothing countertops like cream marble or cream granite.

This color strikes a perfect balance between warmth and neutrality, making it versatile for various kitchen styles.

Whether you prefer a sleek and contemporary kitchen or a more classic and timeless design, the cedar brown shade seamlessly integrates, adding a touch of coziness and sophistication to your space.

Recommended Warm Gray Paint Colors:

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams
Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore


Charcoal cabinets

Charcoal cabinets are a bold option that can be a great choice for those who want to create cabinetry that stands out and takes center stage in the kitchen.

Using this bold option can help highlight the cream countertops beautifully, making them shine brighter and unleashing their full aesthetic potential.

To balance this boldness, consider using a light-colored backsplash, such as a soft gray or white subway tile, which can help to soften the overall look. For hardware, opting for sleek, brushed nickel or chrome can add a touch of sophistication and tie the design elements together.

Recommended Charcoal Paint Colors:

Armory by Sherwin Williams
Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore

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