What to do With Empty Space in Living Room

Do you have unused spaces in your living room? Here in this article we will show you some ideas that you can do with those empty spaces in your living room.

What to do With Empty Space in Your Living Room

The living room is one of the most visited rooms if not the most visited. It is a place of comfort, relaxation and where we catch fun. Most of the time, living rooms have this space that just appears when you newly parked in or you renovated your house.

What to do with empty space in living room

Those spaces appear by the way you do the settings of your living room arrangement. The pieces of furniture may be set up in an awkward manner or there are not enough home appliances or furniture to fill the space.

Shortly, I will be giving you tips on how to solve the issue of space in your living room. There are few but are the best solutions to cover up space.

1. Purchase a bigger couch

It could be that you moved to a new house that the living room is much bigger and wider than the former one you stayed in. Your present couch could be small and could leave a big space in the room, I advise you to go for a giant couch.

The presence of a couch in a living room has this achievement and settled effect, bringing in a bigger one is a good idea. It will surely empty the space in your living room in combination with other chairs.

2. A fantastic decor design table

It’s a good idea to have this kind of table in your living room. This kind of table has a decorative design that is catchy and gives the living room a beautiful look.

No living room will be complete without having this kind of table, it covers a good space.

It serves as a storage space where you can keep drinks, books and any other thing with less weight. So, go to purchase this table.

3. Create or Carve Art

Space can be in walls also, for example, the one above your chair or couch. You can place a large art frame there to cover up space. If you don’t want to buy a frame, you can as well paint or carve a beautiful art picture.

That art will surely make the space unnoticeable and admirable. That can also be done in any wall space around the house.

4. Construct a mini bar

Constructing a mini bar in the living room is a nice idea to solve space problems.  Do that by building a small shelf and making it a bar for wine and tea. It’s a good place for relaxation and fun for loved ones and family.

Think of it, you have a mini bar in your room, sounds great right? All you have to do is call a carpenter and anchor the constructing process. The size of the bar could be big or small, it all depends on you and the size of space available to cover.

Or, you can use a more simple and space effective approach : using floating wall table to create your own minibar.

5. Construct a home office

All you have to do is to bring in a chair and table with a large lamp stand to cover up a large space. You can as well add a shelf for storage. Most people do need extra room to set up a home office.

A part of the living room can also be your home office, that empty space will surely disappear. It will give your living room that addition of maturity and achievement

6. Giant Glass Plants

These plants that are indoor bring this fragrance of life to any dead thing in the living room. They cover any empty space that is found beside your couch, chairs, and tables. These plants are also good for health sustainability.

With these few tips and ideas, I can tell you that no empty space is a waste. They are different benefits that you can derive from this space. Just have the right idea or solution and cover up the spaces.

I conclude by telling you that you shouldn’t by any means leave any space empty. It brings this vacuum in your living room which is not proper, so do the needful.