What to do With Empty Space in Living Room?

Do you have unused spaces in your living room? Here in this article, we will show you some ideas that you can do with those empty spaces in your living room. Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : December 1st, 2021

Creative Ideas to Decorate Empty Space in Living Room

Mostly, the living room is the biggest area inside the house. And decorating such a large area is quite tricky, thus a lot of creativity and imagination is needed to make every inch of the living room looks great and attractive.

What to do with empty space in living room

Oftentimes, we found some living room that looks and feels uncompleted. This happens because there are some awkward empty spaces are found inside those living rooms.

Awkward empty space in living room
Awkward empty space in living room

To improve your living room appearance, you should remove or at least minimize those empty spaces. The most simple, easy, and costless way is by rearranging your existing living room furniture and decoration items to help make those awkward spaces disappear.

If those approach doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. Here in this article, we will give you some creative ideas to help you decorate the empty spaces to make them look better. Furthermore, most of the ideas here will give you some inspiration to take advantage of those spaces to become more functional and useful.

You can use these ideas separately or combine some of them to get better results. Let’s get started.

9 Ideas to Decorate Empty Living Room Space

1. Purchase a Bigger Couch

Living room with large sectional sofa
Living room with large sectional sofa

If you are just moved into a new house with a bigger living room than your old ones, then using your existing couch/sofa surely will make those living room looks and feel empty. Therefore, it’s a good idea to replace your old sofa with a new larger one.

This is very important as a couch usually became the main focal point of the living room. Using a small couch in a large area will make the room looks bad and distorted.

Here are some examples of great large sectional sofas that you can buy to replace your old ones:

Modern Classic Upholstered Futon Sectional Sofa
Zuri Furniture Black Leather Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Headrests

2. Add Decorative Table

Decorative coffee table in empty space in living room
A decorative table in the living room

If the empty space in your living room is not too large then you can put a decorative table there such as a coffee table, end table, or side table.

Using a great table with a decorative catchy design not only will help you to get rid of the empty spaces but also will make the living room look much more beautiful.

In terms of functionality, this table can be used to put some coffee, snacks, or magazine. Or, you can put some of your favorite decorative accessories to make that table looks even more gorgeous.

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Modern White Marble and Gold Accent Table by WE Furniture
Large Contemporary Abstract Canvas Artwork by Giant Art

3. Construct a Mini-Bar

Living room with small bar table ideas
Living room with small bar table

If you had a separate living room and dining room then constructing a mini bar in the empty space in your living room can be a great option for you. In this mini bar, you can relax and take a cup of coffee while still gather with other families inside the living room.

For great results, you can build a permanent bar using concrete or wood. However, this approach surely will cost you a lot of money, and it will take a lot of space inside your living room.

Another simpler and affordable way that you can use is using a floating wall table to create your own minibar such as in the image example above. This kind of table not only looks great but also very compact, useful, and space-saving where you can easily fold it up when it’s not being used.

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Minimalist Folding Wall-Mounted Dining/Bar Table
No Coffee No Workee Decorative Steel Sign by Steel Roots Decor
Minimalist Nordic Style Mini Pendant Light

4. Construct a Home Office

Home office with desk table in living room
Home office in living room

At the time that we are writing this article, a major pandemic is hitting the globe, and work from home is applied by many different companies around the world. This work from home can be really annoying especially when you don’t have comfortable places to work inside your home.

If there are unused spaces in your living room, then why don’t you turn them into your home office? This way, not only you can get rid of those boring spaces, but you can also make those spaces much more useful.

All you have to do is to bring in a chair and a desk table, and you are done. For better results, you can add some lightning and a floating shelf to help make your work activities much easier.

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Drop Leaf Style Wall Mounted Floating Folding Desk
Swing Arm Wood and Metal Desk Lamp by Tomons
Success Canvas Print Motivational Inspirational Artwork

5. Large Artificial Tree

Large artificial tree to decorate empty space in living room
Large artificial tree to decorate empty space in living room

When we talked about awkward empty space in the living room, surely those space is more than 3 or 4 feet long, as if it’s just a narrow space you wouldn’t really bother with it. That’s why we don’t really recommend using some small plants or vegetation for those spaces as you would need a lot of them, and using too much of them wouldn’t produce a good effect for your overall living room decor.

So what we really recommend is using one large artificial tree that can cover almost all the empty areas in the living room. Using this kind of item not only can help you cover up the empty spaces, but also will add some fresh and natural effects into your room.

Below are some great indoor artificial tree that you can use to fill the empty spaces in your room :

GARDEN COUTURE 72″ Silk Leaf Artificial Tree + Premium Fiddle Leaf Foliage
Nearly Natural Green Ficus Artificial Trees – 72 inch
Vickerman 4′ Artificial Ficus in Square Willow Container

6. Use Decorative Standing Lamp

Decorative standing floor lamp in living room corner
Decorative standing lamp in living room corner

An empty corner space usually found in a large size living room, and some other problem that often found with this kind of living room is lack of lighting. To help solve both problems at once, you can use a decorative standing lamp.

This kind of lamp can give you two benefits. Firstly, it can be a great decorative item that will make your empty spaces looks better. Secondly, this lamp will produce a light that will help you bring some additional light to brighten the large living room.

This additional light also will create layered lighting that will produce a great ambient to make your entire living room feels romantic at night.

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Archiology White Floor Lamp White with 3 Globe Head and Interwining Tripod

7. Add Extra Seating

add extra seating in empty spaces
Add extra seat in empty spaces

If you had a large family then this approach can be useful yet help solve your awkward space problem. Yes, you can add some extra seating at those empty spaces by put some chairs or stools.

This approach is far more affordable and efficient rather than replacing your old sofa with the larger ones, but still provide similar effects and functionalities.

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8. Display Your Collectibles

Living room shelves to display collectibles
Living room shelves to display collectibles

Do you have some collectibles? Why don’t you display them in the empty spaces in your living room? This way, you can show off your collection while at the same time eliminate the empty spaces.

Just put a large cabinet or open shelves, and fill them with all of your collectibles, and suddenly the boring spaces will turn into a much more precious and attractive one.

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Nathan James 5-Shelf White Ladder Bookcase with Metal Frame
Velener Artificial Lavender Flower Potted in Wooden Tray

9. Add Rugs

Beautiful rugs to decorate empty living room spaces
Beautiful rugs in living room

The last idea in this article is the most simple, straightforward, and affordable one. Yes, just adding one rug can help make the empty spaces looks much better.

To get maximum results, choose a rug with a beautiful pattern and texture that will stand out even without any additional decorations.

If you need some ideas, we recommend you to read this complete living room decorating guide using rug.

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And that’s all. Hope you get a lot of new insight and inspiration so there will be no more empty space wasted in your living room. As we already said before, you can use one of the ideas above or combine some of them to get much better results. See you in the next article!

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