What Colors Go with Mint Green Walls?

Soothing and refreshing decor color ideas that blend perfectly with mint green walls Written by : Roomdsign.com Editors | Last Updated : September 2nd, 2022

Colors play a significant role in the decoration of a space. Whether you are choosing a color for your pillows, sofa, or bed, your choice of color will contribute largely to the overall look of the room. Hence, you want to be more careful when making your choice of colors for decorating your space.

Now that you have painted your walls mint green, your next task is to know what colors go well with your mint green walls. The good news about mint green is it goes well with different other colors, and you can achieve an elegant and beautiful design with mint green.

However, even at this, some colors are better at pairing with mint green than others. Our only recommended tip is to consider the existing colors in the room and know which option best suits your design.

Considering different factors, here are our best picks of the best colors that go well with mint green walls:

7 Best Colors that Goes with Mint Green Walls

Light Blue

Mint green wall with light blue decor
Mint green wall with light blue decor

If you aim to create a refreshing atmosphere, matching a cool color with your mint green walls will do the magic, and this is where to consider light blue. Light blue is a refreshing shade of blue that works well with mint green, and the two colors are analogous.

The good news about this combo is how it accommodates other colors. For example, if your walls are painted mint green, and your curtains and duvets are light blue, you can consider silver color for other accessories.

Light Gray

Living room with mint green walls and light gray decor
Mint green wall with light gray decor

Gray is a neutral color to match with mint green, and if you aim to achieve a cool atmosphere, the light shade of gray might be your best choice of color. Light gray helps lighten up the room without making it feel overwhelming or too playful.

Also, since light gray and mint green are neutral colors, you can consider other colors for your accessories to bring out the best of this combo.


Living room with mint green walls and terracotta decor
Mint green wall with terracotta decor

Terracotta is yet another color that blends with milt green walls. As a material, terracotta has been a useful tool in the hands of designers, but other than being a material, terracotta is also a common color used in decoration.

This brownish red is usually used in décor to create a chic, rustic atmosphere when matched with cool-tone colors like mint green. Hence, you are not making a mistake pairing terracotta with mint green.


Living room with mint green walls and lilac decor
Mint green wall with lilac decor

Lilac is another popular color that designers pair with mint green. The only rule here is that too much lilac in design can look a bit tedious, and hence, it is best to choose the color for small pieces in the room, as this is a sure way for lilac to achieve its elegant effect.

When combined with mint green, lilac helps create a soft, sophisticated look. Plus, this combo can help achieve a refreshing, calming interior if utilized properly.

Dark Blue

Living room with mint green walls and dark blue decor
Mint green wall with dark blue decor

Blue and green are neighbors on the color wheel and are a great pair in decoration. Though blue is generally a good option to consider for mint green, dark blue is excellently ideal for creating a cohesive and well-balanced style.

Since mint green is also a light color and dark blue a dark color, this choice will create striking contrast in the room.

More to the effect of this combo, since this combo results in a cool atmosphere, consider light or dark brown as your furniture color to add warmth to your space.


Living room with mint green walls and yellow decor
Mint green wall with yellow decor

Yellow is another great complement for mint green in decoration. The yellow and green combo works well in decoration and helps brighten up the space.

Though experts advise opting for yellow hues between sun-gold and lemon to pair with mint green, whatever hue of yellow you choose will make a great match for your mint green.

Light Brown

Living room with mint green walls and light brown decor
Mint green wall with light brown decor

Brown is a neutral color to blend with several other colors. Green and brown are ideal for cohesive decor, but in the case of mint green, light brown is a better option than other hues of brown to achieve a rustic space.

Light brown blends well into mint green to seamlessly increase the natural allure of mint green, regardless of where they are used.


Choosing the right color to blend mint green can be challenging, especially with the several options before you. Though mint green goes well with different other colors, it works better with some colors than others.

This piece has provided you with a list of colors that goes with mint green walls. The only tip here is to consider the existing colors in your décor and make your choice from this list accordingly.

While we advise shunning overwhelming your décor with a particular color, it is also important to choose a color that blends well with your mint green walls and overall decoration.

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