Beautiful Beige Bedroom Decor for Women’s Bedroom

Beautiful and natural white and beige bedroom decor for women.

Beige Bedroom Decor for Women

Today, we want to share our newest bedroom decor project that specifically designed for women. For this bedroom, we will create it by using beige and white color combinations to create a cozy, soothing and beautiful bedroom.

Beige and white bedroom decor

The main reason we using beige and white because those color combination can produce a soft and soothing feels to the bedroom ambient.

For the walls, we paint all of them with beige, and then we mostly used white color for the furniture and decorations.

As you can see, those beige wall with white furniture and decoration items produce a charm and beautiful bedroom that every women will loved.

Beige woman bedroom

Another thing that we want to accomplish in this bedroom is we want to create a combination of contemporary and vintage style. This objective achieved by selecting the right decoration items and furniture that had those style. Below, you can see the list of the items used in this project.

Item Used in This Cream Bedroom

X-Design Night Stand Storage Shelf with Bin Drawer

One of the most interesting thing from this nightstand table is it’s X-shaped leg that make it had a vintage looks. This table not only looks great to our bedroom, but also works great for organizing things and items inside this bedroom as it had 3 different storage places. First, in the top of the table, second, in the drawer and third, in the bottom part of the table.

Brushed Nickel Plug in Mini Swag Pendant Light Modern Opal Glass Shade

We need more contemporary touch to this bedroom, and that’s the reason this hanging lamp is chosen. It’s modern pendant lamp had a simple but elegant design with combination of a glass that had a soft look and brushed nickel finish. This lamp is not only brighten our bedroom, but also brighten our bedroom style in overall.

White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters with Gold and Grey Detailing

We need some plants or vegetation to keep this bedroom looks fresh, and to accomplish this we need this white ceramic planter with grey and gold accent. It’s modern and contemporary style is blend flawlessly with our bedroom design even though it’s colors doesn’t match our bedroom color scheme.

3 Panel Canvas Wall Art – Hand Drawn Lavender Pink Flowers Artwork

To add more chic and feminine effect to this bedroom, we need to add some art or decoration, and this 3 panel canvas lavender flower pink wall art works perfectly for this specific job. It’s not overly feminine or girly, but precisely give the impression that we need.

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