Inspiring Curtain Colors To Go with Your Beige Walls

8 best curtains color for beige walls based on our experiment (with images)

Beige is one of the most popular colors for interior wall paint. This natural and soothing hue has the remarkable ability to imbue a room with a gentle tranquility, crafting a cozy and calming sanctuary.

However, beige-painted walls can occasionally appear somewhat boring and uninspiring, and that’s why they need to be accentuated by some wall decor or accessories, like curtains.

So, what color curtains go with beige walls?

To get convincing answers to this question, we did an experiment using a lot of different curtain colors on the beige wall. After exploring various combinations, we’ve concluded that there are 8 best curtains colors that will go well with beige walls: beige, light brown, white, light yellow, orange, gray, turquoise, and brown. These curtains have the remarkable ability to breathe new life into the beige wall, infusing the space with richness and vibrancy, while also creating a lively atmosphere. All of these while still keeping the understated charm of the beige walls as the main foundation of your interior space.

Read on to dive deeper into all of those amazing options.

8 Best Curtain Colors For Beige Walls

1. Beige Curtains

Beige curtains with beige wall

For you who prefer clean, simple, and minimal looks when it comes to interior style than using beige curtains on the beige walls can be a great option.

But it’s important to make sure that you choose a slightly different beige tone with the wall, as using a very similar color will make the curtains looks monotonous.

For example, when you are using a light beige for the wall then you can choose a darker beige for the curtains or vice versa.

2. Light Brown Curtains

Light brown curtains with beige wall

Another color that will perfectly match with beige is light brown.

Those two colors have a similar shade and combining those colors will create a stylish monochromatic look.

3. White Curtains

White curtains with beige wall

If you want a more safe option, then you can go with white As a neutral color, white can be combined with any colors and produce great results.

Using white curtains on beige wall also can give you more flexibility when choosing colors for other decoration items or furniture.

4. Yellow Curtains

Pale yellow curtains with beige wall

Yellow – especially its lighter and grayish shade – can blend perfectly with the beige wall. This combination looks flawless because those two had a similar color base – yellow.

If you want a more colorful vibe into your room then you can use a brighter yellow as it will still look great with beige.

5. Orange Curtains

Orange curtains

For you who want to make your curtains stand out then orange is one of the best choices for you. Orange curtains surely will stand out in any room while at the same time still blend well with the beige wall.

This color also a great choice for you who prefer a more colorful room rather than a simple, monochromatic, and minimalist one.

6. Gray Curtains

Gray curtains

If you want to bring a more elegant and stylish look into your beige-painted room then you can go with gray or dark gray.

Using gray curtains will bring a lot of contrast between the curtains and the wall but at the same time will still look flawless and integrated.

7. Green / Turquoise Curtains

Turquoise curtains

Another option for you who prefer colorful curtains is green or turquoise. The combinations of turquoise curtains and the beige wall look elegant and stylish, where there is a lot of contrast while at the same time still looks well-balanced.

To make it perfect, make sure that you add some other furniture or decor items that using the same turquoise colors inside the room. Using this color only for the curtains will make look a little bit awkward.

8. Brown Curtains

Dark brown curtains

We’ve already mention light brown previously, but if you want to add more contrast and depth between your beige wall and curtains then you can go with brown or dark brown.

Using dark brown curtains with the beige wall is quite popular especially when designing a room with classic, glamour, or mid-century modern style.

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