Beige Bedroom with Farmhouse Style

Beige bedroom design ideas using vintage farmhouse style.

Beige Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse decor are famous for bringing a cozy and warm ambient, that’s why this decor style get a lot of fans. Today, we will create a farmhouse style bedroom design that can inspire you who want to create or remodel your bedroom using farmhouse design style.

For this project, we choose beige/cream color as the main color for this bedroom, as it’s color is perfect color for this kind of style.

Beige Farmhouse Bedroom

Wood is one of the most important thing in farmhouse style, and here in this design, we used a lot of wood materials such as for the walls and furniture. For the wall behind the bed, we cover entire wall using wood board and arrange it horizontally.

Another important tricks to add more farmhouse feels into this bedroom is by using antique or vintage decoration items or furniture.

Farmhouse style bedroom

We also add two big mirror behind bedside table to help make this bedroom feels much more spacious. And to blend well with this bedroom style, we choose wall mirror with rustic wood frame that looks flawless to the entire bedroom style.

Item Used in This Beige Farmhouse Bedroom

1 Drawer Wood Accent Nightstand Table with Steel Frame

This bedside table had combination of rustic and modern style with natural oak finish and metal legs. The reason that we choose this table is that we don’t want this bedroom to looks outdated, so we want to add a bit of modern or contemporary touch into this bedroom.

Antique White Console Table with Drawers and 2 Tiers Wood Shelf

To make this bedroom neat and clean, we add this antique white console table that had big drawers and 2 tiers wood shelf to store and organize any bedroom items. With natural look, this rectangular console table had clean lines and elegant table legs that gives elegant yet vintage feels.

Farmhouse Style Long Decorative Wall Mirror Distressed Wood Frame

Full length large wall mirror are very useful especially if we have small sized bedroom, as it can help make the bedroom feels larger. With distressed wood frame mirror, this wall mirror also works best for bedroom decoration as it has vintage farmhouse looks.

White Foliage Wood Effect
Square Canvas Wall Art – Set of 2

To add more farmhouse style and looks, we need to use some wall decor/art, and this white foliage wood effect canvas wall art does the job well. Printed and hand stretched by professional in USA, this wall art not only looks vintage and artistic, but also durable and has a very high quality.

Rustic Wood Framed Wall Decor Signs with Inspirational Quotes

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