Beige Master Bedroom with Vintage Style

Vintage Beige Master Bedroom

For those of you who often feel tired of today’s fast-paced modern life and need a place to slow down the pace of your daily life, than create a vintage style bedroom can be a good solution for this. Because a vintage style bedroom design can help make people feel more calm and relaxed.

Although many people consider vintage style is old-fashioned, but actually this style is one of the most ideal bedroom design style for those who want to had a perfect bedroom for rest and relax especially after a hard and busy day.

Vintage beige bedroom

For a vintage style, natural and soft color are the most ideal ones. Therefore, for this bedroom, we use beige as our main color. Beige not only gives a natural feels, but also soft and soothing ambient for anyone who see it.

Some wood materials also used in this bedroom to add more vintage touch. In addition, wood also serves to neutralize and balance the appearance of this bedroom to make it more natural.

Since our initial goal when making this bedroom is to create a cozy and comfortable bedroom, it is very important to make the bedroom look simple and neat. For this reason, we limit the number of furniture and accessories. Thus, we only use any important furniture and accessories items.

For the bedroom walls, we use beige paint to paint the entire wall. While wood is used on the floor, where we use a parquet wood with old wood with geometric texture to give the natural impression and also add a little classic touch into the bedroom.

Item Used in This Beige Vintage Bedroom

Beautiful Glossy White Nightstand Table With 2 Drawer

Our initial goal when designing this bedroom is to create a bedroom that is not only comfortable to live in, but also attractive,beautiful and eye-catching. One way to achieve this is by choosing the right furniture items.And for this reason, we chose this beautiful white nightstand table with 2 drawer as the nightstand table for this room. One of the main reasons we choose this table is because it has a glossy white color that not only looks fresh, but also beautiful and blend perfectly with our bedroom concept.

Cyan Blue Round Ceramic Bedside Table Lamp With White Shade

To add more vintage impression to this bedroom, we added this bedside table lamp with white shade table lamp which has a unique vintage style because of its round ceramic bases. This lamp is available in 3 different colors, burnt orange, slate blue and cyan blue, and for this bedroom, we choose the last because we felt that it’s the most suitable color to use with this bedroom design. With a size of 11 x 11 x 20 inches, this lamp table had a perfect size to be installed in any bedroom.

Vintage Wall Decorative Art – Inspirational Wall Sign for Bedroom

To add more vintage impression to the bedroom, we use this vintage wall decorative art. It’s also gives a little rustic feel that makes this bedroom more interesting. This is achieved thanks to the use of old distressed reclaimed wood material that looks attractive. This wall art also works great as a motivational message and inspiration for anyone who sees it.

Convenient Accent Patio
White Round Metal End Table

One of the reasons we chose this convenient accent round metal end table is because this table has a unique design and style. Made from high quality materials that are not only durable, but also waterproof that make this table not only can be used indoors like in this bedroom, but can also be used outdoors as well. In addition, the surface material is also easy to clean using any wet cloth.

White and Nickel Hanging Wall Planter Decor Set for Plants and Flowers

To give a fresh green impression to this bedroom, we added some plants and flowers that worked very well for this job. And, one of the places we store these plants is in this white and nickel hanging wall planter. By hanging plants on the wall, in addition to saving any important spaces such as tables, also gives an interesting and unique impression on the room.

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