Beige Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Beige mid-century modern bedroom decoration idea.

Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Mid-century is a decorating style that gain it’s peak popularity at 1950s. This style had characteristic such as using light natural wood, simple line and edges, and using soft colors palette.

Today, we will create a bedroom decor using those mid-century modern approach with using beige as main color.

This project will be created on small sized bedroom, and here is the result :

Mid-century modern bedroom

As we already said before, beige will be main color for this bedroom, that’s why we painted all the walls with beige paint.

To add more mid-century modern impression into this bedroom, a lot of light natural wood materials and furniture is used.

Modern mid-century bedroom design style

For the floor, we choose light color parquet wood in herringbone pattern.

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Item Used in This Mid-Century Modern Bedroom

Modern Mid-Century
1 Drawer Nightstand with White and Oak Finish

This table had all of conditions that we need for this bedroom. First, it using light natural oak wood finish that similar with our other wood materials in this project. Second, it had mid-century style that is the same with our bedroom design style. And lastly, it can be a good place to store and organize any items and night time essentials as we don’t have much space in this small sized bedroom.

Modern Accent Satin Gold Beside Table Lamp Fabric Shade

With combination of gold and white metal base with fabric shade, create an amazing classy and glamour table lamp that exactly what we need to lift up this bedroom style into the next level. This lamp will be easily blend not only with our mid-century modern design, but can blend perfectly with any other bedroom design style.

Brushed Brass and White Glass Pendant Lamp Modern Style Chandelier

What we like from this 3-Light Globe Pendant Lamp is it’s sophisticated spherical shape and it’s gorgeous glass shade that not only bring modern feels, but also a glamorous ones. With adjustable length cords, we can easily adjust the cords to fit our needs.

Hanging Solid Wood Modular Floating Wall Shelves

One important trick when designing a small sized bedroom is to take advantage of using any wall shelf as it can give us extra spaces to put any items. And for this mid-century bedroom style, we think that this one is the perfect ones that suit our needs as it’s not only works well to add more extra spaces in this bedroom, but also looks well and flawless with our bedroom design style.

Modern Bohemian Boho Wall Hanging Beige Modern Wall Art Decor

We need some little vintage touch into this bedroom to balanced this bedroom, and this is the perfect items to do this job. This wall art blend flawlessly with all our bedroom design style. Made 100% cotton in beige color, this little item can bring much difference in this bedroom atmosphere.

Retro Modern Planter
Set White Marble Effect with Gold Trim

To perfecting this bedroom, we need a bit of natural feels inside this bedroom, that’s why we add some small plants and succulents, and this is the perfect planter to hold those plants.

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