Classic Beige Roman Style Master Bedroom Design

Classic beige roman style master bedroom design.

Classic Beige Bedroom

In this project, we want to create a beige master bedroom using some combination of classic and roman style design.

Classic beige master bedroom with roman style

To expose the impression of ancient roman style inside the bedroom, we added two big round columns inside the bedroom. Another tricks to add more . Roman style are known for it’s details on every corner and edges of the wall, and this tricks can also help to add more roman taste in the room.

Furniture selection is also one of the important factors in this kind of bedroom design. We use most of our furniture that made from old wood to emphasize the classical impression into this bedroom design.

Coupled with some accessories made from ceramics to give a little glamorous and artistic impression on the room. But we don’t want this room to look too crowded, thus, we avoid using too many unnecessary decorations items in this room as much as possible.

Classic master bedroom

For the flooring, we use fabric carpet material to cover the entire bedroom floor. The reason why we prefer carpet rather than tile/ceramics flooring is that we want to make the room look more simple, neat but still give a classical feel.

Color selection is also play an important factor in the overall design of this bedroom. As we said earlier, we chose beige as the main color. This color is used on walls, floors, and also on some furniture such as the armchairs.

The next color we use is white, where white is a natural color that can easily blend into any color scheme. Another reason is that white is used to give a simple yet elegant impression, especially when we use a lot of glossy white finishing materials.

Item Used in this Bedroom Design

Classic 3 Drawer Dresser made with New Zealand Solid Pine Wood

Classic Style 6 Drawer Double Wide Dresser Table

Modern Lamp Table with Silver Brushed Steel Base and White Shade

Classic Distressed Wood Cream Pedestal Nightstand Table

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